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At Sprint stores, you get the phones you want with the plans you can't pass up. Come visit our helpful and knowledgeable staff of experts ready to answer your important questions.  Get the Sprint Family Share Pack.  And our “Ready Now” program, has you using your new phone by the time you walk out the front door. With our Buyback program, we offer account credits for your old eligible device. Come visit or call to find what you're looking for at your local Sprint Store.

It's the best value in wireless.

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The best value in wireless. Get unlimited high-speed data, talk and text for as low as $50/mo.

Innovative ways to score the hottest new devices.

Switch to Sprint today. See details.


Unlimited data (available on select plans), 4G LTE, HD™ Voice, phone deals and promotions, accessories, home cable solutions with Sprint Phone Connect, internet service


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    Love my sprint service get unlimited for cheaper then anyone else and I can still do 2 year contracts the only reason i stay

  • 04/07/2016

    RUN RUN RUN !!!! THE WORST PHONE COMPANY IN THE US ! Bad coverage, bad costumer service! i had my iphone 4S with Sprint and after i paid of the phone i wanted to unlock it for international use. THEY WILL GIVE YOU 1000 REASONS FOR WHY THEY WILL NOT UNLOCK YOUR PHONE. EVEN IF IT S YOUR PHONE THAT YOU ALREADY PAID FOR THEY WILL NOT UNLOCK IT! I WILL NEVER RETURN TO SPRINT! NOR I WILL LET MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY DO IT !

  • user avatar

    Went to the Sprint store on SPID in Corpus Christi, Tx. The salespersom there could not offer a phone upgrade (I-phone 6) anywhere close to what Best Buy offered. Got it @ Best Buy for about 1/3 less!!!!!

  • 10/29/2015

    SPRINT SUCKS - HANDS DOWN!! STAY AWAY - THEY LIE The first couple bills are exactly what you expect them to be - your bill jumps approx. $200 per month.

  • user avatar

    was thinking of going to Sprint and their get a new iPhone whenever u want, but after reading these reviews, I am staying with my wonderful Straight Talk! $50 a month, talk, text and data even got a nice free smartphone online at Walmart!

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    I went to the store to ask general questions and the store manager auto sign me up for an iphone 6 plus without my permission. then he said he is making mistake . he will correct it. but he never corrected it. so now sprint is billing me for an active account of an iphone 6 plus. which I never have one in my hand or a sprint phone number. I went to the retail store and calling sprint customer at least 4 times. and they never taking the fraud problem . if I am on the phone . they tell me to go to the store to get that take care. and when I went to the store. they told me to call 1800 to get that take care. this is the worst experienced I have with the brand. sprint is not only owning me an apology and compensation me for this fraud was done by this now no longer work there manager. it is show a bad mark on my credit report for not paying bill and late on charge. again. on a fraud account. that was never authorizied. as of today. the store manager is still refusing to correct the problem . and I already give her a special case number from sprint fraud department . all she has to do is call her fraud department and have the problem fix. but no she is refusing to do that. I have report this to BBB. hope this company is gettting sue very soon.,

  • 02/15/2015

    Jan 25, 2015.... Is there a lower rating than 1 star, if so the Sprint Store at 9223 US Hwy 19, Port Richey. Fl. deserves it. I went to the Sprint Store at 9223 US Hwy 19, Port Richey, Fl. to get the Sprint 1/2 off advertised special program, unfortunately I was directed to a Sprint lead employee with the "initials CG". After approx. 40 mins confirming that my bill with 2 wireless lines, 2 free pre-2013 dated phones with 1 gig of data for each phone would be under $100.00 a mo. on a program that (CG) the Sprint employee said only he could do at this Sprint Store at 9223 US Hwy 19, Port Richey, Fl. because it was the only Sprint Corp store in the area. And (CG) stated I was lucky I came to this store because there were a lot of complaints regarding the Sprint store at Little Rd, NPR, Fl. Within 24 hrs. I called the Sprint Store at 9223 US Hwy 19 in Port Richey, Fl to speak with CG the Corp employee regarding some phone questions but he was not available and he would call me back, never happened so I called the Sprint 1-888 # and a Sprint C/S Rep. answered my questions within minutes, then I asked the Rep. to confirm my completed monthly billing paperwork that was supposed to be emailed to me the day before. To my surprise the Sprint C/S Rep. said my bill is now $180.00 a mo. in addition there were two $11.00 equipment insurance charges which I did not authorize turned in by this Sprint Corp employee (CG) along with a wireless program that was never discussed with me and I never heard of. From just 2 standard wireless lines as agreed on now I was being charged for 9 wireless lines. I complained to the Sprint C/S Rep. and she connected me with a Sprint Supervisor named Robert who actually knew what he was doing and did amend my bill...... I made two major mistakes... #1... was to go to the Sprint Store at 9223 US Hwy 19, Port Richey, Fl...... #2... I left the store "without" a hard copy of the wireless plan and amt. we agreed on because the employee (CG) said he would need more time to finish the paperwork and he would email the final paperwork to me by the end of the work day. It never happened!!! No email ever....... Everyone do yourself a favor, stay far, far away from the Sprint Store at 9223 US Hwy 19, Port Richey, Fl....... Best to use the Sprint 1-888 #...Outstanding service with very courteous "honest" and "knowledgeable" Sprint C/S and billing employee's. I left Verizon after 15 years of wireless service to join Sprint 1/2 off special deal and to save money but unfortunately I got involved with, imo a awful and dishonest Sprint Store employee with the initials of (CG) at Sprint store 9223 US Hwy 19, Port Richey, Fl....... Again best Sprint "honest" service is with the Sprint 1-888 #.

  • 12/06/2014

    Can't believe how rude the employees are here at the Waterford Store! Don't go here to get a phone! Call sprint and deal with their customer services over the phone. You may have to wait for you phone but believe me it's worth the wait. Their customer service employees that you speak with over the phone are pleasant, curious, and extremely helpful. The employees at the store, this store, are rude, condescending, and derogatory!

  • user avatar

    I went to the Sprint store in Leesburg to see if they could offer me a better deal than what I was currently getting with Verizon. I told them I was paying $188/month for 3 lines and I thought there had to be a better deal out there. The store's manager asked me questions such as number of lines I'd need, how much data I'd use, minutes etc. He told me that he could get me into a plan with unlimited talk, text, and 20GB of data for $140/month which also included the payment I would be making on the three phones I bought from the store. I was more than happy with this and so completed the necessary paperwork and went home feeling as if something good had just happened. Too good I guess to be true. I received my first bill which was a whopping $235.67. I promptly brought the bill in and the manager explained to me that Manager: "Oh yeah, the first bill is going to be a little higher but your bills after this one should average around $180/month." Me: But, you told me that my monthly bills would be $140/month. Manager: Oh yeah, that's right. Let me see what's going on here. ---30 minutes later--- Manager: I have no idea how I came up with that figure. I ran the numbers several times but I don't recall how in world I came up with $140/month. I remember giving you that quote but...hmmm. I don't know. Me: Well, what should I do now? Manager: I suggest getting a prepaid account through someone. So, I ended up going to BestBuy and getting 3 prepaid Boost Mobile phones and porting my phone numbers over to my new devices. The next day I brought all my Sprint devices back to the Sprint store to cancel everything and get a refund for the taxes I already paid on the devices which was about $100. The store employees told me that I would have to pay a $235 restocking fee! Me: Well guys, I do understand the idea and intent behind a restocking fee but I feel that my situation is a bit different. While it's true I purchased and used the devices I did so do to grossly inaccurate information told to me by the Sprint store manager. Employee: I understand sir but I don't know what we can do since this is a Sprint policy. Me: Can you put me in contact with the supervisor or someone who can help me resolve this issue and waive this fee? The employee called the manager who was higher up the chain from the original manager who sold me the phones and service. I spoke with him and he told me: Manager's Manager: Sorry sir but there is nothing I can do for you. This is a Sprint policy to charge you this restocking fee. Even if were my own parents I couldn't waive this fee. I left the store. Not in a swearing or cursing but I was seriously puzzled. Had this been my store I would immediately told my customer that "I" would pay the restocking fee for Sprint since it was "My" employee who gave you incorrect information which led to you buying the phones and signing up for service. I left the store thinking to myself..."This makes no sense at all...surely there must be someone who can resolve this." So, I call the Sprint customer care line and spoke to one person who told me there was nothing that could be done and then her supervisor who said the same. As of now, my complaint is supposed to be forwarded to someone higher up the chain and hopefully there will be some resolution on this.

  • Sprint let me Down

    I went into a sprint store because my camera was not working on my phone,the sales person plugged my phone into some sort of device and the phone went Lapiths,it won't work at all,I had 565 songs at $1.00 a piece = $565 bucks,then they wanted to give me a Down Graded Replacement phone, No way was I having any part of that, So they went into their back room and pow wowed come back and gave me the IPhone 4 for free, cool, Now I asked them about my 565 songs could I get them replaced or a credit or some sort?, here's where the may ham started, when I bought those songs, It stated in it's Disclaimer that those songs were mine as long as I was a sprint Custermer #1 and as long as I had sprint phone service,whale I have them (Both), still no songs, the sprint store had me to call sprint customer service, they told me some old Bull in Big words that the artist sell's the songs the way they want too, so I told the guy on the phone, I Timothy Pinkney (Did Not Buy Those Songs From The Artist I bought Them From Sprint) I only want what I Bought and Paid For, lets Man Up Sprint !!! Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong and Your Wrong, two tin cans and some string sounds real good about now.

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