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First Student

Serving the San Francisco, CA area
(855) 870-8747
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General Info

Reliability & Value No matter what your group size or destination type, First Student's charter bus rental services provide charter buses to get your group there!

Professional Drivers & Service Thousands of customers trust First Student Charter for their charter bus rental needs. We are an industry leader largely due to our knowledgeable staff and friendly, professional bus drivers.

Charter Bus Rentals Rely on First Student for all of your chartered transportation needs – rent a bus for field trips, family reunions, sporting events, church trips, senior trips, summer camp, day outings, event shuttles and more.

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Large school buses Small school buses Large non-yellow buses (where available) Wheelchair accessible buses Minivans (where available)         Multiple pickups and routing Shuttle and route design Wheelchair accessible vehicle availability and special needs planning Event transportation management and/or oversight Special and custom transportation services...and more!


GPS  Charter Bus Rentals/Trips Businesses and corporations Camps and youth group organizations Civic, social, and professional associations Charitable and non-profit organizations Religious and church groups Cities and municipalities Dance, music, and theater organizations Daycare centers and pre-schools Event Planning, festival, and venue organizers Government and military organizations Group travel tours & Organizations Hospitals and health centers Meetings and conventions Parks and recreation departments Private individuals Schools, universities and educational institutions Senior services and residences Sports teams Tour and travel organizations...and many more!


    by  on 12/06/2014

    I had an interview with them back in June of this year, the gentleman in charge of hiring drivers, I recognized from working with him through its security and the debunk program securatos. He was so worried about me driving because I drive with my left leg because my right leg is amputated he placed 7 different calls because each one told him I could do it because of him so worried about that was his only concern. He has discriminated against me in the past. He told me my background check for driving would take up to 5 months to get. Funny I put my application in with a different driving company, did not care that I drive with my left leg and hired me 3 days later doing both a state and federal background check. I will refuse any job offers from a company that discriminates such as first student!

    by  on 10/23/2014

    i was almost in a accident with one of your drivers who instead of merging into the lane i was in decided to step on the gas and go around me in the right lane and cut me off. I had to put on the brakes to keep him from forcing me into traffic into the left of me The bus number was 226760 riding east on hwy 12

  • Do not trust any important eve...
    by  on 07/17/2012

    Do not trust any important events to First Student! I contracted with them for a wedding shuttle that was supposed to provide continuous service from the hotel that our guests were staying to the reception venue (about a 7 min drive). The driver made one trip, parked the bus and turned his cell phone off. This situation added much stress and embarassment to a very important day. After the wedding, I called the woman who arranged my trip to discuss what happened. It appeared that she was expecting my call and seemed to suggest with a definite attitude that the problem was my fault. She tried to tell me that perhaps there was no cell phone service (not true) and also suggested that sometimes cell phones don't work. What??? To add insult to injury, no one else from the company ever responded to my repeat requests to discuss what happened that day. After I made two phone calls and sent an e-mail to the corporate office, I gave up. Service excellence is a foreign concept to First Student. They don't even deserve a one star rating. If you want reliable service go with another company, I sure wish I had!!

  • The "pro" drivers this company...
    by  on 04/09/2012

    The "pro" drivers this company hires are maniacs and menaces. Just today (the reason I'm even bothering to write a "review" of a school bus company) I was passed by a school bus on a posted 25mph road, double yellow, with barely a foot between us, on a blind hill. Apparently my old motorcycle wasn't going quite fast enough to suit their taste... I can forgive the BMWs that do it every day, but such blatant disregard for traffic laws and the safety of other motorists by a school bus driver is inexcusable.

  • This site has all this informa...
    by  on 03/26/2012

    This site has all this information but where the info about making complaints? I suppose you don't want hear about your drivers who r so "Professional". So professional some parents, like myself, want to snatch them off the bus and shake 'em til something falls off.


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