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Crescent Cab Co.

7009 Grays Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19142
(215) 365-3500Directions★ Review



Mon - Sun Open 24 Hours

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Phone: (215) 829-4222

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  • THE WORST!!!! Me and my daught...
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    Posted: 6/23/2012

    THE WORST!!!! Me and my daughter would've waited an hour and a half had we not called another company. What pissed me off is 3 of their taxis came to the dunkin donuts in the same parking lot we were waiting in (nobody in the back) and when i asked all 3 said they were temporarily off duty and none of them came back to get us so finally i called All city or All State taxi or something like that and they came in 5minutes i was very satisfied with them their # is 2157447777

  • Editorial review from Citysearch
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 6/22/2012

    THE WORST!!!! Me and my daughter would've waited an and a half had we not called another company. What pissed me off is 3 of their taxis came to the dunkin donuts in the same parking lot we were waiting in (nobody in the back) and when i asked all 3 said they were temporarily off duty and none of them came back to get us so finally i called All city or All State taxi or something like that and they came in 5minutes i was very satisfied with them their # is 2157447777

  • Don't call them, not dependable!!!
    Posted: 3/30/2012

    I called and set up a pick up 4 hours ahead of my fight time and the never showed up. I called several times to see where they were and they stopped answering the phone. You cannot trust them to show up, if they get a better fair before picking you up- you're no longer a priority!! I would never use them again for a dependable ride!!

  • Recommend - helpful and courteous
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 5/31/2011

    On a recent trip to Philly, my boss left her phone in the cab. I contacted the company and they immediately contacted the driver who located the phone. Not only did he hold on to the phone for my boss who was in town for just the day, he picked her up in the afternoon and returned her to the airport. Top notch service by the dispatcher and the driver. Thanks, Crescent!

  • Crescent Cab - Credit Cards
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 12/24/2010

    Why blame a minimal wage cab driver for refusing to accept a mode of payment that takes away 5% to 10% fee from his gross earnings and puts it in the hands of bankers and credit card companies, who get paid hefty bonuses. It is estimated that cab drivers have to pay roughly $50.00 a week as bank fees. That's $2,600 a year per driver! For people in the service industry or business, that would be the same reaction if the Government announced a 5% to 10% increase in the taxes they would have to pay. Or, what if employers started charging 5% service fee to do a direct deposit. Moral of the story: If you want to go cashless, let the consumer or credit card companies spend the bank fees for their convenience and not the immigrant taxi drivers. Or better still, bank fees should be paid by the federal government as they save money on printing bills. FYI, Las Vegas taxis charge customers a $3.00 surcharge on all credit card taxi trips.

  • Beware Rude, Violent Drivers
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 9/11/2010

    Something has GOT to be done about the attitudes of many of this city's taxi drivers when it comes to customers paying by credit card. This has become a crisis situation and it's starting to get dangerous.\r \r Last night around midnight we have to go through it again. We hail a Crescent cab at Spring Garden and and tell the driver we need to go straight up Spring Garden to 18th street. We hop in, and as he does a U-turn he asks if we plan to pay with cash or credit card. I say, ""Credit card.""\r \r ""Aw man, if I'd known that...You need to pay me with cash.""\r \r ""We're paying with credit card. If that's a problem just pull over now and we'll get a different cab.""\r \r He mutters a bunch of stuff under his breath but keeps on driving. ""If you want to make a cabbie's day you'll always pay by cash."" \r \r ""If you want to make a customer's day you won't advertise that you take credit cards and then refuse to accept them.""\r \r ""What's that?"" he said menacingly, raising his voice now and trying to elevate this thing, pretending he didn't hear me.\r \r ""I said you need to stop abusing your customers! Did you hear me that time! This is the second time tonight we've had to have a fight with a cabbie because you pretend your machine's broken and all kinds of other bs. We told you when we got in that we're paying with credit card, you didn't have to take us. You've got a credit card machine in the back of the cab here and then you're gonna try to strongarm people into not using it?\r \r ""I didn't put it there,"" he said.\r \r ""Well, we didn't either. Welcome to the 21st century, people pay with credits sometimes, and cash sometimes, it's the same as anywhere else.""\r \r ""It's not the same thing."" he said.\r \r ""It's exactly the same thing--""\r \r He then CRANKED UP the car stereo defeaningly loud to drown us out. This was just as we stopped at a red light around 8th Street and Spring Garden. My wife and I looked at each other, I opened the door and we got out. ""We're done,"" I said over the music, and slammed the door.\r \r Magically he turned down the stereo but it was just so he could yell at us. ""Hey, f- you man! I already started the meter!""\r \r ""No, f- you! You think we're gonna pay you a dime now after putting up with this abuse and then pay to put up with 10 more blocks of your bs?""\r \r We walked to the curb. When the light turned green the driver was pulling away with BOTH HANDS OFF THE STEERING WHEEL so he could flip us the double bird. We returned the complement. We didn't get his medallion number but I can tell you it was a Crescent cab and that the driver was a fat white guy with a scruffy beard and long, brown hair pulled back in a pony tail.\r \r W immediately hopped into another cab that had just arrived. The driver had no idea about our altercation just seconds before. \r \r We told the new driver our destination and that we'd be paying with credit card. ""No problem,"" he said to our surprise. We had a pleasant ride home and he got a 20% tip. At least 1 out of 3 of your drivers is a professional. That doesn't say much about the other 2/3s that we deal with over and over again, day in, day out, regardless of the company. Crescent, PHL, Liberty, you name it.\r \r Is there anything more at all that can be done to get it through Philadelphia cab drivers' heads that credit cards are here to stay, and that if they have problems with it they need to take it UP with the Parking Authority, the Taxi Workers Alliance and their political representatives, instead of taking it OUT on their customers? \r \r This has become a crisis situation and it's starting to get dangerous.\r

  • Cheating and Rude Driver - Avoid from airport!
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 8/10/2008

    After arriving into Philadelphia International Airport at 1:30 am due to flight delays all afternoon and evening at PHL, I decided to take a cab. I hopped into the first open taxi, a mini van operated by Crescent Cab. Without consulting me, the driver stopped at the next taxi stand in the terminal, asking if anyone else was going downtown. A man responded and he ended getting into the cab with me. I was too tired to say anything. I had preferred to ride home alone, but figured that at least me and the other gentlemen would now save on our cab fare since the stated taxi rates are $28.50 flat rate into Center City plus $1 for each additional passenger. When we arrived at my building, the cabbie proceeded to tell me that I owed him $29. When I protested, citing the policy about shared cabs; he began to berate me about the fact that I would never have gotten home at this hour without him, that he had been working 13 hours already, etc. I tried to tell him that my not wanting to pay $29 had nothing to do with his decision to work a long day. I decided to speak to the other passenger in the car to warn him that the cabbie was going to try to charge him $29 as well. At this point the cabbie got even more irate and began to yell at me, asking me how much I was going to pay him - $10??? Because that was the type of person I was, that I didn't care, etc. He also insulted me and asked if I was trying to ask the other passenger out on a date because I was stopping to speak to him. \r \r In the end, I paid him $20 because I didn't have any small bills and didn't think that he would be inclined to make change. I'm sure working as a cabbie is not the most fun profession ever but that does not give a driver the right to yell at passengers, to insult their character and to imply that I was the one who was in the wrong when in fact the was the one who was trying to be shady and cheat us!!\r \r DO NOT take Crescent Cab.

  • Horrible
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 2/22/2008

    Crescent cab is terrible. I called them at 1215 and said i would like a cab for 115. they assured me that i would recieve a call when they were on their way. well, it got to be about 120 and i called back and the man said that he would have somebody on the way immediately. 15 minutes later, there was no call, no taxi, no anything. so i called another cab company and they picked me up promptly. I ended up missing my 2:00 train because of Crescent, and had to wait in the amtrak terminal for 4 and a half hours. Also, i had to pay an additional $30 for my new ticket because it was not paid for in advance. Do not rely on Crescent cab.

  • friendly courteous staff, good cab ride.
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 8/14/2007

    This is my 2nd time calling for a cab using Crescent Cab Co. The staff are friendly and courteous. They seem to cover a wide area in Philadelphia. I would definitely use this company again.


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