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Animal Defense League

11300 Nacogdoches Rd, San Antonio, TX 78217
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Added on 03/28/2016

Photo by Chrisprattismineforever K. from

Added on 03/28/2016

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    Posted: 3/28/2016

    this is Oliver we got him At Animal Defense League You might remember him you name him Trevor we got him in 2006 and he looks great we love him to death he is 8 years old now and he is my favorite i spoil him everyday and love him with all my heart i have room for him in my heart and will always will and he means everything to me hes my everything

  • It is sad for me to see all th...
    Updated: 4/22/2014

    It is sad for me to see all the poor reviews of ADL. Of course, people are much more likely to write a review when they are mad, and unfortunately the hundreds & hundreds of stories of great experiences at ADL go unheard. I have been a volunteer at ADL since earlier this year and I go for 2-3 hours a week. I have been involved with many different shelters & rescues throughout the years, and ADL is one of the best I've seen. The staff & volunteers there care so much about the animals...this is one of the reasons why they don't adopt their dogs & cats out to just anyone. Many people think it would be better to have a dog in ANY home, as opposed to a shelter, but this really isn't the best thing for the dog. If it means the dog has to stay in the shelter for a few more weeks to get them into the best situation FOR LIFE...that's the more responsible thing to do. I also do fostering through ACS & SAPA and I see so many "adopters" bringing their dogs back after just a few days for a variety of reasons. Being a little more stringent on who animals get adopted out to helps avoid this problem, and avoid confusion for the animal as well. ADL cares about dogs/cats going to the best possible home for them. Additionally, I have NEVER seen excessive feces, dirt, etc. in the kennels at fact, it's rare to see any at all. From what I've witnessed on a weekly basis, everything is clean, organized & well-run. The dogs have indoor & outdoor areas in their kennels, they have a HUGE walking park where volunteers & staff take the dogs for walks, and many large outdoor areas/kennels where the dogs can get social time, take a dip in the pool, chase a ball or roll in the grass. Volunteer trainers come in to work with the dogs on commands, walking on a leash, etc. ADL puts a lot of time & care into the animals there. Regardless of the other reviews posted here, when you adopt a dog from ADL, you can be sure that you are getting a healthy, socialized, loved & well taken care of animal. I would (and HAVE) reccommend ADL to anyone looking for a new pet to bring into their family.

  • Staff hates people, hates animals too
    Updated: 6 days ago

    This place absolutely sucks. Not the animals, the people. My fiance and I went to adopt a kitten, and had so many choices to choose from. We spent nearly an hour in the three houses that they had dedicated to kittens alone. In fact, they had SO many kittens, they were running a ""buy one get one free sale"" on them as if they were shoes or something. We decided to get two and headed to the adoption center to fill out the paperwork. That is where the trouble started. The.. girl that helped us was extremely condescending, so much so that I believe she likes animals more than people, which is great to a point. And what a lovely soul to be so caring and blah blah blah. Regardless, after walking us through everything, she found out that we were holding onto a puppy for someone who was out of town for a week. She then proceeded to drill us on the care of the animal, the history of shots and all of that, which we didn't really know since we were only sitting for him, not keeping him. Either way, we didn't think it mattered as the puppy stays outside, and the kitten will be a solely indoor animal. Eventually, it became clear that we weren't going to be able to adopt the kittens until we could prove that the puppy had be ""adequately taken care of"" shot wise. A month and a half later, we were still looking for a kitten, so we decided to go back. They were still running the buy one get one special (again, these are animals, not shoes) and once again we were up against the condescending animal snob in the office. ""Luckily"" for us, she rembebered who we were and the first words out o her mouth was ""did you do as i asked and get the shots or that poor puppy in your care?"" WE said, no, the puppy wasn't ours so it wasn't our job. Also, we haven't had him in our care for over a month, once again, we were just sitting for the puppy, not claiming ownership. She then went to talk to her manager for about five minutes, and came back and told us that we couldn't adopt a kitten as we clearly weren't suitable candidates, and ""the thing can't get rid of one pet because you want to adopt a different one, that isn't how we do things here. How do we know you won't get rid of these poor kittens down the line in order to adopt something else?"" We just left, and we are definitely not going back. No wonder they have so many animals stuck there i you have to go through that witch in order to adopt anything. We ended up just getting a kitten for free on Craigslist.

  • Loving Animal Environment with Great People
    Updated: 6 days ago

    I had a wonderful experience adopting my pet from the ADL. I began as a foster for an animal that endured medical neglect which resulted in blindness and infection. When my pet ""Max"" (2month old Yorkie-Poo) was surrendered to the shelter, the medical staff did everything in their power to try to save the eye (this is why he needed to be fostered).\r \r I of course grew to love him and not want to ever part so I decided to adopt him! My process was long, yes but I understand these animals have been through a lot, they must be released to someone who is truly going to commit, perticularly to an animal with an existing medical condition.\r \r After the adoption process I encountered some medical problems with his problemed eye. I returned to the ADL Animal Hospital and they removed the eye to prevent future infections (it was not big deal since he couldn't see from it anyway). I was so happy to get him back and watch him recover from the surgery!\r \r I unfortunately have a two pet limit at my current apartment but once I move into a bigger home, my spouse and I intednt to adopt from the ADL and rescue another special animal who deserves a good home!\r \r Without the ADL the only alternative for stray, neglected and abused dogs and cats is the city pound where they face being destroyed due to over population. I am grateful they are here and stand by their true 100% no kill mission. They will go above and beyond to make any sick or injured animal adoptable!

  • Dissapointing Experience
    Updated: 6 days ago

    Disappointing Experience, We called about a dog we found online in the morning and explained we had to drive three hours. When we got there she and her brother had been adopted out 1 hour prior to us getting there. Then we found a second dog they had on ""hold"" for someone else (they didn't offer this to us when we called). They have a one day hold policy so we asked if they weren't back by the end of the day if we could wait and adopt then. They told us no because they were waiting for approval from the other person's apartment complex and couldn't get it until the next day (which violated their one-day hold policy). I would not subject my children to this kind of disorganization and disappointment again and suggest you don't either.

    Updated: 6 days ago


  • Finding the Perfect Forever Home
    Updated: 6 days ago

    I found a dog dumped in my neighborhood and these wonderful people found her a forever home in just 6 days. I will be forever grateful! And knowing that they screen potential owners carefully makes me confident that this sweet dog will have a home where she will be loved, cared for and will thrive. THANK YOU ADL! You are the BEST.

  • A Great Shelter
    Updated: 6 days ago

    I think it is a shame that this animal shelter has a very poor rating. The dogs and cats there are wonderful and loving ... and whatever dog you end up with will be your best friend for life. I would be heartbroken if I thought that the reviews of this place would prevent anyone from going there. It is actually a really great place. The people there love and care about those dogs ... and know them all by name and personality. When I adopted my dog there, another couple was adopting one of the older dogs that had been there for a long time....the staff at the front desk literally burst into tears because they were so happy that this dog had found a family. This is a non-profit shelter that runs on donations. Of course there is going to be poop on the ground! Puppies poop all day long! The staff there runs around like crazy taking care of those dogs. It isn't a fancy dog boutique that polishes its marble floors and tries to pretend that dogs are pretty, clean, and fluffy 24 hours a day! I can't believe that someone on this review page said that the dogs were locked up like criminals! are you kidding me? it's a no-kill shelter .... the dogs that are there got a new lease on life when the ADL took them in. Look on their the dog profiles! The staff there is 100% committed to making sure each and every one finds a good home. I highly encourage anyone thinking of adopting a dog to go to the animal defense league and see for yourself.

  • Poorly managed & run
    Updated: 4/22/2014

    We came into adopt a dog on Saturday. They said they would hold her until 4:30 that day. When we came back they let someone else adopt her. We spoke to the "manager" which was also the person that "helped" us w/the adoption & she was not compassionate, stated a fake "sorry" to our children & was unprofessional & uncaring. Our children have collected newspaper, food, litter & other items for donation for ADL & after this experience will no longer make donations to this organization of any kind! And we would recommend that those looking to adopt look elsewhere!

  • Some pespective
    Updated: 4/22/2014

    After reading several negative reviews, I feel I must comment. I have been to ADL facility twice, spoken to them on the phone a few times, and seen them at fundraiser/community awareness events. My friend adopted 2 cats from them recently w/o problems. Positive sides are that the adoption fees are the lowest around, it is a no-kill shelter, it is a non profit organization and it is run largely by volunteers who are trying to help the animals. Also they can assist with low cost spay/neuter, treatment of heartworms etc. Only negative side I can see is that the facility itself seems old and dirty with no great place to meet an individual animal outside its crate or run, unless the weather is good enough to be outdoors. We are lucky to have them. If you'd rather see a clean air conditioned facility try San Antonio Animal Care Services where, sadly, too many homeless animals come every day for them not practise euthanansia.

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