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Zone Manhattan

406 W 13th St, New York, NY 10014
(866) 961-9663DirectionsMap


Message from Zone Manhattan

Brings prepared diet-conscious meals to your door daily (before 5am or 6am); children's lunch box also available.
  • At your door 7 days a week
  • Starting as low as $32.95
  • Reliable Quality and Freshness

Now with Fresh delivery in Tri State area and The Hamptons. Zone Manhattan, Zone Westchester, Zone Long Island. We will take the headache out of your diet, allowing you to eliminate the Scales, calorie counting and portion controls, we will provide for you a well balanced Market fresh meal prepared by some of Manhattan's finest Chefs, delivered to your door step daily. Not only do we set the culinary standard's for fresh meal delivery, we set the standard's for culinary excellence. Our menus will be tailored to your personal likes and dislikes and any personal food allergies we are notified of. Zone Culinaire LLC is not associated with Dr. Sears or his Zone trademarks. 866-961-9663


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  • Twice pleased
    by  on 01/07/2012

    My partner and I have done two month-long runs with Zone Manhattan, and we were quite pleased. Contrary to what some reviewers have suggested, we found ZM's customer service folks quickly and effectively responsive. We both lost 20+ pounds in thirty days. And, on the whole, we found the food to be fresh, well-prepared, and tasty. That's not to say it was always so. The diet is a bit repetitive (e.g. about one week's worth of breakfasts that cycle over and over) and some ingredients are too frequently used (e.g. lentils, broccoli rabe). Still, with these minor gripes, we were quite pleased.

  • Excellent!!!
    by  on 11/17/2011

    Great all around. The food tastes great and the service is right on. I have been getting meals for the last month and I am going to renew for 2 more months. I have not found any reason to complain for the last 30 days and am amazed. The last program I was on just couldn't get it right. I recommend this service for everyone.

  • Fresh and Taste
    by  on 11/06/2011

    I have been with another program for years before finding Zone Manhattan. I can't put into words how happy I have been since starting with Zone Manhattan. I was always under the impression that there was only one Zone program until I tried a phone number I had heard on the radio. I made the switch to Zone Manhattan 2 months ago and signed on to their 60 day special for $34.95 per day and will never look back. The food is much fresher then the other Zone program. I wish I found it first. The flexibility I am allowed in scheduling meals is something new for me. I can schedule meals Monday thru Friday and take days off. \nI normally don't write reviews but I really recommend Zone Manhattan

  • I Loved and I Lost
    by  on 09/11/2011

    I Love the Food and Lost the Weight. I can only say wow. When I first considered a diet program I found it difficult choosing one. I felt like I did my home work by reading the reviews and write up about each program. The one write up that stood out was the the NY Times article that rated ZoneManhattan Com as number one out of all the programs. That made the choice easier and I feel ZoneManhattan Com was exactly what they said. I have been on the program for their 60 day program and will be renewing for their 60 day maintenance program. I have yet to be disappointed and look for ward to using the flexible programs suit my dietary needs.\n

  • Only Gets Better
    by  on 08/03/2011

    I am on my second month and the food is even better the second month. The quality has always been top notch but the menu keeps getting more interesting and creative. I got Lobster again today in an enchilada with black rice, it was out of this world. The Lamb chops last night were better then we get at the NYC restaurant. I normally don't write reviews but this service is worth talking about. I Luv it.

  • Not for people with allergies. Delivery problems.
    by  on 08/02/2011

    I have an allergy to two very common ingredients: milk and wheat. Before my plan started I spoke to the dietitian and asked her if it would be possible for them to design a plan around my allergies, and she said it would be no problem. Their solution was to send me pretty much the same food every day: omelet for breakfast, chicken for lunch and tofu for diner... every day! To make it worse, they actually included products with the ingredients I am allergic to 4 times during my 7 day plan. Every time I called to complain, the person I spoke to from customer service promised he would refund the meal. A few days after my plan ended I called asking why I hadn't received the refund yet and at that point he changed the story and said that they would ""refund me in food"" and give me an extra day. He asked: ""haven't you received the extra food already? You should have received it"" Then he promised me that I would receive the free food the next day. Instead, the food arrived the same evening, when I wasn't expecting it and I had already prepared my food for the next day. \nI also had problems with the delivery. First of all, they were supposed to deliver the food at 6am, but they came from 12 to 1am instead and left the cooler the entire night outside. When my plan was over, nobody came to pick up the last empty cooler, and even after calling several times and reminding them to do so, nobody came. One day they left the cooler outside my building instead of by the apartment door. The security guard had to call me at 1am to go get my food, which I didn't appreciate. Beware!

  • Beware: Atrocious Customer Service
    by  on 07/03/2011

    First, please notice that while the average rating for Zone Manhattan is high, over 20% of reviewers give it 2 stars or less as of the time of my writing this review!.\n\nThe food itself is elegantly presented and fresh. Many meals are very good, but that's where the quality ends. \n\nSeveral menu items that I specifically excluded from my diet when I signed up for 10 days were included in my meals. Some of the meals, while they looked beautiful, were sub par. For example, the beautifully sliced steak was so chewy, it was inedible - no exaggeration - it was physically impossible to chew it enough so that it could be comfortably swallowed!\n\nHere's the BIG problem: I called the office over 10 times during my 10 days on the plan to discuss my dissatisfaction. I never got in touch with anyone who could help me. I spoke a few times with a low level employee who assured me I would get a call from someone who could respond to my complaints. I never got an answer! \n\nI also emailed the company five times and again - no response. And because they require several days notice, I couldn't even cancel! \n\nReader, before signing up with the program, think how FRUSTRATED and IMPOTENT you will feel if you have any problem whatsoever and never get a response from the company.

  • This is really good!!
    by  on 06/22/2010

    I have been with zone manhattan for almost two weeks. I originally signed up for only 7 days. After 2 days of good service and good food, I called back and changed to a 31 day program. I enjoyed the sweet maine lobster salad a great deal. The mixed berry parfait made me feel like a kid at coney island, delicious!!! This is the best service by far.(Trust me, I know, I have tried the rest). Anything I received that I did not like, I was able to call them and a change was made. AND my weight loss is going just great. So far 12 and a half pounds and counting. Whew!!\r


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