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First United Methodist Church

2915 Broadway, Redwood City, CA 94062
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  • churchgoer
    Posted: 9/28/2010

    I have recently attended this church and found it to be a warm, spiritual environment. I am a single mom and found the people here to be welcoming and friendly. The pastor and all of the Tongan people I met were so nice. I have been to other churches in the area and found them a bit judgmental about my situation, being a single mom with two kids. I didn’t feel that way at all here. I felt like this is a place to come and worship and celebrate faith. I will definitely be back!

  • Homophobic Church
    Updated: 13 days ago

    This church is horrible. It held a service today to convince people to Vote Yes on Prop 8, which would ban gay people from getting married in California. Discriminating against and hating gay people should not be a value anybody holds. Horrible. You people should be ashamed. Please move out of the Bay Area. You are a disgrace to this area. Ask yourselves how you would feel if people discriminated against South Pacific Islanders such as yourselves and we passed a law that would ban you from getting married.


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