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Mandarin Restaurant

3345 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306
Asian, Chinese, Pan Asian
Closed Now
11:00 am - 2:00 pm
11:00 am - 2:00 pm
(650) 565-8868Directions★ ReviewOrder Online



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  • Tasty!!!!
    by  on 03/20/2012

    I always eat here in Hunan Garden Chinese Restaurant. Great service. Also the food is so tasty.

  • Awesome food
    by  on 10/14/2011

    Must go place, but food is pricey for what you get. It's more about the experience!

  • Terrible service
    by  on 07/14/2011

    My wife and I met my adult kids for dinner at this establishment following the graduation of my daughter from the local university. The person who greeted us just pointed to where our table was and said something about ""they were that way"", not bothering to seat us. Service was slow; the graduation girl did not get her order, and no apology was offered after this pointed out. No one checked on us to find out how our meal was or if we needed refills of our drinks. This was without a doubt the worst dining experience I have ever had.

  • Rubbery Chicken - mediocre for the Price
    by  on 01/27/2011

    If you get take out the chicken is so rubbery it is ridiculous, and at the prices they charge it should be much better. Also for second time, the sauce from Szechuan Chicken leaked through the bottom of the paper bag. I let them know, and they said, well what do you want me to do about it? No apologies, at all.\r \r I've been here and if you eat in it is a bit better. The only thing I did not care for was I was having a business lunch with a friend, and the waiter was at our table every three minutes, so it was difficult to finish a sentence without being constantly interupted.\r \r After the third experience with rubbery chicken and slightly over priced menu, especially for mediocre quality, I won't be going back. there are too many great restaurants out there that perform much better.\r \r

  • For a spicy chinese food lover
    by  on 03/17/2010

    It is a great chinese food restaurant especially you love the spicy food. I like the atmosphere... the court yard...nice feel.. recommended to everyone

  • Great food...Great Service!
    by  on 02/19/2009

    I've been living here for years, looking for a great Chinese restaurant and I've finally found the place.\r \r Not only do they have great food, but I have never experienced such great service at a Chinese restaurant before. The matre d at the desk was extremely friendly and accomodating.\r \r My friend and I ordered the Mu-shu chicken, which we both really enjoyed - I would highly recommend this dish. \r \r We also ordered a beef dish that was too spicy for the both of us (we prefer milder food). When we explained to the waiter that we'd like to order another dish because it was too spicy, he actually just took it off the menu and exchanged it for something milder. We never expected them to do that. While we would not take advantage of that, it was great customer service!! He recommended that we express our spice preference when we order, something we will remember to do next time. \r \r Instead we ordered the orange-peel chicken, another delight that I would strongly recommend.\r \r For the great food and AMAZING service, I would give this restaurant 5 stars and recommend it to everyone!

  • best place for chinese food
    by  on 12/04/2008

    this is a wonderful place, the food was great, i have been there for many many times. the prices are reasonable and i really enjoy the time that i was eating over there. i love this place, the service was great. after i eat over there, i can't go to other restaurants because they did not have the taste. whenever i go out and eat, Huan garden is the place that i usually go and i think they are the best in the town. one day that i saw a large group eating over there like around fifty or sixty, i was thinking that was so great that next time i can have my birthday party over there too! if you need to find out a chinese restaurant, i definately recommend this one. oh, if you have more than five people, it is a good idea that you should call them up and make a reservation.

    by  on 08/06/2008

    Yeah you have to give it up for Hunan Garden. All of the dishes i have had form this place are deelish! The service leaves a little to be desired but hey lifes not perfect, and the food more then makes up for it. We frequent this place at least two or three times a month, enough said.

  • Outstanding Chinese food at reasonable prices
    by  on 07/27/2008

    Feeling hungry for Chinese food and not knowing where to go I did a Citisearch wow am I glad I did! Looking at star ratings I found the Hunan Garden so I thought I would trust the high rating by other members. Well here is the low down food is way above average everything was fresh and tasty. Parking on the other hand is cramped and inadequate if you have a small car it?s possible, if you drive an escalade SUV you better use street parking or risk bent fenders. Pricing not too bad and value very high for the $ spent. Cocktails were pricy at $8 but you did get a lot of booze in your drink so again it was fair by today?s standards. Overall I have to say A- and since I am writing this the next day I was happy I didn?t get the indigestion usually associated with Chinese foods! So give it a try I doubt you will be disappointed!

  • Great seafood, Peking duck, customer service, on the fly menu modification . . .
    by  on 01/02/2007

    As it is very near my work streetwerkedotcom I eat here about once a week for lunch.\r \r I imagine it's pretty standard lunch special fare. Hot and sour soup, an egg roll, rice, your entree, hot tea, water. Your bill arrives with orange segments and a fortune cookie. The cost is usually $7.52. Each table has salt, white pepper, soy sauce, some black bean hot chili oil and some sweet and sour sauce.\r \r I think the elements that stand out for me after 2 years of eating here are the consistency and the excellent service provided by enthusiastic people.\r \r What I like most is just chucking the menu and asking my server ""what should I get?"" I have found this to be a very rewarding approach. How else would have I discovered the bliss that is ""Pork Chop Soup Noodle""?\r \r Your basic broth with noodles, veggies and some very thinly sliced pork chops (about 1/4"" thick) lightly floured and 5 spiced, flash fried and placed on top of the soup bowl. Very yummy.\r \r Ask about the Hunan Chicken - White meat, sauteed with cabbage and leeks in the chef's hot sauce. I routinely get the negative head wag. ""No, don't get that.""\r \r The decor is very pleasant and understated. Various aquariums and fish tanks hint that seafood is the specialty of the house and the big dollar items such as lobster, local crab and langoustines are alive until you order them. The outside garden area is wonderful on a warm summer night or an overcast winter day. Plenty of shade and gas heaters make this a very versatile and enchanting seating area all year round.\r \r Customer service is what really sets this place apart for me. Service is snappy but one doesn't feel rushed. You don't like a particular ingredient? Just tell them, they will make even the most standard sweet and sour pork to your exact liking.\r \r So if you need your Audi or VW serviced call streetwerke and then go to Hunan Garden for lunch/dinner.\r \r Tell them ""Jeff"" sent you . . .

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