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Bee Removal Specialist is the right decision when selecting a professional bee removal company. We are not only bee removal guys but also beekeepers. We love honey bees and we try to save them every chance we get. Live bee removal is offered in most citie that we service. We also understand that because of their size, they often times get into those little areas that are nearly impossible to reach let alone remove the bee hive alive. When we send out a bee removal specialist, he will do his best to properly solve your bee hive problem. Each and every one of our bee guys has been trained by the best and has gained much knowledge by personal experience. Our favorite bee call is when someone has a swarm of bees on their property. The bees will either group up on a tree branch, bush or just attach themselves under the eave of a house. We remove these bees carefully by either vacuuming them up with a bee vac or simply shaking them into a bee box. The bees are then transferred to our own bee apiary or to another local beekeeper. Bee removal,termite control, & pest control services is what we do.
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Nationwide Services Available! Live Bee Removal and Repair.


Bee Removal, Live Bee Removal, Beekeeper, Wasp Control, African bees, Killer bee extermination


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  • by  on 05/08/2015

    Called on Wed. evening, came when I scheduled for Fri. afternoon. I thought I had honey bees, but when he came and looked, and said no, these are mason bees. They don't produce anything, but breed a lot and are good in orchards or if you have a lot of flowers. Neither of which I have. I felt bad because these types of bees are not re-homed, and since I was selling the house, they had to be exterminated. Would recommend.

  • by  on 04/14/2015

    From the time I called this morning about the swarm of bees in the oleanders next to my driveway, Clinton was very professional and helpful. I was very concerned that the bees be moved but not be harmed and as a beekeeper, Clinton completely understood. Their day was already booked, so put me down as their last call sometime after 5:30--with an hour plus drive to get here from their base in Riverside. As it turns out, the bees left on their own accord, but I would call them again in a minute. Their service is great!

  • by  on 04/08/2015

    Very impressed with their service. Call this afternoon to remove the bee hive behind our building. Several hours later Jim the removal specialist came to take care of it. He explained the process and removed over 20.000 bees with its hives . the price was cheaper then any other estimates that I got over the phone. Thanks for the good job. Much appreciate it.

  • by  on 06/09/2014

    Mitzi M. Lima, ohio I called around 7:30 pm on Friday night. The responders were Buckeye bee and wasp removal out of springfield ohio were here that night. They were professional and very informative and were able to get the swarm of honey bees, which totaled 10,000 to 15,000 bees, out of the bush safely and we were able to observe the bees up close. Thanx guys great job.

  • by  on 12/01/2013

    Called on a Sunday morning and they were at my house within an hour! Professional, cordial, and best of all removed what turned out to be one heck of a large hive of over 150,000 bees! Will follow up to remove the other bees that are out foraging, but absolutely the best service I have received in a very long time! You guys are my heroes! Thank you!

  • by  on 06/12/2013

    Step by step instructions given by Michele that made me feel calm. You just felt that feeling of trust. I called three other companies and none made me feel the same.Jim the bee man was also very informative. Told me everything he was going to do before he did it. Explained all details with a desire for us to understand. I would never every go to anyone else. I am very thankful I found them and would suggest everyone to call them as well.

  • by  on 05/14/2013

    Honey Bees invaded my patio and decided to create a hive in the ceiling to my patio cover - Thankfully my call for help was answered quickly, my questions answered and a licensed beekeeper was on site the same day! The bees were quickly removed - and the area was treated to prevent further infestations. Not only were their prices the lowest, I am promised the longest warranty of any company I had called - through the remainder of the calendar year. Overall, I couldn't be more satisfied!!!

  • by  on 05/03/2013

    Bees had nested in the eves of the house. Quite an active hive and annoying. A portion of the eve was removed to obtain access to the hive. The hive comb was removed completely. Then using a solution that included bleach and soap the hive area was thoroughly cleansed. They packed the hollow cavity with pink insulation and repaired the opening. The call was made to several Bee removal companies but the Bee Safe company was the most reasonable, cost wise. They were courteous and patient with explanations of the process. Arrival was punctual and services performed as outlined to remove the bees. To date no return of the bee infestation has occurred. It now makes trimming and mowing much less stressful. This is a service provider I would highly recommend and as for return service if ever had a bee problem again.


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