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Mongoose Bodyworks - Pilates in Soho NYC

594 Broadway Ste 904, New York, NY 10012
(347) 933-6281Directions★ Review
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Regular Hours
Monday -Friday 8am-9pm\nSaturday 10am-3pm

Message from Mongoose Bodyworks - Pilates in Soho NYC

Pilates mat classes and equipment sessions in a quiet studio are offered in small classes, duets and personally designed one-on-ones.
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  • Tranquil environment
  • Pilates Privates, Duets and Small...

Mongoose Bodyworks is a Pilates Studio located in the heart of Soho, downtown NYC. We offer Private and Duet Pilates sessions in a focused and tranquil setting. Sessions are taught both with the equipment and on the mat. The instructors at Mongoose Bodyworks NYC are trained to work with a variety of needs and abilities. We recognize that some clients need to do Pilates to alleviate pain from faulty alignment while others are interested in getting a deep and challenging workout. We can do both! And all levels are welcome! Whether or not you have prior knowledge of basic or adv. Pilates movements, our highly trained and qualified practitioners are equipped to help refine your practice while transforming the way you look and feel. Sessions at Mongoose Bodyworks will leave you mentally and physically rejuvenated. Come join Mongoose Bodyworks in Soho, NYC for a rewarding Pilates experience!

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  • amazing and personalized pilates
    by  on 04/18/2012

    I had never done Pilates on any sort of equiptment before. I have been to the group class (if it can even be called this as it only has max 4 people) many times and Clare made me feel completely comfortable. She was consistently patient with me and my lack of knowledge/flexibility. She customized every single person's workout! Her personality is super positive and her knowledge of the human body is top knotch. I have recommended most of my coworkers try it!

  • Finally, some ""me"" time
    by  on 03/21/2012

    I recently started going to Mongoose Bodyworks in Soho. I live on Long Island, and I work (too many hours) in the city. I need a chiropractor and a massage everyday!\r\nFor me, pilates is the perfect combination. It's a great stretch, a muscle relaxer, and a work out all in one. It's my time to focus on myself.\r\nThe instructors at Mongoose are great. They are all professional pilates trainers and they tailor the private workouts to your individual level.\r\nI feel very comfortable here, and I would recommend\r\nMongoose to anyone who is looking to re-connect with their body. Cheers!

  • Welcoming to newbies
    by  on 10/05/2011

    I had never tried Pilates before I walked into Mongoose's charming downtown studio, and it was the best introduction I could have hoped for. I've worked with several of the instructors now, and they are all excellent. Each one is observant and attentive and makes me feel at ease while giving me a great workout. With instructors this skilled, I would not consider going anywhere else for Pilates!\n\nThe studio itself is the perfect size, with a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. I instantly felt at home, and the soho location is so convenient - very close to several subway lines.

  • Fantastic pilates studio in Soho
    by  on 09/21/2011

    I've been going to Mongoose since 2001, and I love this place. The instructors are amazing. They are skilled, patient and challenging. They have been trained to both teach you pilates and pay attention to what your body needs (even when you don't know). Some of the benefits are well known: that you will be stronger, more flexible, standing taller and leaner. But there are other things, too, like those hunched shoulders will feel (and look) better, your fast-walking-New-York-City legs and feet will walk faster and more healthily, and you will actually breathe properly (at least while you are taking your class).

  • Best Pilates!!!
    by  on 03/30/2011

    I am yoga instructor and trek all over the city for the best instructors and classes of yoga and pilates. I just started getting into Pilates and Halle could not have been a better teacher. Not only is the studio clean, spacious and quiet - but it is right in the heart of SoHo, so it is in a great neighborhood. I had so much fun in her classes and learned so much as well. Halle is patient, sweet, smart and very informative. Can't wait to go back soon!

  • New York City's best Pilates Studio
    by  on 01/25/2011

    I have been to a handful of Pilates studios in Soho, and Mongoose Bodyworks is really the best. Their Pilates instructors have lots of experience and a full range of knowledge about the body. I have never been happier with my Pilates instruction.\n\n

  • Completely Healed
    by  on 01/23/2011

    A shoulder injury rendered my right arm useless in many positions. Surgery was recommended. I found a Pilates Studio in Soho, NYC, which features a staff of excellent Pilates Instructors. They were able to diagnose the injury with precision and suggested a series of exercises to strengthen the surrounding muscles. The exercises were done both in and outside the Pilates Studio. \n\nMy arm is now completely healed without any invasive procedures. I strongly recommend this secret in Soho.\n

  • Wonderful Pilates Sessions
    by  on 01/14/2011

    Mongoose Bodyworks is a wonderful place for pilates sessions, classes, or private instruction. Halle is one of the most experienced instructors that I have come across, and that makes a huge difference! The decor is lovely and relaxing as well. \nIt's a great excuse to go to that neigborhood too. Kate's Paperie and Balthazar are just around the corner. Oh and check out the Taschen bookstore on Greene. \n

  • Excellent teachers
    by  on 11/03/2010

    I have been doing pilates at Mongoose for 6 years. The teachers here are excellent, highly trained and tailor make sessions according to the client's needs. Some are also trained as physical therapists. With regular pilates at Mongoose I know that back problems will not recur. Post recent surgery, these classes have helped me to regain strenght, fitness and alignement.

  • Five-Star Pilates Sessions
    by  on 10/31/2010

    I started going to Mongoose Bodyworks more than a decade ago because of a severe back problem, never imagining that these exercise sessions would become an integral part of my life. Week after week, Halle -- my talented instructor -- has helped me to strengthen my body so that I stand taller, walk straighter, and have the resilience of someone half my age. Anyone interested in finding an excellent Pilates studio downtown should consider Mongoose.

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