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California Precision Service

1714 28th St, Sacramento, CA 95816
Closed Now
9:00 am - 5:30 pm
(916) 451-1330Directions★ Review



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  • by  on 09/17/2013

    Going in just to ask for a quote for my camera, I was met with an attitude that I would only get from someone that I had interrupted rudely. The gentleman (not so gentle) was very put off-ish as if I was ruining his day by asking him how much he charged for a diagnosis. I am currently looking for a different place to get my dslr fixed.

  • Paid $45 for deposit and expec...
    by  on 03/30/2013

    Paid $45 for deposit and expected for a call in a week or 2 but nothing received in a month, so I called them, and was informed that I will get a feedback in a day or two. Indeed I got a feedback that I need to pay 285 for the defective part so I agreed to pay for it. I was expecting feedback about it for a week or 2 but nobody called in almost a month so I called again and was told that I will have a feedback in a day or 2. Indeed somebody called me the next day telling me that the defective part costs $495. Hell no! I canceled the repair job and got my camera back. I asked the person in-charge about my deposit and he said its for the technician's diagnostic/labor cost. What labor cost? My camera was just sitting there without anybody knowing what to do with it. I believe it was their way to get your money if they don't know how to repair it. So if they charge you with high fees, you will have to cancel the repair and you will have no right to get your money back. My advise to camera owners who need repair, go to the camera service center not to this unprecise service center. By the way I got my camera back after 7 weeks! I meant no star actually but I can't publish this without it.


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