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Your Dream Puppy

29 Tubman Way, Rochester, NY 14608
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    Seems suspicious to me. Highly unprofessional and doesn't even use proper grammar on their website. Looks like some joe schmo selling puppies out of their garage to make a quick buck with no regard for the animals well being. Have heard lots of stories about sick and dying animals being sold here. Better to adopt from an animal shelter.

  • 03/09/2013

    This is a rescue group and the guy is doing his best. I have adopted two dogs from him over the past three years and they have much better temperaments than most dogs do. He rescues unwanted puppies and gets them a home, sometimes their are problems but he is not exactly getting purebred from reputable breeders so it should be expected. He uses the same vet that I do and my vet vouches for him so I am satisfied.

  • I would tell my best friend. W...

    I would tell my best friend. Well 1st off i must say me and my family is so super excited we stumbled across your dream puppy website. We fell in love with a border collie/lab mix puppy. We just had to go take a look at him. So we called to see if our family could come out to see him. So we did and instantly fell in love. The gentleman that showed us the puppy was very nice and helpful. He answered all of our questions since we haven't had a puppy puppy in 10 years. The area where the puppy was kept was very clean and the puppy was clean and smelled so good. I knew once our kids fell in love it was over. So sure enough we adopted Brisko. We took him in to the vet for his 2nd shots and re exam and Brisko was healthy as can be. Thank you Your Dream Puppy our puppy means so much to us. I will gladly refer people and if you ever need a reference let us know. Liz

  • Very scary place

    I also got a puppy from this place, and once I saw her, the only I paid was because I couldn't leave her behind. I took her to the vet the following morning and was told she was in urgent need of medical care. She had two kinds of woms (even though they said she was dewormed) and also an intestinal parasite called Giardia. On top of that she had kennel cough AND a respiratory infection. $1000 later, she eventually got better and now is a very happy girl and we love her immensely. This place needs to be shut down!!


    STAY AWAY!!! They had a rescued boxer listed on their website so we called and were told she was 3 months old, had all her shots, was dewormed, etc. The story the man told me was that the original owner couldn???t sell the puppy and was going to put her down so he took her in. We made an appt to visit the boxer for last Wednesday. I went to the appt even though I felt sick to my stomach about what this poor ""rescue"" had been through and when I saw this frail, scared boxer I knew there was no way I could let her stay there. I adopted her and took her to the vet last Thursday. My vet said she had an upper respiratory infection and needed antibiotics, has a heart murmur, she had an infestation of worms and was also 6 months old, not 3 months (which means he lied on the vaccination record about her birth date and I am assuming the shots as well at this point) and was also 6 pounds underweight. She only weighed 19 so that is significant. The dog smelled so bad we had to give her a bath right away. The vet said she would have died there had we not saved her. I am grateful to have her in my life but it sickens me that this family can get away with this.\r


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