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Roto Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services

Cincinnati, OH
(877) 729-7686



Regular Hours
24 Hours Monday-Sunday, Saturday-Sunday, Nights, Seasonal

Roto-Rooter provides 24 hour plumbing emergency service. Licensed and insured. Schedule service by phone or on-line. We'll come when it fits your schedule. Roto-Rooter has been trusted and recommended since 1935.

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Complete plumbing repair, residential plumbing, commercial plumbing, bathroom plumbing solutions, trenchless sewer line repair and replacement, pipe bursting, pipe relining, kitchen plumbing jobs, sink plumbing, toilet repair / replacement, water heaters, sump pumps, faucet replacement, video camera pipe inspections, backflow certification and repairs, 24-hour plumbing service, line and leak detection, garbage disposer repair, water supply line replacement / repair, dishwashers and ice maker water lines. Emergency service is our specialty.


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  • by  on 03/14/2015

    We had a mystery plumbing leak in our home near St. Paul, MN. The water mitigation expert from our insurance company recommended we call Roto Rooter. Our plumber was very friendly, professional and informative. He said that finding the source of mystery leaks was actually his favorite thing to do. We had a good outcome and were very relieved that we called Roto Rooter.

  • Run, run as fast as you can to...
    by  on 08/21/2012

    Run, run as fast as you can to another plumbing company. The front office lady (Norma) is a joke, worst customer service I have ever dealt with. We are a large company and they wanted us to fax over all the information before they would even discuss with us the work or when they could arrive. Then when we did provide the fax, they called the retailer to first verify what the job was and then called us to decline because they don't do that type of work. When I caught her in a lie, she back tracked to make them look good. Who does this in a business and how can they stay in business. I am reporting them to Roto Rooter Corporate and I hope they close this place down. Find someone else, read the customer reviews, take them seriously.

  • I found them in the phone book...
    by  on 08/19/2012

    I found them in the phone book. We were having a drain problem in a new bathroom and my normal plumber said that he believed the drain was plugged under the basement floor and he did not have the equipment to unplug it. He suggested I call a company that performed drain cleaning. Mr. Rooter's rep told me on the phone that if they could not help me it would be a $75.00 call out fee and that would be it. They came and almost $400.00 later we were told we still could not use the bathroom or kitchen drains until someone came back at another time and that it would cost an additional $800.00. After much discussion that price came down to another $400.00. We were told that they would put a camera in our drain and record it on DVD but they would not give us a copy unless we paid for it but that they would have it on file. The next day I called Roto Rooter who came out and did everything that Mr. Rooter had done for the original $400.00 plus everything they said they were going to do for another $400.00+ for a TOTAL of $265.00. It took them less than 1 1/2 hrs. No problems since. I called Mr. Rooter and asked for part of my money back. They kept saying they would call me back by a certain date and time and they did not. After they figured out that I wasn't going away they finally offered to send a supervisor to look at the drain in my basement but they would not promise me any money back. When I asked why they couldn't look at the DVD that the technician said he would be recording for Mr. Rooter's record they couldn't give me an answer. They said they just had to get back into the house and look again. After much thought and talking to others who had used Mr. Rooter and the horror stories they told me I decided I didn't trust them in my house for any reason. I firmly believed from dealing with them thus far that they could damage my drains and then I would have to pay someone else to fix yet another job they messed up. If you use Mr. Rooter you will be sorry.

  • Your personal plumber responde...
    by  on 08/12/2012

    Your personal plumber responded promptly. He was very efficient, polite and knew exactly what he was doing. Mick solved all problems and worked hard. We are very pleased with everything he did. He is the one to call for plumbing and septic tank problems.

  • Not even one star, but it wil...
    by  on 08/03/2012

    Not even one star, but it will not let me go further if I don't rate, so here is a freebie. These people have no people skills and no costumer service at all. Beware, they will waste your time and have no problem with it. I called for regarding a septic tank, promptly the tech came out, was shown where the tank was because he was digging in the wrong place and asked to please not step all over the plants if it was not necessary. I left him out there and told him that if he needed anything to please let me know. I left the tech, Richard, out in the front yard pocking with his probe, the next thing I hear is the truck taking off. I thought he was going to turn it around but I was mistaken, he took off without saying a word. I called the company and this woman answered the phone and said that yes he had left because he did not want to step on any plants and that he would not be coming back, I asked why he could not have rung the door bell and explained were he would have to dig and let me decide if I wanted him to dig or not, instead he took off. When I explained this to the woman she was not in the least interested in been helpful, especially when I stated that I needed the job done no matter what. Her solution was not to send the tech back but to leave me with my problem until Monday when the owner himself would come out providing I do my own digging. Seriously? do really think for one minute I would want your services ever again? in this economy, costumer service is key! I do not recommend these people at all, there is no telling what kind of work they do if this how the start a call.

  • Be aware of this company. They...
    by  on 07/30/2012

    Be aware of this company. They will get your call professionally but the service end here. I have made an appointment at 1 PM Saturday and got delayed every two hours when I call back to Sunday and Monday. They promised to have someone at my house first thing in the morning on Sunday and Monday. It is all about empty promise since the guy taking your call will not be the on working for you. Try to find your local guys instead.

  • Roto-Rooter started in 1935. I...
    by  on 07/30/2012

    Roto-Rooter started in 1935. In the beginning, it was a franchise system. Now it is about 50% independently owned franchise and 50% Corporately owned. I've been involved with the Roto-Rooter family since 1960 and consider many of the franchises as well as corporate folks to be my very dear friends. Many times, with my parents and siblings, we've worked through the night to help people. Sometimes without pay because we care. We're even called often by competitors who don't have the skill or equipment to do a particular job. Roto-Rooter is the nation's largest plumbing company collectively. However, half of the organization is locally owned by families who are deeply involved in the community for generations. It is frustrating to read reviews from people who got bad service. Unfortunately there isn't a way to know where the reviews are coming from and most of the families are just hard working people who don't have time to surf the net and do a lot of hype. We would not have stayed in business for over 75 years if we didn't do a good job and treat our customers well. Please call us and talk to us. We do care.

  • Horrible HORRIBLE service. Th...
    by  on 07/13/2012

    Horrible HORRIBLE service. RALEIGH, NC. They spin lies like no other. Call AnL Plumbing, they are decent people. This place lied like a cheap rug. I watched them take a video of my pipes and supposedly their DVD burner was not functioning at the time, I would get a copy the next day. Right, Steve. I leave him 6 voicemails with no response. I then talk to Josh who apologizes and says a copy is in the mail. A week later, no DVD. Evelyn apologizes, and says she personally stamped a copy and it was in the mail. A week and a half after that I get an email confirmation for an appointment to come out and video my pipes. That is not a copy of the original video?!! And Ken, the GM, tells me sorry there is no video for them to copy he doesn't know what has happened. Really, all the way to the top they are trained to plead the fifth and mislead when ever possible. Don't waste your money here, go anywhere else.


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