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1807 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103
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9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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  • Who does this woman think she is?
    by  on 05/20/2011

    Seriously. Is she paying people to write these reviews? I found Fransceca to be a total snot. She was rude, brusque and totally obnoxious. Still, she told me to trust her and she ooozed confidence. Unfortunately, she mangled my hair so badly that everyone I see is like ""OH GOD I AM SO SORRY"" and ""It is hair it will grow out."" Thanks girl for stealing my mojo. I wish I could sue.

  • Honestly, the only reason she ...
    by  on 08/19/2010

    Honestly, the only reason she gets the one star is because she is, in fact, extremely other worldly talented. The the reason the other four stars AREN'T filled in because of these four of many reasons... 1. She harrasses you into getting what SHE wants to do, no matter what you might think you'd like better. NOT even as an expert, just because shes a B***h. 2. when she doesn't get her way shes makes you feel EXTREMELY uncomfortable about it. 3. She is able to have certain rules that she doesn't mind breaking.4. She is arrogant, gross, gasses on clients, treats her employees nastily, and wouldn't mind completely disregarding your client relationship to get her way. Is it worth the money ABSOLUTELY ! is it worth the stress and sometimes pressure you'll feel if you want something other than what she wants. NO. !!!!!!!

  • Answer to the Rave Reviews
    by  on 03/13/2010

    Follow this link and you can see Francesca review her very own salon. I am sure many of the other reviews were written by Francesca. philadelphia.citysearch.###/review/43696019 FOLLICALIZED MAKEOVER!! by FRANCESCA RIVETTI at Insider Pages A friend highly recommended Follicle, told me about the consultation appointment, at first i was skeptical as i just wanted to get my hair done.... i had major roots! After much disappointment from past salons, i decided to give theconsultation a try. This was the best experience and investment i have made. I sat with Francesca, she blow me away with her knowledge and concern with the integrity of my hair and image. This is the best cut and color EVER!!

  • What the &%#$?!
    by  on 02/04/2010

    I just don't get it. Are you all Francesca's friends, family members? What's up with the reviews? I had an okay cut and color. But I don't want to spend over $300 and have a coworker say to me - so when are you getting your hair cut. Yes. Right AFTER my cut AND COLOR. And honestly, could have gotten it at Hair Cuttery. For much, much cheaper. Yes, definitely go for Francesca when you want to spend a lot. Follicle isn't nearly as cool a salon as they think they are. Gotta run, and get a real haircut!

  • Fantastic cut and color
    by  on 12/30/2009

    I've been seeing Francesca for over two years and have been pleased with every visit. I first went to Follicle when I worked in the city, and even though I now work and live in NJ, I still travel over the bridge because she's the best! Because I can't get in the city too often, I schedule my cuts for every 8-10 weeks and they always last. I often get compliments on my hair even up to the day that I go back for a trim. Yesterday someone told me that I looked like I belonged in a hair commercial. To me, this is the best compliment I could have received. \r \r From the original consultation, Francesca understood my style which she deemed, ""classic with a twist "" which describes me perfectly. I appreciate that she takes each person's lifestyle into account. Although she has (brave!) clients who make bold color choices, she understands that it's not my style. She encourages me to try new things that keep my look fresh, however she always stays in a place where I am comfortable. I am willing to try new things because I trust her judgement and she's never let me down. Her goal is to make each person look the best that they can and I think she does just that. This is the best my hair has ever looked!

  • I finally got hit on!
    by  on 11/09/2009

    I was a overweight female desperate for a change in my life. I went to follicle and got the change i needed. My face looks so much slimmer, i feel so much better about myself and my color looks amazing!!! and for the first time in 2 years, i got asked for my number, only 3 days after my hair cut!!! SHE IS A GODDDESSSS!!!! AMAZING!!!!!! coudln't be happier!!!!!!!

  • I don't care how good you think you are
    by  on 06/10/2009

    Follicle believes they have the right to charge for a canceled appointment yet go on to say ""There is a possibility your appointment may need to be rescheduled due to filming/photo shoot commitments."" So does that mean I will be compensated for my troubles if they cancel on me. Some how I don't think so. There are alot of hairdressers in the sea people. Don't feed the shark.

  • Rare find!!
    by  on 04/02/2009

    Thanks again Francesca! Moved back to Philly, so happy that my hair is now back in the passionate professional hands of the magic hair goddess,Francesca. Well done you :) You are an inspiration to all women. Thanks again.

  • Amazed!
    by  on 03/12/2009

    Thank you soooooooo much Francesca!\r I am always amazed at how well Francesca's haircuts grow in. This time due to the economy I had to stretch the appointment from already a 10wk schedule to 14wks, I did consider going else where, but thought better of it. As I do not believe anyone else can come even remotely close to Francesca's talent. I got complements right up to the day of my appointment. this in my opinion is well worth the time and $$ invested in me, because I know I am worth it!!\r Thanks again

  • Thanks for the Bowlcut
    by  on 03/07/2009

    I told Franscecsa not too cut too much off my hair, and she completely ignored me and hacked it all off. The color made me look like Ronald McDonald. After being told at work that my hair look unprofessional, I had to go to Pileggi and get it fixed. The guy there asked me if I dyed it myself! It looks awful. I have cancelled plans because my hair looks so bad. Fransceca is arrogant, doesn't listen, does what she wants, and when she has an off day she takes it out on your hair. Don't risk it.

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