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With the largest fleet in North America and a great selection of vehicles, Enterprise has it all. And, with more than 6,000 locations throughout the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland and Germany, we're always nearby. Pick Enterprise. We'll Pick You Up.®

Pick Enterprise. We'll Pick You Up.®

Low rates, free pick-up. Book now!


* Everyday low rates, plus weekend and holiday specials * Additional savings for: AARP members Corporate account employees Military and government employees * Car damaged or stolen? Rentals arranged at little or no cost to you in many instances * Free pick-up from your home, office or repair shop


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  • by  on 06/08/2015

    This review refers to the Enterprise in Sevierville, TN. I used this company because my car was in the shop due to someone backing into it. All was fine until I returned the car and was told the two tiny scratches, one on the hood and one on the roof were my fault. They said the car had been through a hail storm. I told them this was ridiculous and absolutely impossible. I drove the car only about 60 miles for 4 days to work and back. I had a small... shower on one day during the whole time I had the car. I told this to two people, explained it to them for at least 20 minutes. The two scratches were obviously already there when I picked the car up. The guy who inspected it just basically walked around it and that was that. No way could he or I see the so-called damage unless we knew where to look. These people actually expected me to pay them $250.00 plus they sent it in to my insurance company! I talked to my insurance company the next day and they said the claim was ridiculous. I hope they don't pay it. It is things like this that makes insurance go up for everyone. I am still basically shocked by all this. The arrogance of Enterprise believing they can actually get away with something so outrageous. I will be contacting their corporate office.

  • by  on 05/19/2015

    I went to the one in West Valley, Utah horrible service they would not work with me when I needed a car. never mention about a fee when I got there there was a stander 150 dollar on top of the car and other fees the need. I was getting mad at what they did not tell me the said they could not do anything then they turned around to talk to other coworkers when I was still talking to them. I went to across the street to budget and they were awesome.

  • by  on 05/08/2015

    I give it one star because there are no options for no stars. Originally needed to rent the car for one day, but things arised so I called to tell them to just give it to me for the week. They told me to return it this morning, so I did. Got charged an extra day because the man I spoke to told me to return it on the wrong day and I was thinking. They NEVER give you a clean car and give you cars with dents and cigarette burned interiors...Getting in touch with Corporate...

  • by  on 04/24/2015

    Shady. Will hit your card multiple times with unauthorized charges and MAYBE refund when you see it and object. Constant revolving door of employees from one location to the next translates into poor communication, missed connections, broken commitments.

  • by  on 04/20/2015

    The worst service ever! Chris was very disrespectful and was not helpful at all. I started out with a car rental that was $10. a day with 100 mi. a day for three days, and when they finished with me I paid 140. Please be very careful when renting a vehicle from them. Make sure that they go over everything with you before signing anything.

  • by  on 04/18/2015

    Been a repeat customer for years (about 10 rents a year). Council bluffs IA branch is THE WORST! Can't seem to find the button for what I want to rent EVER! Why is the box checked always more expensive? Company training? Well, missed seeing my children due to a policy of a declined card can't be reswiped for 24 hours? No biggie! HERTZ took it! Council Bluffs is probably very profitable! Till this hits social media!

  • by  on 03/13/2015

    Wow, very disappointed. I wish I would have checked some reviews before today. I am a believer in loyalty. As long as the company does right, even if they are actually more expensive, I will be loyal. In this case, I've been using Enterprise exclusively for a few years now, but after my experience with Enterprise Killeen Airport I will never use them again.

  • by  on 03/05/2015

    This morning I called enterprise to make a reservation for a car to get to portland for my RETURN flight home. I had already booked a car in portland when I arrived in Oregon last week and it went well at that location, after the manager there had overrode the rule of only having a major credit card. (I only had a debit and not once was I told I had to have a credit card so instead of being stuck with no way to get home of course they fixed it and let me use the debit). So now its a week later and I am in North Bend and ready to get my car for the way back to portland and when calling this morning I talked to a man named Eddie. He was really interesting, kept telling me all these great things about how I would get the grade of car I was asking for and he even quoted me a price as well as going as far as to put in my company discount code and then tell me the new total. So at this point he tells me that I need the credit card. I explained about how it went when I landed in Oregon and how I was not told so they fixed it in Portland, everything. He said well I will call you back after I look into everything and we will get it worked out...4 hours later: NO CALL. So I call back. On lunch break, the lady I spoke with literally told me straight forward "He is a major flake.." hmmm interesting. 1 hour later, I call again...He finally gets on the phone and he tells me some stuff about how he needs to see my returning flight home itinerary, no problem so I head over to the Enterprise building, 15 minute drive. After getting there I meet Eddie. He immediately is very unprofessional. Kept talking on the phone while I was talking to him, interrupting, the works. So eventually I went outside to look at the cars on the lot. All I see are a couple minivans and some other just standard cars. Not the type I had already been quoted on...So I go inside and ask Eddie, "Hey I was wondering where are the cars that we were talking about on the phone this morning? Are there more in the back or another place?" He tells me "Oh, well..umm..well Yes I have some...I have some...A couple..." I say "Well where?? And What?" He says "UM, WELL, I HAVE SOME...I HAVE SOME.." After going back and forth like 4 times with him just answering with "I have some" for some reason, I eventually came to the conclusion there were none and he had told me all the good things I wanted to hear this morning to get me into the building and rent. Well I asked him if he actually had none and he just didnt want to tell me this, to which he actually replied to me with "Well I did not want to tell you on the phone because I didn't want you to be mad" WOW. This really got me going. So he wanted me to come down to Enterprise in person only to find out myself...Perfect plan Eddie! Then after a while of him being really rude and unprofessional I finally said Ok just let me reserve the Maxima (he had said somewhere earlier he had a premium car, a Maxima that would be available) and then he replies with "Oh well...umm..I actually dont have that, it will just be a "nice car". So Eddie, even though I am paying for the Premium and Luxury car you "cant make any promises" and it will just be "a nice car". Interesting thing to say Eddie, especially when I should get what I pay for right? Wrong. He kept insisting he would get me a nice car but might not be a premium or luxury even though thats what I am paying for. If I wanted to pay for something of a lower grade I would. I left after that feeling so mad and my blood boiling with anger at how Eddie kept on giving me the run around, over and over, just to make a sale. It was never ending and he was the worst representative I have ever made contact with. I will not be going back there. I am really disappointed. Please if you read this, make sure to talk to someone other than "Eddie" as he is really bad at his job. Point is, he is a liar and the other rep who said he is a flake was 100% right. Get it together Eddie. Do your JOB!


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