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State Farm's® mission is to help people manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unexpected, and realize their dreams. We are people who make it our business to be like a good neighbor; who built a premier company by selling and keeping promises through our marketing partnership; who bring diverse talents and experiences to our work of serving the State Farm customer. State Farm Products & Services include Insurance, Auto Insurance, Renters Insurance, Business & Commercial Insurance, Life Insurance, Motorcycle & Truck Insurance, Boat Insurance, Flood Insurance, Health Insurance, Annuities & Retirement Insurance Plans, Recreational Vehicle Insurance, Farm & Ranch Insurance, Mutual Funds and College Savings Plans - providing Insurance and Financial Services. State Farm Brands include State Farm Insurance, State Farm Bank, State Farm Mutual Funds.
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  • by  on 07/06/2015

    good agent for insurance. i will call them again.

  • by  on 03/05/2015

    State Farm: Jill Verboort is very good, my car wouldn't start, was on my way to a job interview, called SF, Priscilla called the tow truck, the tow truck driver called the mechanic in the area and got my car running. I got a new job!! Thanks Priscilla ;)

  • by  on 02/26/2015

    Worst insurance company. period. Lousy coverage and they DO NOT pay claims

  • by  on 01/07/2015

    Someone answering the phone here states, even if you do not actually make any claim on your insurance at all, if you notify the insurance people of a, potential claim ,its put as risk on your policy rating and you are likely to be charged extra for insurance in the coming years. If you would like examples, ask for them, I will be happy to provide them. SO, it looks like the best way to keep your rates down on car or house insurance, is to call anonamously to a broker that you dont do biz with, ask questions as to what should be covered and what isnt, but if you give that guy your name, he may very well put that on your list of rating problems and it will raise your insurance in the future. If you know how to avoid this problem or even get these items removed from an insurance rating, I would like to know what, how and anything else about it. What I am saying is , even with NO CLAIM,even if you had no insurance that covered that problem in any way,you end up with a bad rating

  • by  on 12/19/2014

    I would never have this as my insurance company. Here is why: I currently have Nationwide and they are great. My friend hit my car and he has state farm. I filed a claim on sunday. Heard nothing monday so called tuesday. They told me they needed a statement from him so i had him call and give an admittance of fault. He did it same day. Friday rolls around and still no call back. Call them and they tell me sorry its been on my desk since tuesday sorry no one has called by now. Now im angry. They tell me to go to website and find what auto shops they go through. They cant do that for me?? They then tell me i have to contact them and i have to contact the rental car. Basically they do Nothing!! So i called them just to find out what i could have done 3 days ago!!! Screw that company! Nationwide handled my previous claim that i was fault of quickly. They called the repair shop they did it all and wonderful customer service. They are cheaper than all the rest and i think same price as state farm. You get what you pay for people. I will tell everyone i meet not to go through them.

  • by  on 10/19/2014

    Cheap, but you get what you pay for. You literally have to argue with them to get them to cover even a dime. I had a leak in a pipe in the wall. A statefarm inspector came to the house and said it was from the roof, but he didn't even go in the attic or get on the roof, so I replaced the roof, but the contractor said it was from a leak in a pipe in the wall, not the roof. I called statefarm to come out a second time to reinspect, since their findings weren't correct. They came out a second time, but wrote it up as a 2nd claim, and of course they didn't cover a dime. Then I called a year later because lightening fried my kitchen appliances, but over the phone they said that the cost of repair would be less than my deductible, so they recommended that I didn't file a claim, which I didn't. However, a month later I received a cancelation letter from statefarm saying due to having three claims. I called to get the claims taken care of, but they couldn't do anything. Now I have three claims, of which insurance never paid out a dime, but yet still this is making it impossible for me to find an insurance agent, since nobody will accept me with three claims. I have till Dec 6 to find insurance, and I'm really at a loss. I wouldn't recommend StateFarm to anyone.

  • by  on 09/14/2014

    When I asked for a quote for home coverage, they sent a nosey woman to my house and said everything was ok to me. Then later I was told the house wasn't safe, my dog was dangerous, and nothing but negatives. They acted so deceiving when they could have been honest. I was able to get insurance somewhere else without any trouble. I don't recommend this insurance.

  • by  on 09/11/2014

    State farm is the worst insurance company out there! Had them for several years auto and home, when it came down to filling a claim they refused it and did not pay 1 red cent, but still raised my premiums


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