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U.S. Cellular

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U.S. Cellular is the fifth-largest full-service wireless carrier in the United States, providing national network coverage and industry-leading innovations designed to elevate the customer experience. The Chicago-based carrier has a strong line-up of cutting-edge devices that are all backed by a high-quality network in big and small cities and rural communities. Currently, 94 percent of customers have access to 4G LTE speeds. U.S. Cellular was named a J.D. Power and Associates Customer Champion in 2014 for the third time in four years.

Switch & Get A $1,000 Bonus Package. Restr Apply.

Switch & Get A $1,000 Bonus Package. Restr Apply.

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Locations in 22 states.


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  • user avatar
    Updated: a month agoPosted: a month ago

    I was just online and YP flipped up on my browser. I think my computer has a virus. Also, I once remember hallucinating some man telling me that "the only thing I need was a 'phone book'".

  • user avatar
    Updated: 2 months agoPosted: 2 months ago

    i wouldnt wouldnt send my best friend to these crooks they lie and steal and charge your credit card card,, haha i stopped payment n still got phone using it as a paper weight there used cellphones are someones elses nightmare

  • user avatar
    Posted: 12/28/2015

    This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They add extras to your account and when you call customer service they always make excuses but never solve the problem . When we started with them we paid $100 a month now without our consent we pay 189.00. Then they shut our service off and told us we owed $88 dollars we argued with them but to no extend (really rude people on customer service) So we stop service with them and are looking else where.We had never been late or behind with their service and they still treat you like sh**

  • Updated: 7/31/2015Posted: 7/14/2015

    After paying for service with this company for over three years, I moved to a large city in SC, which this company apparently does not service. Seeing as I still had a year left on my contract, I called customer service to see if I had any options. Their best advice was to change carriers and pay a fee more than 2x my monthly bill. Also the 4G leaves much to be desired. I would recommend just about any other phone company

  • Updated: 7/31/2015Posted: 5/8/2015

    Service was spottu at best.

  • sucks
    user avatar
    Updated: 7/31/2015Posted: 9/29/2014

    No service in hurt va at all or smith mountain nlake

  • Updated: 7/31/2015Posted: 3/27/2014

    I went here last Saturday and I was only looking, the sales team got to me and I bought a somewhat older phone, but thank you all because I can still use it.

  • Updated: 7/31/2015Posted: 3/10/2014

    Excelent service, friendly staff. more than 3 times the staff of the other cell phone providers in the area shows their commitment to customer service. Also great pricing, coverage and plans

  • us cellular 98272
    user avatar
    Updated: 7/31/2015Posted: 2/4/2014

    always patient and helpful. I've gotten two phones through these guys.

  • Updated: 7/31/2015Posted: 1/22/2014

    There are so many thing that I liked in here, there are so many great phones and a lot of them are very useful. I just don’t understand those people wanting new phones when they come out.

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