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Virus Protection & Removal Experts

Miami, FL
(888) 228-5680★ Review
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Added on 08/08/2013


General Info

We are a renowned online tech support service provider to assist in the day to day computer life of users. We are committed to your satisfaction through online/remote caring and repairing PCs, troubleshooting, & virus removal.
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  • Updated: 11/22/2014Posted: 11/22/2014

    Another online scam. Avoid like the plague

  • Updated: 10/29/2014Posted: 10/29/2014

    Didn't Even Finish. Made It Worse. REMOTE SUPPORT ONLY. SCAM. NOT LOCAL.

  • Updated: 8/16/2014Posted: 8/16/2014

    They were done fixing my computer over the internet so quickly & they did a great job!

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    Updated: 7/11/2014Posted: 7/11/2014

    how much is it for one computer repair.

  • Updated: 7/7/2014Posted: 7/7/2014

    My computer is 5 years old and now it's running like it was new!

  • Updated: 7/6/2014Posted: 7/6/2014

    My computer is working much faster now.

  • Updated: 6/5/2014Posted: 5/20/2014

    The tech who helped me was patient & professional. Thank you for the great service!

  • Updated: 6/5/2014Posted: 1/4/2014

    I was having a computer emergency & I'm so glad they were able to fix my computer immediately. Thank you!

  • Updated: 6/5/2014Posted: 12/19/2013

    They were able to fix my computer without having to leave the house!

  • Posted: 8/8/2013

    I had an emergency with my computer & there seemed to be virus that got through. In my business I couldn't afford to lose the time or info from computer issues. They were such a great help that I will be calling them anytime I have an issue! Thank you!

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