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Time Warner Cable Bundle Deals

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  • Posted: 12/19/2013

    Since TWC took over from Insight earlier this year we have had two rate hikes. I would never recommend getting roped into this service providers' fees and constant increases.

  • Poor phone customer service
    Posted: 12/3/2013

    Very poor customer service. Two hours on the phone, issue not resolved. Automated phone system is lousy, keeps you on hold only to say "Sorry we are now closed, call back during normal business hours"

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    Updated: 11/7/2013Posted: 10/22/2013

    Excellent customer service, and efficient responsiveness.... i got the best deal available in my area...

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    Updated: 11/7/2013Posted: 10/2/2013

    Best packages and most customized ones so to speak. I am extremely satisfied with the entire experience I am having with Time Warner. The customer service is very warm and efficient, the services provided are best quality as well.

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    Updated: 11/7/2013Posted: 10/2/2013

    Simple, clear with no shocking additional costs. Got the best cable deals, Great Work Time Warner Cable Deals!

  • If You Can Go For FIOS
    Updated: 11/7/2013Posted: 7/21/2013

    Way superior Internet, not close in speed or reliability. TV is crisper, cleaner and support is better. Time Warner had a monopoly way too long in NYC and it still shows. They do NOTHING to keep you.

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    Updated: 11/7/2013Posted: 7/4/2013

    I've had the "bundle deal" for the last 4 years. My complaint is with the TV cable service. The tech response was fairly good till the last year. Now that I'm experiencing multiple problems with my TV service, the response time for a tech visit is anywhere from 2 days to a week. (in my present case I called Wednesday, and a tech isn't available till Sunday at 8:00AM!!!! The phone tech either try to have you "fix" the problem yourself, or try to discourage a tech home visit. This company is either being mismanaged, undermanned , or both. I will be moving soon, and my only hope is that there's another provider beside Time Warner.

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    Updated: 11/7/2013Posted: 4/29/2013

    Time Warner Cable Bundle deals, Nice offers!

  • Updated: 11/7/2013Posted: 4/25/2013

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    Updated: 11/7/2013Posted: 4/23/2013


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