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Contact The LASIK Vision Institute for a FREE Evaluation to learn why so many people are choosing to get LASIK at LVI. In just minutes, the highly experienced independent LASIK eye surgeons use the latest FDA approved LASIK technology to safely give you clearer vision than you've had in years. LVI understands that many people want better vision, but want the lasik eye surgery procedure to be affordable - and now is the perfect time to get vision correction surgery by taking advantage of the LVI LASIK Savings Event. * Clinically Proven Safe and FDA Approved - the LASIK technology most widely used throughout the world. * Leading LASIK Surgeons - some of the most highly experienced independent LASIK doctors in the country (over 1 million LASIK eye surgery procedures performed nationwide)..* Easy and Customized - whether you are nearsighted, farsighted, or have an astigmatism, LVI personalizes a vision correction treatment plan that is right for you. * Life Changing - 98% of patients see 20/20 or better after one year following their procedure (CustomVue technology). * Affordable - LVI offers you affordable LASIK eye surgery pricing and easy financing (over 95% of LVI's patients are approved for financing).
The LASIK Vision Institute provides Better Vision for Better Value. With affordable prices, LVI has given patients the freedom to be less dependent on their glasses and contacts.
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  • 07/15/2016

    Bad!!! I overpaid. They convice me i had a high prescription when i arrived to the office on day of procedure ppl with higher and more complications paid waaaayyy less. When i called after the procedure they just kept lying to me and didnt care a bit once they were paid up.

  • 01/15/2016

    My daughter had an eye exam here and ordered a pair of glasses. The glasses came in with the glass on one side not properly fitting the frame thus causing the lens to constantly fall out. We brought them back the following week and were told there was nothing they could do about it !!!! Obviously they weren't cut right to fit the frame so the new $650 glasses were good for nothing and ending up getting glasses elsewhere and putting out another $600. I also found them rude when trying to explain to them our insurance coverage that I had called the insurance myself prior to the visit to be educated on our coverage. They finally admitted they had a prior year pulled up on their computer showing they wrong results. Bunch of bozos.

  • 04/15/2015

    The initial consultation was great (the Dr. was a little snide but overall pretty friendly). I was greeted with friendly staff and they were just as excited as I was. The problem I had was that during the billing part of the consultation, I was met with lots of add-ons that racked up an additional $2k+ on top of the $2800.00 I was expecting it to be. I was told I'd need "custom" lasik (isn't that what it already is??) which would cost an additional $500 per eye, and that I'd need multiple surgeries on one of my eyes, and because of that, I should go ahead and purchase the Lifetime Plan for both eyes "on special for $275 per eye" and the tear ducts in both eyes "on sale for $250 per eye" even though this isn't supposed to be offered till AFTER surgery to determine whether or not it's medically necessary (because natural tear drops generally work just as well). I told them I had to think about it, and then they offered to knock it down to $100 per eye, per add-on. The billing admin. pushed for me to come in the next morning for surgery. (also, fyi, when my eyes got dilated, it burned and I could not see much of anything for hours, but when I got a second opinion the week after, my eyes were dilated without burn and I could see just fine. Another important piece: LVI had inaccurate evaluations for what was going on with my eyes....). I left with a very unsettling feeling, and researched LVI once I got home. I couldn't find anything specifically for the Overland Park location. Upon my research, I found several news articles about how LVI (as a whole) pushed extras for commissions and their former Dr. "exposed" their unethical medical practices, and many patients left different locations with worse vision and infections, as well as reviews of people waiting 5-6 hours for their procedure, and articles about how LVI was being investigated. I called LVI to cancel my appointment. They asked why, and I told them I could not go ahead with their procedure. They then offered to give me the whole package... "custom" lasik, tear ducts, and lifetime plan for both eyes, all for an additional $1k. (I did not know costs of medical procedures were negotiable...) I CANNOT REVIEW LVI FOR THE EYE SURGERY!......I then went to Durrie Vision and had a great procedure for one price, everything included in the package. I had severe light sensitivity but I closed my eyes for 10 minute intervals for the first hour, while putting in walmart tear drops ($5-10), and I could see great...20/15! (drastic change from my 20/60 vision with severe astigmatism in left and amblyopia, and slight astigmatism in right with nearsightedness). I had it done almost a week ago and have had no problems! More expensive than LVI's negotiable "plan", but they have a $0 down-24 month-interest free-payment plan, and I knew my eyes were in the good hands of America's #1 rated Doc! Procedure didn't hurt a bit, and they give ya a valium if you have anxiety about it! My point: Do not trust your vision with just anyone, even if it comes down to finances! And do not trust someone that negotiates costs just to get you in the door to meet their daily quota! RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH!!!

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    My experience there was all good. The actual procedure took about 5 minutes and by the next morning, everything was amazingly sharp and clear. After 4 years, everything is going well! I would recommend them to anyone.

  • Avoid this place like the plag...

    My husband was scheduled for his LASIK in February and the day before his procedure, he was called to say that the surgeon wanted a glaucoma evaluation. So they set it up and he went to that, at a cost of almost $200 to us. That doctor suggested PRK but the staff reassured us that the surgeon said that he would still do LASIK. I scheduled my own LASIK for 3/9/13, which went fine. My husband had his scheduled for 3/22/13. On our way up to Charlotte from our home two hours away, they called him and said that the surgeon wanted to do PRK after all and could he take a week off of work? Well, not much choice in that, is there? So he said ok and had the procedure. He was told the next morning that he would be ok in about a week and should be able to return to work. He wasn't able to return to work until close to a month later. He still has some double vision, but it's getting slowly better. My advice would be to research the procedures and the company you choose to do the procedures. We've definitely been frustrated dealing with the time out of work, especially when we weren't prepared for it.

  • 03/14/2013

    I am very disappointed in this company, I went in to have my eyes tested for Lasik surgery, Everything went fine until their attendant tried to put the contacts in my eyes, She dropped them on the floor then washed them off and put them in my eyes. All I was told was to keep putting the eye drops in my eyes and to leave them in for 7 days. They gave me no instructions on what to do if I had problems. Two days later I ended up in the emergency room because the contact lens they dropped had attached itself to my cornea. After the emergency room removed the lens. I was totally blind in my left eye for two weeks. I have double vision in my left eye. I have over $2000.00 in medical bills that I have to pay because of this companies lack of responsibilities in informing there clients on what to do if they have a problem with the contact lens. This company offer to give me medicine for my eyes but they wanted me to drive 60 miles to there office when I was unable to see to drive. They made no attempted to cover my expenses I had acquired from there negligence. Tell me would you trust a doctors office that was this negligence in dealing with there clients?

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  • I am very disappointing in thi...
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    I am very disappointing in this company. They originally quoted me a reasonable price but when I went back to make my appointment the price had gone from 1500 to 2000 and i only waited a few months to be able to make it work with my life better. After all I am a mother of three children and a full time student and trying to help take care of my hubby who was injured on the job and thank god is doing better now. In my opinion this company is just trying to take people for all they have. You would think that a companies who gets as many people as they do would be able to at least offer the same deal to a person coming back to them. I guess that parents who are struggling to better there lives just are not good enough for this companies and so the felt no need to care for me. I am not asking them for a hand out just the same thing that i was originally offered.


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