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Navy Federal Credit Union

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Since 1933, Navy Federal has grown from seven members to over 3 million members. And since that time, our vision statement has remained the same: Navy Federal Credit Union will perform with such excellence that all present and potential members will choose Navy Federal as the preferred source for their primary lifetime financial services. You can leave the military, change employers, move, retire, get married - and never have to leave Navy Federal. "Once a member, always a member."
We serve where you serve.
We serve where you serve.


Lending, Savings & Checking, Investment & Insurance, Credit & Debit Cards


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  • by  on 10/10/2015

    I love Navy Federal, they saved my life. This credit Union gave me a Consolidated loan, when none of the banks that I had been doing business with for years would. They also gave me a credit card and some cash, I will be with Navy Federal until I die and I will never deal with banks ever again. Caro Williams

  • by  on 09/14/2015

    Husband and I have separate accounts. His credit score is lower but is able to obtain a secured loan from my vehicle which I was turned down. I am approved every year for a parent plus loan for college from Equifax the same report Navy Federal uses. I was told their standards are higher? HMMM

  • by  on 08/21/2015

    Worst banking experience ever. They opened the account without 17 y/o sons or my signature, just from a military request. Not so big of a deal really, they sent my son a debit card & pin but NONE of the basic information that you get when the account gets opened.. Activated the debit card & used it at an ATM. Could not set up online account access due to sons age. Son leaves to Basic... Accepted direct deposits of my sons pay, statements reflect that pay is in his checking account. Sons debit card continuously says insufficient funds even for a $5 purchase when he has over $2000 in the account. Son asks me to have them look at problem - since he has no time to call them. Customer Service & the supervisor first tell me that it is impossible for my son to have an account without my being on the account (after I gave them the access #) due to his age. They actually argued this.. Even tho I have the statements & direct deposit slips!! Then they tell me they can't give me any information since I'm not on the account. I tell them that I am the one wanting to give them information & to request that they look into a problem. They refuse, telling me to have my son log online to leave a message stating his problem & they will look into it.. Umm, hello?!?! Couldn't set up online access due to his age! If you're going to set up checking accounts for 17 year olds joining the NG, then make sure they have the right to FULL access to their accounts before accepting deposits of their pay! It's theft in my book & the only reason why a formal complaint for theft has not been filed is because my son is still in Basic. We do plan to close this account at the first opportunity and I will make sure everyone I know that is getting involved in the military knows what this bank did and how much my son suffered all because this bank refused to allow his access to his own pay! Also, it was not just one customer service rep. We tried for a total of 6 of them.

  • by  on 08/19/2015

    Love Navy Federal Credit Union been with them for a while. Great service! As I look at some I these poor reviews I honestly I can not judge navy federal in general for bad service but maybe a location not the whole branch based off a poor experience. I have worked I'm customer service and I can say when some people get frustrated they don't get their way they can say really bad things about people or a company. So those who do not have Navy Federal Credit Union and would like to be a part of The Navy Federal Credit Union ignore the negative comments. Note I do not work to Navy Federal but I am a member and they are really great!!!

  • by  on 05/23/2015

    I have been a customer with Navy Federal Credit Union for 17 years. I have truly relied on the knowledge of their services and products. I also love the fact if I have a question or concern about my account I have the pleasure of calling at any time day or night 24 hours a day 7 days a week a speaking with an actual person. I love Navy Federal Credit Union!!

  • by  on 04/29/2015

    I have been a member of navy federal for a few years now and they have done nothing but help me to the fullest when I needed a loan or money early! I recommend this outstanding bank to anyone who is military and able to get your vip access to this bank, because that's how I feel when working with navy fed. VIP!!

  • by  on 04/02/2015

    If I could give no stars I would. NFCU is stealing my money from me. They constantly say I am "trying" to commit FraUd. Now I think that if a person was committing fraud they would be in trouble. They just restricted me from seeing my accounts while they use my name and account for God knows what. I think an internal investigation by the proper authority should be conducted especially in the Corona branch. Mike Cabrillo is the branch Manager, not very helpful or trustworthy. My email is if anyone wants to help or offer any suggestions or feedback. Thanks all....Mother of 4. Special needs children.

  • by  on 12/23/2014

    Horrible customer service. Staff refused to release car title even after the loan was paid off. They requested a copy of the cancelled check, but they also said that they could see it clear in their system. They have no idea what they are doing.

  • by  on 09/27/2014

    Navy Federal Credit Union rates are very competitive, but their customer service is horrible. I refinanced a home loan with them. Ever transaction from closing to direct payment has been messed up by this bank. I am on the phone and e-mailing Navy Federal Credit Union approximately 3 to 4 hours each month. The credit union did not close on the date promised, they have deducted double payments when they we're suppose to take out only one payment. Their customer service is attroshis. I get different guidance each time I call. The customer service reps. Are poorly trained and rude. I would not use the credit union again.

  • Great Alternative to Banks!!
    by  on 06/08/2014

    First off, banks figure out ways to nickel and dime you for their bottom line. In general, Credit Unions do not. Specific to Navy Federal...I signed up with them when I was in the Navy. They have always been incredibly competitive on rates with other CU's, and they flat out kill the rates at banks. We learned this as my wife worked at a bank and her 'employee rates' were worse than NFCU. As for the negative reviews...something doesn't quite add up. I've never personally talked with a service member or vet who could not get a manners hip there. I have referred dozens of them that direction and each has had no issues at all.

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