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Cintas Uniforms & Work Apparel

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More than five million people go to work every day in a Cintas uniform including employees from McDonald's, W Hotels, Royal Caribbean and many more. Now, with Carhartt Apparel available for rent exclusively from Cintas, your employees will appreciate the durability and unparalleled quality they receive from Carhartt clothing when on the job, while enjoying the laundry, repair and replacement benefits that accompany a Cintas Uniform Rental Program. Get a no-obligation quote on the uniform program that is right for you: Uniform Rental Whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation, we at Cintas can tailor a Uniform Rental Program to fit your budget and needs. Unlike some other uniform companies out there today, we focus on contemporary retail-inspired rental uniforms for both men and women. Our women's uniforms have been designed with a woman's body in mind, and we keep up with today's styles because we know image is everything. Lease Uniforms If you are considering leasing uniforms for your employees, you understand that a good impression is important for your business. Cintas offers a leasing program that is cost-effective and efficient. Although the individual employee is responsible for cleaning the garments, we take care of size changes, repairs, replacements and initial outfitting of your entire staff.
Apparel to fit every employee and every budget.
Carhartt Rental Apparel Exclusively from Cintas.


Cintas Service Offerings * Uniform Rental * Uniform Leasing * Online Purchases * Uniform Design & Customization * Logos & Embroidery Custom Solutions: * Automotive Uniforms * Building Cleaning Uniforms * Casino Uniforms * Equipment Rental Uniforms * Food Processing Uniforms * Healthcare Uniforms * HVAC Uniforms * Lawn & Garden Uniforms * Lodging Uniforms * Pest Control Uniforms * Restaurant Uniforms * Supermarket Uniforms * Veterinary Uniforms A full-service uniform program from Cintas will take care of your employee's daily wardrobe hassles, and it costs less than it would cost to buy an employee a cup of coffee and a doughnut each day. Our qualified Cintas representatives are standing by; let us help select the best program for your needs.


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  • by  on 10/28/2014

    they suck I hate Cintas dirty uniforms dirty cloths no excuses

  • by  on 06/16/2014

    everything written here is 100% true except the obviously company provided review from Dixie S. Call them for a free quote?? come on. total BS. They are absolutely terrible. The inflated uniform costs and auto renew long contracts are the least of your worries. we signed a year long contract and they immediately started bugging us to renew it the next week. Apparently 5 years is their shortest contract. Uniforms weren't cleaned properly. Kept raising the price on us. Said we owed them for late fees and not paying the bill when I faxed them a copy of the Online receipt with a confirmation number proving we had paid it. I would rate them as no stars if it would let me

  • by  on 09/12/2013

    I was a long time customer. Beware of signing any long term agreement with them, because if you no longer need something they will not reduce your weekly service amount. They will also hold you to the end of your term (currently 5-years!!). The general manager is NOT your friend. Just a warning. Also a BIG warning - Your contract turns over ON ITS OWN. If you do not tell them of your intent to not renew within 60-days, it will renew for ANOTHER FIVE YEARS. Also, replacement items (shirt, pants, etc) albeit decent quality, are charged to you at a greatly inflated rate than what you could buy on your own. And no, our items were not embellished or printed. A typical pair of work pants ran about $100...and that was a replacement pair for a garment that was about 2-years old and worn to threads (and paid rent on for 104 weeks). So, you buy it TWICE at least. They will not ask you before they replace and charge you for an item. That is up to them and not you, the customer. So even if you didn't think the item needed replacing, they will do so and charge you. You do NOT own any garment, even though you paid $$ for it up front and pay weekly rental on it. Still not yours. Ever. Bottom line: Gouge, gouge, gouge. If you don't mind, and have an open wallet, go ahead. But if you do mind, go to a uniform supply store, buy your garments at a reasonable price, and clean them yourself. Give your employees a monthly stipend for cleaning their clothes and put your hard earned money to better use. Whew!

  • by  on 02/26/2013

  • by  on 09/30/2012

  • I love how cheap their clothes...
    by  on 08/10/2012

    I love how cheap their clothes are. cheap but has good quality. I will definitely go back here next week once i get my salary. time to put my the best clothe on for my business presentation

  • They continue to bring less an...
    by  on 12/21/2011

    They continue to bring less and less uniforms a week. On the invoice they are saying we have 218 uniforms. today they brought us 9. We issue two to each driver per week and they sign for them. i personally count them when they return them and then issue two more. i have to keep ordering more and more uniforms per week because cintas is so terrible with their service. worse yet, they charge they same amount to clean uniforms whether we send back one or we send back 50. I am in the process of changing companies and i recommend no one ever uses them.

  • DO NOT USE! Cintas has basica...
    by  on 11/16/2011

    DO NOT USE! Cintas has basically NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. Fell bad for anyone still "stuck" with them. We jumped ship to a local company.


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