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Bassham Veterinary Hospital

818 Barwick Rd, Quitman, GA 31643
Closed Now
7:30 am - 5:30 pm
7:30 am - 5:30 pm
(229) 263-7535Directions★ Review



Regular Hours
Mon - Fri
7:30 am - 5:30 pm
Sat - Sun

Extra Phones

Fax Number: (229) 263-7537

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    ALL ABOUT THE MONEY$$$ DONT CARE ABOUT THE PETS! Yesterday, me my daughter and my dog went outside to look at pears growing on some trees, as we went out the front door my dog which is a chug, ran down my steps as soon as she got off the porch a unknown dog ran out from under my house and grabbed my dog and started attacking her, i quickly handed my daughter to a family member ( thank god they where there!) and i ran down the steps and started to try to get this big massive dog off my little dog by the time i got them apart the dog had RIPPED OUT BOTH OF MY LITTLE CHUGS EYES! Both of her eyes where hanging out of her head, at this point i quickly put my dog in the car and started to drive, as i called the nearest vet (BASSHAM) they told me i could bring her right in. Upon arrival i rushed in and went to the front desk. Because i did not have 35$ cash on me they would not even look at her. I told the reception look, my first thought was not to go to a atm. Just as you would do with a family member i rushed her to the hospital. As my dog sat there with both eyes hanging out of her head i asked can you please help her look at her or something my father will stay here with you and i will run to the atm and get the money please just help her! They told me they would not even look at her without 35$ in their hand first cash. They actually turned my dog away over a measly 35$ which i told then i would run and get or write a check for. Without a care or a hint of sympathy they let my dog leave with both eyes hanging out of her head. OVER 35$ I then started calling vets in thomasville, first phone call to the Animal Care Clinic they told me to bring her right in, as soon as i arrived they took her back and looked at her. they where great! Not only did they help her but they think she will be able to see again. they were the most caring and compassionate group of people i have ever met. BASSHAM IS ALL IN IT FOR THE MONEY NOT THE PETS IF YOU WANT TO HAVE YOUR PET BE IN GOOD HANDS THIS IS NOT THE PLACE!


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