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10/10 Optics

50 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10010
(646) 257-4288DirectionsMap
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Regular Hours
Mon-Thurs 10-7\nFriday 10- before sunset\nSat - CLOSED\nSun - 11AM - 5PM

Message from 10/10 Optics

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  • Hi Index Lens Experts
  • * Specialty is eyewear Makeovers...
  • Gold & Wood, Oliver Peoples

Sit down, relax and enjoy finding the perfect eyewear for your lifestyle. Let us put your inside on the outside!

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  • Professional Excellence at Its Finest
    by  on 02/26/2012

    10/10 Optics reflects customer service, and professional excellence at its finest. I have been wearing glasses for over 40 years and have never worked with people who have taken such an interest in the product they sell. They actually care that you walk out happy and if you have any problems they are there to assist without any questions asked. In the year+ since I first visited the store, my husband, two young adult children, and I have all purchased new glasses there (and I experimented successfully with mono lens contacts for the first time); we were also examined by Dr. Rozenberg. For my daughter, this exam was a real ""eyeopener"" (pun completely intended) as he detected \r\nthat the prescription she had was completely off kilter. Helping you find a frame you are happy with makes them as happy as if they were going to wear the frames themselves. Working with Charlotte was truly a pleasure! She has a knack for figuring out not just which frame best \r\nmatches your skin tone, face shape, and hair color (though these too) but also what appeals best to who you are and how you want to represent yourself--more conservatively, a little funky, more or less colorful, etc.After being turned off by people in other stores and being somewhat cynical, Ruth ""made"" this such a positive experience for my son. She must have let him try on at least 20 frames and then \r\nlet him send to his personal e-mail the digital pictures taken of him in his top two choices so he could share the pictures and think about which he really wanted. As there often is in other places, there was no intense pressure to ""buy now or don't come back""...quite the contrary. If your glasses need adjustment and you need to return, do so and as many times as it takes. They will still treat you as they do a new customer. Most importantly, my husband and I both wear \r\nprogressive lenses and these are extraordinarily ""high definition"". With a script as high as mine, I can tell the difference between lenses carved in an hour and lenses that ensure your best vision possible. Overall, the service here is unparalleled and I encourage everyone who needs some TLC in eyecare to visit. I suspect that you will never purchase glasses anywhere else in the future. Kudos to \r\n10/10 and many thanks to Charlotte, Ruth, and Dr. Rozenberg!\r\n\r\n

  • 10/10 Rocks!
    by  on 05/15/2011

    I went there today after checked the reviews. I like the service here.. The owner helped me find the right fit one without rush.. Also she tell you don't let anyone rush you to make decision if you don't like it. Take your time and choose the one you want. Also she have a lot of discount frame which is only $99. It's designer frame. I love this place and will tell my friend to go here.. You will never disappoint.

  • I joined 4 you
    by  on 12/12/2010

    My friend Becca found this place from Citysearch 2 years ago and I just went there with her for my eye exam (oh yeah, I just moved to Chelsea.... love it) and new glasses. I had some Flex money left and I needed to use it immediately, It turns out after two years of headaches with my glasses from Texas I was wearing a bad prescription. Dr. Rozenberg gave me a new Rx and Jesus (ironic) helped me choose funky new frames and now I see great. I had to tell everyone... great job!! 10/10, I'll be back 2011 with some more Flex $. xxxxThanks.

  • Regrets
    by  on 11/12/2010

    I had been getting glasses with progressive lenses at 10/10 Optics for over ten years. Each time I got a new pair, I would remark on how narrow the horizontal field of focus was. The friendly staff assured me that this was a necessary limitation of progressive lenses. Shortly after I got my last pair, I realized that the style was a mistake, though I had chosen what I liked best in the store. I found an optician whose styles I liked better and had new glasses made from the SAME prescription. When I put them on, I couldn't believe the improvement in vision quality. They provided a wide, natural field of vision. I asked the optician the reason for the difference. He said that the only apparent reason was that he used Zeiss lenses (a high-quality brand), whereas the 10/10 lenses were not Zeiss. I now feel that my vision may have suffered needlessly for all those years.

    by  on 07/16/2010

    I came here after reading reviews and after walking out of another optometrist office who told me that I should take whatever offered because I am a ""difficult fit."" I told this to Ruth who took it as a personal challenge. Well, it's one year later, and I have 3 pairs of glasses from here, and just ordered a 4th. Dr. R gave me a good prescription, and Ruth and Jesus worked w/me for a good fit. For 50 years I was told I could only have small round lenses due to my high prescription-no more! I now have stylish glasses! Ruth will not allow you to get glasses that don't work-she has actually snatched some off my face! Consider that when you go someplace that is only interested in selling you the most expensive item, whether or not it flatters you.\r\nSure, 1010 Optics costs more, but if you wear glasses daily, then consider the cost on a daily basis-not so much to look good.

  • Excellent selection and service...
    by  on 05/10/2010

    Lovely store. I have a small face and head and have always had to wear child's frames as a result. 10/10 had a big selection of petite frames for grownups. I sat down, and the very first pair that the clerk pulled for me was a win and the one that I ended up buying. But all of the ones that she showed me were beautiful. They have this digital imaging thing where they take pictures of you wearing the different frames so you can see what you look like! So much better than a mirror. I bought a pair of really cute sunglasses, too - they were on sale. Easiest trip to the optometrist that I've ever had - I was in and out in about 10 minutes, no joke. Highly recommend.

    by  on 04/22/2010

    After looking at pearle vision and lenscrafters for a pair of rx frames (and being disappointed by the ugly ""versace"" symbols), my mom had heard of this place on the north side of madison square park, We entered and i was skeptical at first but once the lady had us sit down, she just asked what color, i responded tortoise and instantly a dozen frames were at my hands that were all great. lady helping knew exactly what frames would look good with my facial structure and knew what style i was going for. I was torn between two frames and bought a pair of Bevel rx frames. got complimentary rush delivery and couldn't have been more satisfied with my time there. I used to hate glasses and exclusively wore contacts but now i'm eagerly awaiting my new set of frames!

    by  on 10/24/2009

    I recently went to see Dr. Rozenberg for my regular checkup. My prescription hadn't changed that much but I was having problems reading the fine print in some medical texts, reference books and drug labels. He changed my lenses to a new digital progressive type and it made a world of difference when reading fine print. The difference was dramatic and definately worth the price difference. \r\n\r\nDr. Domenick Masiello


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