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Saint Mary's Urgent Care

6580 S McCarran Blvd, Reno, NV 89509
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    Posted: 9/1/2013

    We waited for 40 minutes for them to print out some papers for us on head injuries. For them to forget something and us to wait longer

  • Posted: 5/3/2013

    St. Mary's USED TO BE wonderful. Not any more since they have been taken over by a purely for profit group. I went ti the Urgent Care facility with a sick child, because we needed, well, care urgently. They said that since we had no insurance they wouldn't even see us without a cash deposit of $200. I asked if that amount was the actual cost. "No", they said, just a "deposit". I offered my credit card as security pending the examination. 45 minutes later a doctor did the exam. On exiting, I went to pay and was told that I had already been charged $200 even though the actual cost was less than that: $146. The receptionist said that they'd send me the overcharge difference "In about two weeks". I objected and asked for a receipt for services rendered, and the receptionist told me they "Didn't give receipts"; I insisted, saying that was not standard business practice. She said that if I really wanted one, I'd have to wait (with my sick child) until the end of the day when the doctor was finished seeing all her other patients, and get one directly from her. More than two months later, I still have not received the overcharge/payment they took from me. If this is not outright illegal, it's certainly unethical and discriminatory. Don't believe the nonsense below where they describe themselves as "committed" to patient welfare. They shouldn't even be called "Urgent" much less "Care" -- except about profiteering any way they can.


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