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SERVING The Oklahoma City Area, Oklahoma City, OK 73105
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Oklahoma Employees Credit Union has been serving Oklahomans since 1954. OECU is a local financial cooperative open to anyone who lives or works in the area. Our customers are actually part owners, so profits are returned to account holders in the form of better rates and fewer fees. If you are thinking about making a change or just want to see if we can save you time or money, check us out.


3001 N Lincoln Blvd 15100 N. May 530 SW 119th St 7230 NW Expressway St 


Auto Loans, Real Estate Loans, Credit Cards, Checking Accounts, Savings Accounts, Apps for your iPhone or Android, Mobile Deposits, Online Banking, Online Bill Pay 
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    No service fees on basic checking? Love it! Good bye Chase Bank. I like how OECU offered me the same low interest rate for my 2 year old car as a new car.

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    It was our first time applying for an auto loan through a credit union together, my fiancee and I. Our loan officer called us every day for 4 days during the pre-approved process, and even told me our apr percentage, which he said himself was low, so we figured we were going to be approved. Then he calls us the next day right as I'm getting off work at 5, i already had the car picked out that I want and already have good price and miles and all that, and our loan officer tells us nope we've been declined. He didn't even tell me the reason we had been declined for it, I had to call back and ask. My issue is he never should've blew up our phones getting our hopes high after telling us the apr rate was low and suitable for a loan. Horrible first experience with this credit union, or maybe it was just we got a sucky representative. Either way I won't be suggesting this place to anyone at all, even with excellent credit. If I could give this company less than a full star, I would. Unfortunately the computer is saying I have to pick at least one star...

  • Too big for their britches!!!

    I started with this bank when I moved to OKC, after my grandfather recommended it. He is one of the original members from the time when you had to work for the state. They were awesome in the beginning. In college, I was a victim of identity theft and had less then perfect credit and needed a co-signer for a car loan and a small 1k loan. No problem. I ended up renewing that same loan 3 times on the last payment due, to help my credit. My car was totaled and so off car shopping I went. The other drivers insurance paid the car off within 3 days. Found the car put in all the paperwork and waited for 2 weeks to hear back, I was to the point of calling 3/4 times per day!!! They finally finished with all that the day I had to turn my rental I went to pick up my new car only to find the bank had not sent over the paperwork and it was nearly 4pm!!! I had called a dozen times before I had to drive from Edmond to the downtown location to speak with the loan officer, she was not at all apologetic and acted as if I was "rushing" the process!!! Get the car and had them set up the automatic payments from my direct deposit, as before, and low and behold they didn't set it up and then call and start badgering me about making a payment!! Well the money had since been taken out but they didn't know where it was and it wasn't on my loan!! Long story short they deposited my car payment to my grandfathers account!! The loan officer emailed my personal email account blaming me for the situation and I quickly put her in her place!! Fast fwd a year and its time to renew my 1k loan! I have increased my yearly income over 6k from the original loan, my co-signers situation had not changed a bit, and my credit score had increased over 100 points. Suddenly I don't qualify for this same loan I've had for 3 years!!!! I asked to explain the logic behind this and all I heard were crickets!!!! I will be pulling my car loan, personal loan, all accounts, and CDs from this bank!! They used to have the small intimate little person feel now it's another BOA, or CHASE.... If I wanted that I would go there and get more out of it!!

  • I would not recommend this cre...

    I would not recommend this credit union at all. When I first signed on with them they seemed like a great credit union to be with and that they were really understanding. That turned out to not be the case. I spoke with Carrie at the South OKC area location to try and skip-a-payment for December due to my certain financial situation. She told me I did not qualify to skip-a-payment for December, but I would in January which is only one month difference. I again explained to her my financial situation. She then suggested that I refinance my car loan through them, and I would be able to skip-a-payment for December, but I would have to put $3,000 down when I refinanced. I was shocked that this lady after hearing my financial situation even offered this to me. If I had $3,000 to put down on my car loan, why would I be calling her for a skip-a-payment? She clearly did not listen to anything I had to tell her or even seemed to care. Since I have been with them, I have had to re-fax many records multiple times because they have lost them. I also signed up for a savings account with them, but after being with them for a year, I still have yet to receive my account information. I would not recommend this credit union at all.

  • Have been a member of OECU for...

    Have been a member of OECU for more than 10 years. The service is always great and friendly and any issues that I have had are always handled quickly - no matter what location I go to. Rates on loans and accounts are always competitive. I seriously doubt that the others making comments are telling the complete story. Hands down the best bank in Oklahoma.

  • This place does not know how t...

    This place does not know how to keep track of there records or something. I had a loan with them on a pickup I really liked and I was making payments on it direct deposit into a savings account from my paycheck on a bi-weekley plan so therefore I was making an extra payment or 2 each year. I did re-finance the vehicle once and deferred a few payments. When time came that I thought the vehicle should be getting close to being paid off I checked on the balance well to my surpise I had only paid off $2000.00 over a 5year period and they said they had to force place insurance on it each year which was a little less then what I had paid on it each year. I also found out they had only put 1 bi-weekly payment on the note for awhile which I had caught that sometime eariler and had them take the money out of the account and apply it toward the loan. As time went on and I argued with these people to try and get them to make things right I became financially distressed and had to file bankruptcy so me and my attorney set down and figured up what I had paid and came to a number we figured I should owe on the vehicle to pay it off in a chapter 13. They did not agree to that amount so after more time and more financial problems we decided to do a chapter 7 instead so after all this I wound up paying about $ 35,000.00 on a vehicle I had to let them keep. I also had my insurance company send them declaration pages on my insurance several times which of course they say they never recieved. I woul say not to do buisness with this Credit Union. I am giving them a 1 Star rating because the system will not let me give them a 00 star rating.

  • OECU.. bad customer service( A...

    OECU.. bad customer service( AMY) thats her name, veryyy rude, disrespectful, and unprofessional.. next time u guys hire someone plz hire somebody that is professional and educated..that kind of person makes your business looks bad...

  • Run the other way as fast as y...

    Run the other way as fast as you can! This credit union employs nothing but a bunch of liars (and that is the Vice President) and most of their employees have sticky fingers when it comes to your money. The issue I had was that I had been paying on a credit card twice per month for the last two years and got a statement in that didn't show even one payment on there. So where did the money run off to if not the employee's pockets. The vice president made an agreement with me (which I have in writing) and then refused to honor it. I am in the process of getting an attorney and will be taking them to court over it.


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