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Rs Vet Clinic

[520-535] West St, New York, NY 10014
(212) 918-9558DirectionsMap


Message from Rs Vet Clinic

Full service medical, surgical, dental, boarding, grooming, & supplies facility for animals serving the Washington Heights area.


  • Beautiful Place
    by  on 09/04/2010

    I was just at this clinic at 11am with my dog Sophie Schauber for her first visit. We would like to thank them for their services and the manner in which the staff attended all our and Sophie's needs as soon as we entered the clinic. We loved the professionalism of the staff and we will be proud to recommend this clinic to all our family and friends.\r\nKeep the good work!\r\nAnd I love the fish tank!

  • Close(by) but no cigar
    by  on 06/17/2009

    I brought my cat in because he swallowed a small bit of onion that is supposed to be poisonous. The receptionist presented me with a long list of suggested treatments, totalling to about $1200, and asked me to sign for consent. I told her I needed to speak to the doctor about these items before I would sign, and she cautioned that there wasn't much time--they needed to begin treatment soon. I told them I would consent to the emetic and the charcoal (does charcoal even bind to onions?) Then the doctor came to speak to me about the other treatments in the same hurried, gotta-save-your-cat-NOW sort of way. \nBut it as it turns out, none of the others were that necessary. I escaped with only a $250 bill and a cured cat.

  • Happy to have found this clinic
    by  on 11/19/2008

    I'm Glad I went there. Why? the staff made my kitty feel comfertable and I know the doctor offered the best care for my pet.\r\nStaff-Helpful & friendly\r\nDoctor- Just calls to see how my pet is doing. That made me feel soo Special that he cared (for my misty)\r\n- on top of everything and i like that they made sure me and my pet were comfertable most of all mitsy \r\nI'm also happy I didn't read those other reviews because I would of missed out on a good clinic.



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