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Associate Taxi

790 Plymouth Ave S, Rochester, NY 14608
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(585) 232-3232Directions★ Review



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    The service from this company has changed. I was waiting outside for 20 to 25 minutes so I just decided to call for an update on where the driver was. The operator says that his driver was outside but left because I was no where to be found. I told him I had been standing outside of the small CVS store since the call and then asked if he at least attempted to call me. He said he called but that I didnt answer. No call received. Not to mention this man had a very rude attitude. I asked if he could sent another taxi if this was the case. He proceeded to scold me about apparently not being ready to get in the taxi and did not listen that I had been standing in front of the store the whole time. I asked several times if he would resend a taxi, trying to stay as calm as possible at this point. Finally he says, contact Airways and hangs up. I have yet to contact Associates since.

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    i am in need of cab service for tomorrow - after reading these reviews I will go with another company

  • Did not appreciate the employee attitude

    The costumer service stinks because the lady that answer the phone have a nasty attitude n before I could give her an answer she hanged up the phone on me

  • Worst in Rochester

    Horrible service, rude and disrespectful cabbies. I would not recommend this taxi company to my worst enemy.

  • Late, Bad Time Estimates

    I agree with the customer service as listed on the above review from "tigress." I called to ask if there were any cabs around my apartment community, Rustic Village, to obtain a cab who could take my family to the airport with the least amount of time waiting around for the cab. We were asked if we were already prepared to walk out the door, which I affirmed, and was told that someone was in the area and would be arriving at our apartment in a FEW MINUTES. We waited 10 minutes, after which we called back Associate Taxi and spoke to someone who was apparently unaware or dazed of our situation. I asked to cancel the cab considering it was too late at this point, but the guy told me to "hang on." So I hung up, and 5 minutes later, the cab shows up in front of the apartment honking for about five minutes. I don't understand why taxi companies in Rochester can't just give an honest estimate of how far they are from our location, especially when what's more at stake is someone(s) trying to get to a flight in time, NOT a taxi driver trying to make a little extra cash.

  • very rude

    All I called for was an estimate for a ride, he didn't understand so he hung up on me. When I called back, all he asked for was my address and didn't seem to understand that all I needed was an estimate. When I finally got it through to him, we used very bad english to tell me that they don't do estimates. The english wasn't an accent, but just bad grammer.


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