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Business and residential computer repair services: Techs in a Sec strive at being a unique leader in the computer services industry. We are proud to offer friendly, fast and reliable service throughout the U.S. for both business and residential customers at an affordable price. We believe in a friendly approach to our business model. When you call Techs in a Sec you can be assured that you will have a real technician with years of experience working on your computer or network. Unlike many other companies we will explain the problem and the solution in a language you can understand. We offer both onsite and remote computer support to suit your budget and needs. Call for a free phone consultation and find out why you should....Call a Tech, Not a Geek! We care about you and the environment: Techs In A Sec is a "Carbon free" business as we offset 100% of our carbon emissions to help protect the planet and you. Visit our site for more details.
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Onsite and Remote Computer Repair Service

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Here is just a sample of the services we offer Nationwide. Call for more info. * Broadband Installation * Data Backup & Recovery * Desktop & Laptop Repair * DSL Configuration * Firewall Installation * General Maintenance * Hard Drive Recovery * Hardware Upgrades * IT Staffing * Kiosk Installation * Network Configuration * Network Wiring * POS Installation * Remote Support * Router & Server Installation * Software Installation & upgrades * Spyware Removal * System Restoration * Virus Removal * VPN Setup & Support * Wireless LAN Setup * Wireless Networking
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  • Posted: 11 days ago

    very dissatisfied with computertech.he spent 4 hours on initial visit,spent various phonecalls with family members interrupting the work he was sent to perform.he did not reboot/reconnect 2.5sata hardisk to my pc.on second visit he did not bring proper hardrive disk.resulting in the hiring of different local tech

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    Posted: 14 days ago

    DBA Metrix Solutions provides database administrator (DBA) that have responsibility of implementing, maintaining, tuning, repairing a database among other production support related functions. Our remote DBA involved in implementing security to protect the data. DBA metrix helps you to achieve all business goals with database consulting and support.

  • Updated: 18 days ago

    I thought at first that my computer has no hope of getting repaired but these guys gave it another life! It saved me tons of my budget!

  • Updated: 18 days ago

    If you have a problem with your laptop or need something to be installed or upgraded, the guys here can help. Ask them about your problem.

  • Updated: 18 days ago

    I didn't expect to have my laptop get repaired so fast. Their money back guarantee also adds to the feeling of security.

  • Updated: 18 days ago

    Very good resource for our offices. We have 7 locations and in the past dealt with 7 different companies. We now have 1 or 2 points of contact with one company. This has saved me alot of time trying to get things done.

  • Updated: 18 days ago

    Brought my computer here and it was repaired in no time! I highly recommend this repair shop.

  • Updated: 18 days ago

    They always fix my computer quickly as I have used them several times. My kid keeps screwing it up constantly..

  • Updated: 18 days ago

    I have called these guys a few times already. I have always had a good experience and my computer gets fixed. Now i just need to get my kid to stop screwing it up again :(

  • Updated: 18 days ago

    My tech was the best. Brad explained what was causing the problems with my wireless setup to prevent it from going down again. Everything is working more consistently now.

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