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Minnesota Zoo

13000 Zoo Blvd, Saint Paul, MN 55124
Open Now
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
(952) 431-9200Directions★ Review



Regular Hours
Mon - Fri
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Extra Phones

Phone: (952) 431-3090

24 Hour Phone Line: (952) 431-9500

Phone: (952) 431-9448

TollFree: (800) 366-7811

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Gift Shop, Dinning, Carousel, IMAX Theater, Facilities rental for Birthdays and other special events


Coral Reef with sharks and tropical fish, Farm animals to pet and feed, visitors can watch Penguin Feeding, Shark Feeding at Tropical Reef is a close-up look of daily Shark feedings, The zoo has many Educational Programs for Kids and Families and Zoo Camps


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  • Ashley and I pt. 2
    by  on 09/27/2010

    We came here first, this place is really big and Ashley loved it. Shes a very big animal person and I was glad to be the one to bring her here for the first time. She really loved the burd show and could't wait til we went to the imax. It was a great time to get away with her. I liked the wild horses they had, Beautiful.

  • Lovely zoo!
    by  on 11/25/2008

    I can't believe the reviews here, either. There are over 2000 animals, representing 500 species. These people who didn't see animals must be blind or just not sure what an animal looks like. The animals at Como are in small, concrete inclosures, unfit for living. It's cruel. During the winter, they keep the giraffe in a 10 by 10 pen - for months!! That's the reason you don't see African animals at the MN zoo. There, they do what is best for the animal. In other words, they care. And as far as the price is concerned, have you been to Sea World lately? It's like $80 per person!! $12 at the MN zoo is cheaper than most zoos - most decent zoos, that is.

  • fun for the whole family
    by  on 10/07/2008

    Great family fun spot. The new Russia exhibit is great and the Minnesota exhibit has been remodeled. Friendly and knowledgeable volunteers all around. Lots of interactive stuff for the kids to learn from.

  • Best Zoo I Have Ever Been To!
    by  on 08/09/2008

    This zoo has over 2000 animals, and they have great dolphin shows. It's the best zoo I have ever been too!

  • Huge dissapointment! Overgrown with weeds. Saw little animals!
    by  on 06/12/2007

    I wouldn't waste the trip or the money! The place was overgrown with weeds and yet they were still spending millions on a new area for new animals to come when they haven't even faced the problems they have NOW! Weeds were overgrown in ALL exhibits! We rarely saw any animals and when we did they didn't look happy in my opinion. It is a poorly run facility. Some of the best zoos I've seen are the San Antonio, St. Louis, and of course the San Diego Zoos. Don't waste your time with this one!

  • User review by berrevoets
    by  on 04/16/2005

    The Zoo is a fun place to visit, as you can see all the animals & they aren't caged in. the Dolphins area is a good area the show & watching the Dolphins. I also like the Tropical area. It is well marked out the signs to get there

  • You Call That A Zoo?
    by  on 08/18/2003

    I was very disappointed in this zoo. The zoo hardly had any animals. The animals that they do have are farm type of animals. I was hoping to see elephants, zebras, giraffes, kangaroos, hipoos...animals like that. The monorail was cool, it's too bad you have to pay the high entrance fee just to ride this....since you can see everything from up there. The only thing I really liked was the dolphin show.

  • Worst Zoo
    by  on 11/10/2002

    I have traveled all over thje world and have visited zoos from Milwaukee to Shanghai and the MN Zoo is the biggest disaappointment for the money. The Como Zoo, although a little tacky, has a much more higher interest level!

  • C'mon guys-too lazy to see it all?
    by  on 08/20/2002

    I can't believe the reviews here. The MN zoo has alot of different kinds of animals. I have always loved the MN zoo. It is a fun place to walk and enjoy animals. Sometimes the animals don't cooperate and aren't available (ie sleeping) but the only reason I can think someone would be disappointed is if they were too lazy to walk around and see all the different exhibits they have. As far as the cost, zoo's are expensive to maintain! Hello! It's barely more than a movie and much more educational!!

  • Free is Better
    by  on 07/19/2002

    I recently went to the zoo. I hadn't been there since it opened. I couldn't have been more disappointed. Hardly any animals at all! If they did have an animal there was We got in the car and went to Como Zoo. It was free at Como but I would have paid what I paid at the MN Zoo for what I saw. Guerillas, Tigers, Lions, Monkeys. We were laughing at how bad the MN Zoo was compared to Como Zoo. Plus, you could get close to them. Forget the MN Zoo...


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