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Hope Village Apartment Homes

3014 Orange Center Blvd Apt 61, Orlando, FL 32805
Closed Now
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Added on 08/26/2014


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  • Thankful/Greatful
    Posted: 12/19/2008

    This is and was one of the best apartment complexs that I lived in. The area is a mixture of all mankind and that is what makes it so BEAUTIFUL! the property manager/staff are very special people and they show from the inside out that they do care. (MS. GLADYS)! I have left belongings outside just to see if it would be stolen and it was NOT! this community looks out for one another and also the parent's here make their children BEHAVE and that is so wonderful. All of my neighbors were so very respectful and it is such a quiet and peaceful place. I'm considering moving back (09) next year if the Lord's will. If you want a great and exceptional place to live reasonable this should and will be your BEST CHOICE! Have a great holiday and a brand new year.

  • best deal for the price!!
    Posted: 12/6/2007

    Since I have moved here I have never had problems with my neighbors, the office and/or the area its self. It's in an urban area buts it nice and quiet. I have left bikes and other belongings(unlocked) outside for days and was still there. Just bringing that up because i have stayed in other places with my belongings on a lock with a chain outside and was GONE the next day. Beautiful place!!!!!


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