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Meineke is your one-stop shop for total car care.

Save time by scheduling your appointment online at, or visit one of our 900 locations.  Contact your local Meineke for information about financing options, fleet repair, after-market warranty repair and factory scheduled maintenance.

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Taking care of your car shouldn't take over your life. We'll take care of your car so you can get back to what's important and on with your life!

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    Updated: 3/3/2016Posted: 3/2/2016

    We had truck issues while traveling and pulled in at 7:45 am. The mechanics were very courteous and we appreciated their efficient work. Never, since we bought our truck on repokar com, we were not so enthusiastic about the service we got.

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    Posted: 9/24/2015

    My wife gets a coupon in the mail that says Oil Change for $19.99, but when she gets there it is $40 after labor, tax, and disposal fees. What the flip??? How do you not include labor and disposal fees in your price, and how does that double the cost? BAIT AND SWITCH advertising. I'd avoid out of principle!!

  • user avatar
    Updated: 8/9/2015Posted: 8/8/2015

    I find it rather strange that I am looking for a place to do a couple minor things on mysSUV and I read the ratings for Meineke & the only 5 stars they got was from women & the rest were 1star with horrible horror stories to go along with it were from men!! Was does that say?? Me being a woman myself I still am leaning more towards the not a good idea to go there opposed to yes I'll go ahead & make an appt!! What the heck is wrong with this picture!? Just saying!!

  • user avatar
    Updated: 7/31/2015Posted: 7/23/2015

    Tried to pull one over my wife, just cause she's a woman. They didn't want to give her the 19.99 oil change. She drives a 4 cylinder toyota,one of the cheapest to do. Will never go back.

  • Updated: 7/31/2015Posted: 7/3/2015

    NEVER AGAIN!! I took my heavy duty work truck in because it had been leaking brake fluid. I own my own business and everyday this truck is out of service I lose money. The starting quote was $186.00 and 4 hours labor for pads and shoes for the rear brakes. I was told the work would only take 1 day. After 2 days of calling about the vehicle I learned they didn't have the right tool at the shop to take off the hubs, they were going to "borrow" it. I was told by the owner BOB parts have been ordered and the next day they would start working on it. That evening BOB called and said he couldn't get the parts and it would be cheaper and faster if I started looking myself. The next day we went to Meineke picked up the drum went to the parts store, bought the drum and a seal that was supposed to be ordered 3 days previous by him. They told us what part we needed and we bought the part ourselves. Took the drum back to Meineke and it ended up being the wrong size. I had to take the drum back to the parts store and the seal because it wasn't needed. Then I went to the junk yard bought the correct size drum took it back to Meineke. I was told everything should be put back togeather in a few hours. I finally called them at 5:55 (they close at 6:00) to see if it was done. I was told it was put back togeather, but they were looking for pads for the front brakes because it was leaking brake fluid. I TOOK MY VEHICLE IN BECAUSE IT WAS LEAKING BRAKE FLUID!!! I told them I no longer wanted them to work on my vehicle, they hadn't fixed what I had taken it in for. A long story short the owner BOB blamed me for the wear on the drum and it was my fault the hubs were so hard to take off. He wrote me a letter stating, "I asked for my vehicle back before he could do a thorough inspection and he had ran out of time." During this we squabbled over the price, he wanted $630.00. I told him that wasnt the original estimate and I did all the running around and bought my own parts. We agreed on $540.41. It took 5 days longer than I was told and the leak is still not fixed. I will be taking my vehicle somewhere else and I will NEVER go back to Meineke!!!!!!!!!!

  • user avatar
    Updated: 7/31/2015Posted: 6/20/2015

    Run like a hungry lion is chasing you! Please read! I took my car to Meineke's because of a noise coming from back of my car. David ( The owner) and the office manger seemed nice until I understood why they have that smiley face! My car needed new brake pads, new rotors in the rear and new calipers in the front. The starting quote was $1100! after half an hour negotiating he agreed to do the job for $880. I rented car and left my car at their shop for the night. I was shocked with the repair cost, so I started looking at the prices of my parts, guess what? the total price for those part was only $200! I called him first thing in the morning and asked him to tell me how much he was charging me for the labor, he said $200. So, He was charging me $680 for the parts!!!! He refused to show me the receipt for the parts ( other shops let you know what the cost is for your parts) and he said I am a socialist! Mechanics are supposed to charge you for the labor (which is not cheap) and a little more for purchasing your parts, but not %500!!! I canceled my repair and I had to pay him $250 for doing absolutely nothing. He has worked in different dealerships for 25 years and has a dealership attitude (charging as much as possible). He has no ethics! Do your research before getting robbed like me! I fixed the car for $300 elsewhere.

  • Updated: 7/31/2015Posted: 2/24/2015

    From the charming gentleman at the front counter(Billy) to the knowledgeable Manager (John), this was by far the best auto repair experience I have ever had. They never made me feel like I was a stupid girl. They spoke to me just as they did every customer I watched them interact with. The work was priced competitively and they even stayed a little late so I could get my car back after hours. I would recommend them to own grandma!

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    Updated: 7/31/2015Posted: 1/30/2015

    I have to say the service was great. The mechanics were wonderful they even took me out to show me what I needed. I will come back again.

  • Updated: 7/31/2015Posted: 1/17/2015

    went in for an exhaust leak turns out it was the EGR pipe charges me $90.00 for the pipe it didn't fit found out you have to replace the pipe and EGR as a unit charged me $400.00 for a $239.00 unit labor should be $80.00 total $319.00 not $400.00 now the car stalls out because the pcm has to be reset. OVERPRICED IDIOT MECHANICS

  • overpriced more then dealer
    Updated: 8/31/2015Posted: 9/19/2014

    Wheel hub cost from dealer $369 their price $499.99 part that they used I could have got for $205.## @ the store across the street. Or 269.00 at a store down the road. Way over priced part. The labor is also as high union employee d of which they are not.

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