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City Taxi

269 Margaret St, Plattsburgh, NY 12901
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(518) 561-7777Directions★ Review



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  • 04/24/2016

    I am a 21 year old female and their dispatcher hung up on me 3 times at 2 in the morning while I was standing on the street waiting for my cab ALONE!

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    So far I enjoyed using the service of this taxi .... I think it's a very commendable taxi service ... Most of the drivers are friendly

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    Best ride with city taxi in plattsburgh ! I ride their fleet of 20 taxis almost every weekend... Taxi # 8 is awesome with a very friendly driver during evening... Love city taxi!!!!

  • I've been a regular, loyal cus...
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    I've been a regular, loyal customer of City Taxi for over six months now, using them twice a day, five days a week. Never had a complaint before last night. I had a few drinks with some friends (as consenting adults are allowed to do) and found it time to go home. I went outdoors before I even CALLED a cab and proceeded to wait there for an hour in the cold. I wasn't too irritated about waiting, because I know they're busy on a Friday night. After an hour, I called them back to make sure my cab was still on the way. The dispatcher was such a rude jerk to me that I'll never use their company again! He informed me in a very snotty voice that my cab had already been there, beeping, waiting for me, and I wasn't there. I asked if he was sure he sent it to the right address, because I'd been waiting outside the ENTIRE TIME and no City Taxi even slowed down outside the house. The dispatcher said "No, you weren't there, so you're gonna just have to call somebody else" and hung up on me. So City Taxi, what a class act - leaving a drunk girl stranded in the cold outside her friend's place for an hour, then not even apologize or offer to send another cab. Just HANG UP on a paying, regular, loyal customer. And that's why they lost my business. Their new motto should be "The customer's always right - unless it's a Friday night and they've been drinking. Then we're free to treat them horribly."

  • Strange but efficient AKA Nuway Carwash

    They arrived to my house quickly and got me to the mall really quickly (speeding). The guy was somewhat friendly but was talking on his phone the whole time. They say they are really clean(not true). Overall it was just okay. Cost me $15 for about 6 miles.


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