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Alamo City Recovery Inc

6135 US Highway 87 East, San Antonio, TX 78222
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Open 24 Hours

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Fax: (210) 648-2857

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  • Open 24/7
  • Family Owned and Operated

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Better Business Bureau Accredited, TDLR Licensed, Member of the San Antonio Apartment Association


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  • Alamo city Burglary
    by  on 04/28/2011

    These losers were all over my truck when I parked in a spot that was not marked as a visitor spot near the sidewalk at UTSA last night. The police and them are in cahoots for your money so they don't listen to a damn thing you say.\r \r I got into my truck and tried driving away when I saw him backing up his lift into my back tires but I was up against the curb to no avail. I told the driver it was my birthday (because it was) and he couldn't even give me a brake and just charge me the drop fee (125). The driver told me he was just making a police report in case damages were done to his lift, but that was bullsh*t. \r \r When the police showed up he towed me and the police officer threatened to drag me out of my truck. He didn't even take my side of the story. I was sitting in my truck when I was talking to them. Having three witnesses that saw what the driver did didn't help my cause. I used my birthday money to get my truck back.\r \r

    by  on 09/10/2010

    Dirty, uneducated, greasy, guttersnipes. Lurking in the apartment complex parking lot at night, where college students live, looking to take advantage of people. They towed my car with a visible permit to their filthy, run-down Rigsby Rd. lot. They made NO money from me. They are losers, they are the lowest of the low.

  • This company is dishonest and deceitful!
    by  on 08/28/2010

    Do not use Alamo City Recovery for anything! I was parked in a legal parking space and during the early morning hours when they towed my car. They cruise the apartment complex parking lots looking for un-locked cars to compromise and tow away. They claimed I was parked in a no parking space and the pictures clearly show that was not the case. Even though the apartment management has called them several times, they STILL REFUSE to credit back my credit card charge. I even spoke to the "office manager" and she said she would credit back the fee to my card. That was more than a week ago. They flat out lie to you on person and by phone. They want you to give up fighting so they can keep your money. Look up their website and see how many cars they have towed off to auction. Please, do not use this company. I have reported them to other agencies and I pray they will listen and put them out of business. This company needs to stop these un-fair practices and become an honest company

  • Alamo City Recovery is a corrupt and dis-honest company.
    by  on 08/28/2010

    Alamo City Recovery is a corrupt and dis-honest company. In November, 2009 they towed my vehicle from a handicapped parking space claiming I did not have a hang tag permit. I did indeed have it. I have lost my left leg and the hang tag was always on my dash hanging on my rear view mirror. When I contacted the towing company they claimed there was no hang tag. Since the loss of my leg, my hangtag is ALWAYS visible. When I finally was able to scrape up the outrageous fee they charge, I discovered items in my vehicle had been moved around. And lo and behold, my hangtag was shoved up under the passenger side underneath a car radio I had in the front seat! The tow driver opened my vehicle, removed the hang tag and stuffed it underneath the car seat along with the car radio. I absolutely would not have done that because I need the hangtag! They said they took a picture. Of course, the picture was taken AFTER the driver took off my hangtag. Is this how Alamo City Recovery treats handicapped military veterans? This company needs to be reprimanded and fined and the owners of this company should be ashamed of themselves.

  • They towed my truck from my apts.
    by  on 03/14/2010

    They towed my truck from my apartments.(Town Square Apts.) My truck had an up to date paper parking pass in the windshield .I drove it around the apts.the night before to warm it up.I did this 3 times a week.I was a week away from getting my tags for it and a back window cause i did not have one in it.I know for a fact that the up to date tag was in the windshield cause when I locked it up the night before I double checked it just like I had been doing for the past 5 months.I was always in the office getting the paper tags so they knew they were giving them to me.I am on public assistance,have 2 small children,adisability and a disabled child.Also I am going back to school.I was going to depend on that vehicle to get me back and forth from school the store and doctors appointments.I think someone had to have gotten in through the back window ,took the paper tag and had it towed.Cause when they showed me the pictures at the office it did not have one.That made me so upset that they didnt even have the common courtesy to come knock on my door(if I didnt have a tag) and let me know.I called and called to speak with their owner Liz Johnson and never once got a call back.I will dispute this whatever it takes.The news,the Attorney General,legal aid.Now the truck has been there so long they want over 900 dollars to get it out if I had that kind of money I sure wouldnt be living here.I cant believe that they would do that to someone that is so heartless.

  • Rude and Unprofessional - Damaged My Car
    by  on 06/25/2009

    This towing company towed my vehicle from one parking spot to another in my apartment complex, bumped the front end of my car against a curb and damaved parts of my bumper. After filing a complaint with them and waiting four days without any response, I finally got in contact with one of their managers, Steve, who was rude and insulting. He insisted that the damage was not done by their company, accused me of lying, refused to discuss the subject in a civil manner and hung up on me. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!


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