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MT Tattoos

831 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA 94063
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  • Mt Tattoo's is the best!

    I went to Mt tattoos to get my third tattoo. Matt is really nice to deal with. Totally professional in every way. I like the fact that he charges by the job and not the hour. I am Native American and I wanted to have a spirit animal tatooed as a honor to my culture. I actually had Odie do my tat for me. He is really talented. I am thinking about a fourth tattoo and I will definitely go back to Mt. Tat's for the work.

  • Horrible!!!

    If you choose to go to MT, Do Not let Brandon tattoo you. He does not take what you say into consideration about how you want YOUR tattoo to look like; and just does whatever he wants; he also gives you a rude look if you tell him otherwise. And the owner is really rude! He has all these apprentices around him while HE is tattooing, but when one person wants to watch their friend get a tattoo he flips out like a little B!tch

  • You get what you pay for

    Me and my friend got matching stars and we came here even though we wanted to go somewhere else. We figured who could mess up something as simple as a few stars... My stars came out ok, but my friend's stars weren't straight and are already fading after only a few months. Another friend got a tattoo from here a little while ago and got stuck with one of their apprentices who looks like he's 12 years old. My friend was not impressed to say the least. For girls who like to bring along friends, don't bother, the owner is super strict about not letting anyone behind the tattoo wall. I'd say save your money and go to a shop that has more than just ONE experienced artist.

  • Amazing Work

    Matt is a great guy. I went into his shop because I was referred by a friend. I was a bit hesitant bc my last tatt came out bad from someone referring me to someone. He was a very friendly guy when I first met him, and still to this day is a great person. His art work is excellent with great detail and without the lumps that inexperienced tatt artists do. My tattoo has come out very smooth, great shading. I plan to get my second tattoo from him this upcoming week. His techniques are supurb! I have also referred many of my family and few friends to his shop. Thanks for the great ink!!

  • Amazing friendly artist who you want t always have around

    I walked in to MT Tattoo when they were first opening up and I was greated by Matt instantly. He stood up and shook my hand and I was impressed by how friendly he was. I told him I just gotten a tattoo done down the street and he asked if he could check it out. I asked him how his pricing was and he said he doesn't price by the hour but by the work itself. I liked this method a lot better. After getting my first tattoo done with Matt I then realized why he doesn't price by the hour - the man loves to talk. It feels very comforting talking to him and holding a real conversation as if you two are really friends. He is very funny and eventually his staff comes towards him and observes his work and we all just have one big conversation. I loved the work he has done so far and I plan on going back for more and more in the future. I definately recommend MT Tattoo and any of his artist. Matt takes care of his clients and everyone will leave that shop happy.


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