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Save on Airport and Cruiseport Parking. For almost a decade, has provided the most convenient and cost effective solutions for extended airport and cruiseport parking.  If you need long term parking near a port for a cruise, or near an airport while out of town on a business trip or vacation. We provide park and fly, park and cruise packages that include free parking up to 14 days, free shuttle service to and from the airport and one night hotel accommodation at special discounted rates. You then depart feeling rested and relaxed... for LESS money than the cruise line or long-term airport parking garages will charge you for the parking alone. Stay Park Fly or Cruise and Save!

Baltimore cruiseport, Boston cruiseport, Ft. Lauderdale, Galveston TX, Houston TX, Jacksonville cruiseport, Long Beach cruiseport, Miami cruiseport, Mobile AL, Moline IL, Bayonne cruiseport, New Orleans LA, Port Canaveral FL, Portland OR, San Diego cruiseport, San Francisco CA, San Pedro cruiseport, Seattle cruiseport, Tampa FL, Edmonton, Vancouver BC


The Internet's Leading Airport and Cruiseport Long-Term Parking Provider: The cheapest Park & Fly and Park & Cruise rates on the 'Net!

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Corner of Jericho Turnpike and Hillside Boulevard


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  • by  on 09/15/2015

    Do not use 123! If they say the are Serving your area, they aren't. They're just trolling to get your money. Use a reputable service and stay away from the companies based thousands of miles from where they say!

  • by  on 01/25/2015

    I've used this site often; almost always with nice results. Sometimes a hotel is overbooked, and the remaining alternatives can be cheaper or more expensive. But it always comes out a bargain compared to the airport lot, and to other park and fly providers.

  • Bait and Switch
    by  on 12/21/2014

    Made a reservation with this company. However, I got a call 24 hours later informing me that the hotel was "sold out." Customer Service Rep tried to convince me to accept lodging at an inferior hotel at more than double the original price that I was quoted. The customer service rep cited some provision in the fine print that allowed them not to honor the original reservation. I would steer clear of this company. I thought this incident showed a lack of integrity.

  • by  on 02/07/2014

    This site is so cool. I dont know who thought of making hotel packages with free parking and shuttle, but I love them for it. Do you KNOW how much it costs to park at the cruise port? Yikes. The whole Stay123 package including the hotel cost me a couple of hundred less than the cruise port charged just for the parking, and then the whole experience was very relaxing vs. fighting the traffic and stressing to find a spot and make it to the ship on time - which was putting a major dent in my vacay state of mind. The site's pretty easy to use and I like the fact that they actually have customer support, which I hear others are not giving. I recommend them, in a big way!

  • by  on 01/08/2014

    The cruisers on our last trip were raving about the deals on this site; and once I booked my first park and cruise with them I understood what all the shouting was about. I called and pestered their very nice staff with questions and they were great about it, even when I had last minute changes. And the prices? Before I found them I had to shell out$30/day to park at JFK; this last time out (when I used stay123) I spent the nite in a nice hotel and got two weeks of parking for free, AND driven to and from the cruise port. Wow.

  • by  on 10/20/2013

    We have used them several times in the past, but this time was exceptional. The staff found us a better priced, nicer hotel with the parking we needed, when our first choice was closing for refurbishment. Bittersweet at first, they called to tell us, then set it all up for us without a hitch. Thanks

  • by  on 08/30/2013

    DO NOT USE...THEY HAVE NO BUSINESS INTEGRITY! Made a reservation and received a confirmation number. Wen I had not received the requested email confirmation (3) days later I called (left a voice mail message) to cancel. I followed that up with a email immediately asking for a confirmation of the cancellation. Still not response and I finally reached Jay who was terribly confused. He finally found the reservation but no cancelled but agreed to cancel AND charge ma a $10.00 fee even though I have not received anything from him. Try Park & Sleep...they are VG!

  • by  on 08/19/2013

    where is this at is it in brownsville

  • by  on 06/10/2013

    This place is just perfect! They have great rooms and the services are five starts! I loved my stay here, it may be brief but I can’t ignore the comfort.

  • by  on 04/05/2013

    I just can't speak highly enough of this site - easy to use, reliable staff, unexpectedly huge savings every time. We found out that a hotel and parking package cost much less than we were used to paying, and heard that this was the best place to go for them, so we jumped at the chance, and now we would never think of traveling without stay123.

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