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LifeAlert is the number one emergency response company in the USA for over 20 years. LifeAlert is a personal emergency response and home medical alert system company that saves lives from catastrophic outcomes, using a unique technology to provide superior home audio monitoring protection. LifeAlert handles over two million calls per year and on average saves at least one life from a catastrophic outcome every 11 minutes. LifeAlert can help seniors remain independent by sending help fast in the event of a fall, fire, CO gas poison and home invasion emergencies. Life Alert’s protection helps people to live at home with independence and comfort, living their lives the way they want to, with a feeling of safety and peace of mind.
Medical protection - Fire protection - CO Gas protection - 911 direct cell phone - LifeAlert mobile
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  • 07/22/2013

    All of the reviews here are true and I know this because I worked there and they really only care about the money. I was the only one there who would really help customers resolve the issues. If you ever talk to Ami, I heard him tell customers to and hang up on them. I usually intercepted the calls to stop the consistent harrassment and the customer was usually in tears. The owner has been told of this more than once but refuses to believe it, he's in denial. I was hearing from various sources the owners were upsaet that I was going above and beyond to helpl customers. The staff there was telling elderly people to get up on a chair and knock the smoke detector down? We could send out a handy man for as little as 45$ but they would prefer to badger the customer than fix the issue. And the GE units the were using were so difficult for the customers to program so I switched them out for the better units, Linear. GE has since thrown in the towel on PERS units. I am so sorry for all the bad unacceptable practices there, the owners son, is much more caring but has little or no real control. And they cover up all the real issues internally, the person who was put in charge was a known drug user. When I was there ALL of the customers where taken care of at a level they will never see again or ever seen priior to me. It's a great business, but they are more concerned about the revenue than the patient/customer. And they have no shame in forcing people to continue their contracts, I was your only hope, and that got made me lose the job. They do not care about anything but the $$$$$. I hope this helps you make an inteligent decision, they are all similiar but some cost less than others. They dont have a clue how to handle customer issues, thats why they sent them all to me.

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    This company is a SHAM! We NEVER used the equipment and called them to send it back and cancel it. We had the UPS number and they kept saying they never got it, UPS said they did. Then the other end of the company, the :BILLING" part said they needed our banking info just so they could cancel the contract and that we would NEVER get charged! This was in November. We have been charged every month since, Nov, Dec, Jan, and now Feb. never having ever used the equipment ever. Sent it back with proof and now the Billing end of it is charging us. We are going to seek legal action against this company for fraud. Our Bank has been notified not to allow any more withdraws, since we have proven we sent everything back to them. We just want our money back! They are a bunch of scam artist! VM Indianapolis, IN

  • 01/08/2013

    BEWARE!!!!!!! Life Alert -- posting this on my wall and on Life Alert's wall -- These people have been providing service to my grandmother for years. However, we have moved her to assisted living and they have refused to discontinue the service and billing without a physician's request. They didn't require a physician's note to start the service. This has been going on for a couple of weeks. Another call to them today and they still have not received the physician's note, but have discontinued the service and sent out a package for the return of the equipment and stated that they will not discontinue the billing until the equipment has been received. What happened to their adamant demand for a physician's request?? Also, once the conversation was over I asked the gentleman on the phone, Edwin, for his last name and he stated that they did not provide that information to customers. When they left voice mails they certainly left last names. I simply stated that hopefully this was our last conversation about this and that I would not have to be speaking with them again. His response -- HE HUNG UP ON ME!!!!! Makes you wonder if their compassion is for the elderly or for their revenue. I am very angry.

  • Warning !!!!!!!! this is more ...

    Warning !!!!!!!! this is more of a hazard to your fix income , than the so callad service that they offer . First once you contact the toll free # you are placed on the for hired call center list to offer you their service for a ( moderate fee of $ 50 /mo. + ) , than exspect many calls to your phone # ( If th sales people were the EMS you would be 24/7 ??? ) , The ad has former S.G. Everett Copp as a spokesman . The call center rep. that called me didn't agree that calling 911 was a smart ideal ( He claimed that they are better at contacting EMS than 911 ) . I 'm 65 + and would like to add to that age , call this service if you don't mind for profit follow up calls and judge for you self . Thannks


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