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With the largest fleet in North America and a great selection of vehicles, Enterprise has it all. And, with more than 6,000 locations throughout the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland and Germany, we're always nearby. Pick Enterprise. We'll Pick You Up.®
Pick Enterprise. We'll Pick You Up.®
Free pick-up from your home, office or repair shop


* Everyday low rates, plus weekend and holiday specials * Additional savings for: AARP members Corporate account employees Military and government employees * Car damaged or stolen? Rentals arranged at little or no cost to you in many instances * Free pick-up from your home, office or repair shop
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    Updated: 6/1/2016

    My wife and I rented a car from Enterprise Rental at 2221 S Cobb Parkway in Smyrna GA on Friday, May 27, 2016. The charger adapters were not working and our GPS died in the middle of our trip causing great stress as we were not familiar with GA traffic. I left a note in the car explaining what happened and the manager, Rich, called me on Tuesday to apologize for the inconvenience and to ask how he could make it right for us. That's what I call excellent customer service. We will definitely use that location again. I commend Rich for his excellent customer service. Thank you, W & P Gallman

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    Posted: 3/24/2016

    Renters: Ensure you call way ahead if you need a car rental, this is not the place for last-minute car rentals. Enterprise Calhoun: Perhaps you should keep more cars available? Wouldn't the pros out-weigh the cons on that? Gem of a Guy in Enterprise: I'm sorry you were busy, but, everyone who works a job is busy. This gives you no excuse to give adequate customer service. When you work in the public, sometimes a nice word goes a long way. (I'm a nurse, I live in constant rush and is possible to be nice and give adequate, even exceptional, customer service AND complete your job).

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    Posted: 12/28/2015

    These guys are charging me for a dent I did not make. I am old, I do not know why they think I was born yesterday. Other than this mishap everything went well.

  • Posted: 12/24/2015

    This Enterprise location has a fantastic and enthusiastic team. They offer excellent customer service and are consistently courteous and thoughtful. I have been a patron to this location for several months. Without fail, they have always 'picked me up and dropped me off' (as the commercial says). They are attentive of any issues I may have concerning my rental. Keep an eye out for the specials on their website by signing up! They have all kinds of goodies. It keeps me interested in renting from them.

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    Posted: 12/8/2015

    I will in no way recommend Enterprise Car Rental company. I rented a car for 14 hours picked up in Milford CT on Nov 17th and dropped off at Bradley Intl. Airport in Hartford Ct on the 18th at 5:00am. They do an inspection for damage when you check out and check in which is great and I was told at both times car was fine. Week after rental, I get a phone call from area manager telling me, he is calling due to my dispute of damage to the hood. I told him he must have me confused with someone else as there was no damage, I was not aware of any damage and further more I was told car was good after car rental agent inspection. I was given my receipt and told to have a great day. So again he says, so you are disputing the damage? I said how can I dispute something that never was? He hung up and week later I receive a letter stating I am responsible for damages to the car. I called the damage control department in Kansas City to discuss the matter and explain exactly what I am saying in this review only to be told there was nothing that could be done and I was responsible!! How can I be responsible for damage they said occurred? I told them they should check their surveillance cameras when I brought the car back to see if agent brought so called damage to my attention? No response to that one. Be careful of this company people!! If there was damage don't you think there would be a form filled out stating the particular damage and given to me before I left? So now we need to take pictures of every inch of the car you rent from this company to protect yourself? Unreal!!! In 30 years of renting a car from National, Avis, Hertz not one issue.

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    Posted: 9/28/2015

    Another great driving experience. Excellent value and service, coast hwy, Oceanside, ca.

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    Posted: 9/25/2015

    Thanks to idiot at eneterprise who gave me misinformation I will now miss my son's graduation from the Marines. As I don't have thousands of dollars to rebook my plane tickets. Thanks asswpes

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    Posted: 8/6/2015

    I made a reservation for while my car was being repaired and I guess they are total space cadets and forgot about my reservation because I was told they rented out all of their cars! reservations are made for a reason. I waited an hour more than I should have to get in a car. Seriously bad service!

  • Updated: 7/31/2015

    BEWARE!!The only reason I am also giving this company a one star is because I have to to write a review. I believe this company in pueblo west has put a fraudulent claim on my wife saying thier was hail damage to the trunk of car. It was a very little dent that I or my wife did not notice without being right up on the car. I am now fighting with this company over this claim they filed. There was no hail in my area and it was garaged except when my wife had to go to work. I honestly believe they are trying to get money out of us and believe they knew exactly what they were trying to do to us. The mannerisms and so forth before the final inspection of the car we rented. Please please protect yourself and take pics of everything before u rent the car for ur records. I'm never using this company ever again I hope you all do the same.

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    Updated: 7/31/2015

    Other then the taxi driver having no clue where to take us, we came from the train station at 7:30am Saturday morning, to pick up the car lol. Enterprise was amazing. Staff is supper nice they even allowed my husband to pick out our SUV. Which we LOVED and now want to buy one. When we returned the SUV to the enterprise 1400+ miles away they two had a great attitude. Enterprise only charged us what we expected them to charge us and not a penny more. We will use and recommend enterprise to anyone from now on.

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