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Interior and exterior paints and stains, primers, wallcoverings, floorcoverings, faux finish products, paint brushes and rollers, paint applicators, ladders, cleaning supples, and spray equipment. Expert advice, color solutions, 'green' products.


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  • by  on 07/31/2014

    I have found that Sherwin Williams is very expensive!

  • by  on 02/08/2014

    Great Service! Rob Henry P: 1-877-PAINTERS W:

  • B & M painting
    by  on 01/12/2014

    I do business with them on a daly basis, they always have my paint made up ahead of time and color matches are dead on. I will always use for all my paint, and paint supplies!!!

  • by  on 03/27/2013

  • by  on 03/26/2013

    Stay away from Sherwin Williams Wanamaker Rd Topeka KS. No customer service, they deal with painters and contractors. They give kick backs to painters in the way of money and trips so of coarse painters and builders like them. I will NEVER GO BACK TO THIS STORE AGAIN, my husband and I were treated very rude. Our painter competely screwed up our color on our whole triim with no help from any of the sales people in the store. If you want quality paint with true customer service from a locally owned business go to Allied Paint. We have never had any problems with Allied and wished we had never stepped foot in SW on Wanmaker Rd. Please don't count the one star I gave this company. They were terrible!!!!!

  • I am dismayed upon reading som...
    by  on 12/22/2012

    I am dismayed upon reading some of the negative "reviews" posted on this site. I have been a painting contractor since 1986. I have remodeled hotels all over the country (48 of 50 states), and could always find a local Sherwin-Williams store within a short distance ready to supply my needs. Many times, due to the traveling nature of my business, It would be my first visit the that particular store and the empoyees had never met me before. This being the case, I have always been able to purchase the same quality materials, had the same quality of service, and paid the same price no matter what state I was working in (what other supplier can you say that about). Sherwin-Williams has been my primary supplier for 26 years. They carry a superior line of paints and supplies. Supply a superior service to not only painting contractors, but the retail customer as well. And, for the most part, they have very knowledgeable and friendly employees that are always anxious to help. My local store, in Waterville Maine (managed by Cheryl Mitchel) does such an incrediable job that the company has made it a training store for new employees. Keep up the good work Sherwin-Williams, and when reading the negative reviews-consider the source.

  • I was the owner of a small bus...
    by  on 11/02/2012

    I was the owner of a small business that had to be closed due to the economy. I had a small balance (under $300) with Sherwin Williams. I have been making payments as I could over the last few months. Still though, Sherwin Williams was calling my husband at least twice a week and harrassing him for payment. I finally called and told them that what they were doing was illegal (oh, BTW, I work for a collections agency), and the calls needed to stop. I explained our situation, let them know that we weren't trying to hide from our bill, and were paying them what we could per month. Today, I thought I was opening our current bill, and it's a collections letter. There is NO phone number to call and dispute this, and considering they are accepting the payments that I have been making, can not legally turn us over to collections. Way to go Sherwin Williams... expect to be hearing from the BBB.

  • by  on 10/10/2012


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