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With the largest fleet in North America and a great selection of vehicles, Enterprise has it all. And, with more than 6,000 locations throughout the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland and Germany, we're always nearby. Pick Enterprise. We'll Pick You Up.®
Pick Enterprise. We'll Pick You Up.®
Free pick-up from your home, office or repair shop


* Everyday low rates, plus weekend and holiday specials * Additional savings for: AARP members Corporate account employees Military and government employees * Car damaged or stolen? Rentals arranged at little or no cost to you in many instances * Free pick-up from your home, office or repair shop


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  • by  on 09/28/2015

    Another great driving experience. Excellent value and service, coast hwy, Oceanside, ca.

  • by  on 09/25/2015

    Thanks to idiot at eneterprise who gave me misinformation I will now miss my son's graduation from the Marines. As I don't have thousands of dollars to rebook my plane tickets. Thanks asswpes

  • by  on 08/06/2015

    I made a reservation for while my car was being repaired and I guess they are total space cadets and forgot about my reservation because I was told they rented out all of their cars! reservations are made for a reason. I waited an hour more than I should have to get in a car. Seriously bad service!

  • by  on 05/27/2015

    BEWARE!!The only reason I am also giving this company a one star is because I have to to write a review. I believe this company in pueblo west has put a fraudulent claim on my wife saying thier was hail damage to the trunk of car. It was a very little dent that I or my wife did not notice without being right up on the car. I am now fighting with this company over this claim they filed. There was no hail in my area and it was garaged except when my wife had to go to work. I honestly believe they are trying to get money out of us and believe they knew exactly what they were trying to do to us. The mannerisms and so forth before the final inspection of the car we rented. Please please protect yourself and take pics of everything before u rent the car for ur records. I'm never using this company ever again I hope you all do the same.

  • by  on 04/29/2015

    Other then the taxi driver having no clue where to take us, we came from the train station at 7:30am Saturday morning, to pick up the car lol. Enterprise was amazing. Staff is supper nice they even allowed my husband to pick out our SUV. Which we LOVED and now want to buy one. When we returned the SUV to the enterprise 1400+ miles away they two had a great attitude. Enterprise only charged us what we expected them to charge us and not a penny more. We will use and recommend enterprise to anyone from now on.

  • by  on 03/14/2015

    ENTERPRISE HAS BECOME HORRIBLE. I rented a car and my insurance company was paying for a portion of the rental ($15/day). I had a credit card on file to cover the balance. My insurance benefit for rental coverage expired during the rental period, and instead of just charging the entire rental cost to the credit card on file, they threatened to report the car stolen if I did not return the car immediatly. NO EXCUSE FOR THAT. The only reason I even give one star is because it is required to submit the review.

  • by  on 03/12/2015

    Called Enterprise to make a reservation. They told me they could not pick me up at my home, it was to far away. However, the COULD pick me up at the body shop where my car is scheduled to be fixed. When I attempted to tell Rex (the agent) that the auto body shop IS farther away from the Enterprise location, he hung up on me. DO NOT USE ENTERPRISE. If they treat people like this when making a reservation, I can only imagine how they treat you if you have a problem with their rental vehicles!

  • by  on 12/12/2014

    Fraudulent Damage Claim Enterprise Car Rental Nov. 12, 2014 When I stopped in the location on 16th Street, Cedar Rapids, IA the attendant told me he had nothing available that I could drop off in another state and gave me a card to call the airport location. I walked back to the CRST terminal training center in 21 degree weather and called, acidently getting the hotline not the direct line. She set me up with. a car. The man from the 16th St. location called me back and I quote with an agitated voice said " I told you I didn't have a car and to call the air port location and press five to talk to them directly." I called the air port location. She told me they did have a car. I replied that I was getting frustrated and they could be more help. She hung up on me ( did not use any fowl language). I called the Dodge Street location. The gentleman found a car for me, had me picked up in an hour as promised and in the car within 15 min of arriving. Dec 12, 2014, I received a call at 8:00 eastern, I'm a commercial driver so it was just after 5:00am in AZ., claiming that there was damage to the hood, roof and trunk of the car. I don't even know how that kind of damage could be done. The car was fine when we dropped it off at 4:00am. When we said we will have our lawyer contact them, the woman said it was fine, I filed a waiver and she will close out the claim. I am still looking into this fraudulent claim.


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