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Reliability & Value No matter what your group size or destination type, First Student's charter bus rental services provide charter buses to get your group there!

Professional Drivers & Service Thousands of customers trust First Student Charter for their charter bus rental needs. We are an industry leader largely due to our knowledgeable staff and friendly, professional bus drivers.

Charter Bus Rentals Rely on First Student for all of your chartered transportation needs – rent a bus for field trips, family reunions, sporting events, church trips, senior trips, summer camp, day outings, event shuttles and more.

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Large school buses Small school buses Large non-yellow buses (where available) Wheelchair accessible buses Minivans (where available)         Multiple pickups and routing Shuttle and route design Wheelchair accessible vehicle availability and special needs planning Event transportation management and/or oversight Special and custom transportation services...and more!


GPS  Charter Bus Rentals/Trips Businesses and corporations Camps and youth group organizations Civic, social, and professional associations Charitable and non-profit organizations Religious and church groups Cities and municipalities Dance, music, and theater organizations Daycare centers and pre-schools Event Planning, festival, and venue organizers Government and military organizations Group travel tours & Organizations Hospitals and health centers Meetings and conventions Parks and recreation departments Private individuals Schools, universities and educational institutions Senior services and residences Sports teams Tour and travel organizations...and many more!

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  • user avatar

    My granddaughter was involved in an incident with them where the bus driver told her that if she sat in a certain place on the bus she couldn't ride the bus and they allowed her to walk off the bus! Nobody contacted the school nor my daughter....they left a 9 year old child on the street alone while they just drove off! Some reputable company? Also, the bus monitors...lets see...they are old needin a paycheck hoodbuggers who have the professionalism of a sewer rat!!! One of their monitors who lives in my daughter's building and who is employed by them and who had a verbal altercation with my daughter regarding this incident attacked my daughter physically!!! Needless to say what type of people are they employing??? I have reached out to the manager at their Mt. Vernon, NY location as regarding my granddaughters incident and we have yet to receive a call back. I called again this morning after my daughter was attacked so I could report the incident with the monitor and still no contact.

  • 03/12/2015

    Terrible customer service!!! Rude employees!! It also is not serving the areas it claims including homestead, nor florida city!!

  • user avatar

    The only reason I'm giving them 3 stars is because the bus driver that my child has currently is a slow, steady, careful driver and I feel the children are safe with his driving. The bus driver in the past sped around like they were on the highway! I know they have certain times to be at bus stops & school, but that's not safe! The bus monitors do not always conduct themselve in a professional manner. They've put hands on kids, called them names, & even threatened them! Witnesses are only other children so they get away with it! If they can't handle being on the bus with kids, then they shouldn't work with kids, period! They need to have a way to make them accountable for their actions, just like the children have to be accountable for their actions!

    user avatar

    My grandson rides this bus twice a day ,to and from Bellwood school . Its only been 4 days and he is being bullied on the bus ! The busdriver seems to be blind to this and the school is doing nothing ! The child doing the bullying has a history of it !!!! Just because the bully is a little girl shouldn'tmake a difference ?! Remove the child from the bus !!!!! Move the bullies aassigned seat to be hide the bus driver so he can see what's going on !!!!! NOT TO THE BACK OF THE BUS !!!!! This lazy bus driver needs to do HIS JOB and watch over the children !!!!! He is the Tipton bus driver , so beware if your child has this bus driver ..... As for the school district : what happened to the NO BULLY policy ???? When a child gets off the bus with a red mark on his face and you do nothing , I will !!!! The police WILL be called next time and the Media will also be informed of your unwilling to put a stop to this !!!!!!

  • user avatar

    This bus service is horrible and at times dangerous. I have a 7 year old autistic child that rides a first student special needs bus to and from school. The bus breaks down all of the time. Normally once a week at least. The buses air conditioning is broken and despite pleas from the bus driver First Student has not fixed it ( or the problems that lead the bus to break down so often) These are special needs students, most of which are non verbal and can not tell anyone if they are too hot or feeling sick due to the heat. When the heat index is over 100 degrees (like it has been) this becomes very dangerous. This is not just an issue with my child's bus, many of the buses that take children to and from my child's school have the same issues. Not only that when these buses break down it leaves children stranded in a packed bus without air conditioning for long periods of time. If a parent did this in their own car they would consider it child endangerment.

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