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Bringing out the DIY in all of us with more than 70,000 arts, crafts, custom framing, floral, home décor, jewelry making, scrapbooking and seasonal products.  We are here to help make your imagination and creativity a reality.  Come visit us at one of our 650+ locations across the US or shop with us anytime at, and always be inspired to Live a Creative Life!
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    Updated: 4/19/2016

    Anybody want a Hobby Lobby gift card for free it's $8 and live in Portland Oregon503-660-5230 only 4 people in Portland Oregon

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    Updated: 3/3/2016

    I buy only I LOVE THIS YARN, it is a soft touch, the print style comes out looking perfect every time. I use it to make socks. I love the fact that you can get everything you need for a craft project. I also love the art supplies I can get for my daughter and granddaugter. The home decor is beautiful.

  • user avatar
    Posted: 1/10/2016

    Like hobby lobby went there last week didn't get to go all over the store. I really like it. Went to get tulle , this is what I found. Didn't know store close on Sunday. Didn't know there was one in Chesapeake.

  • user avatar
    Posted: 1/4/2016

    Minus A Star If I could give a negative star I would! Signs offering discounts out of date. Check with salesperson only to find out they forgot to change sign but will not honor! Taking business elsewhere!

  • user avatar
    Posted: 11/22/2015

    My daughter and I shop there to buy beads, findings, and flower arrangements. By the time we leave we have picked up numerous other awesome things like elephant statues and pretty figurines. This store is wonderful and carries so many different things that I recommend it to everyone! Thanks for being a great store!

  • user avatar
    Posted: 10/27/2015

    I have a feeling that if you are a Christianor have the right look you are treated better. Sure people from the owners church give more stars. Have 750.00 to spend on an anniversary party. If I have to spend more money somewhere else thats what Im doing. 0

  • user avatar
    Updated: 10/23/2015

    I had been told by my significant other that your service and products were no longer available. I read these comments. What I saw was biased service going on. Seems you are severely neglecting your potential male customers. Warren had frequently visited your store in Fairfield. He recently moved back to Fairfield and considered giving your store his business. He was very uncomfortable. He could not find products you offered in the past. I will also take my business elsewhere because of your discriminatory practices against males. So sad to neglect these potential customers.

  • user avatar
    Updated: 7/31/2015

    Saltymanagement. I arrived at hobby lobby twenty minutes before close and to my surprise was greeted by a very salt grumpy man at the door. He had all the doors locked except the one he was standing and told they were closing in a ' I just want to go home' tone. He allowed me to enter but had made me so uncomfortable for being there I decided to leave without making my purchase. I will not be returning to the store.

  • I WOULDN'T WORK HERE!!!!!!!!!!
    Updated: 7/31/2015

    Why Not??? Because this store is so AMAZING I would never receive a check!!! There are so many beautiful items in the store and the quality and selections makes an imaginative person mind go crazy thinking of so many ideas, given so many ideas and looking at so many ideas that the possibilities are endless! If I worked at ANY Hobby Lobby Store, I would owe them at the end of the pay period because I would've have them hold numerous items for me to take home! This store is awesome! all you haters, stop leaving your personal spiritual, christen or human rights debates from this particular forum. This is for customers that want to either applaud or refute or not like products or customer service. Evidently, If you've heard of personal opinions that were not stated by the individuals that actually will there,then you're guilty of taking your frustrations out on innocent people that obviously like their jobs and have to deal with opinionated individuals such as yourself. If a particular employee offended you or did or said something that was construed as abnormal company policies or actions,then contact their manager or supervisor. But to put this company on blast for something You've heard on the news or a social feed is pathetic and being voiced on the wrong forum. Hobby Lobby doors work like any other business, they allow you to come in or go out - your choice,your money! for any creative, imaginative person,this store is a GOLD MINE! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT - AND I do agree that some of the prices are higher than a mad cats back!!!

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    user avatar
    Updated: 7/31/2015

    Every time i shop i am followed by an extremely happy lady with blonde hair. It is so obvious. Today it was more than just her. I am sooo tired of it. I spend so much money in there make more than any one in there i have no need to shop lift leave me be.

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