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Taking advantage of vast warehouses across the United States, we stock over 1 million titles for immediate delivery -- that's more titles than any other online bookseller. With so many titles, it is vital to give customers an easy way to find precisely the books they are looking for. Our search engine enables customers to locate books by title, author, or keyword in a few seconds at most. Customers with a general idea of what they want can use our Browse pages to sift through hundreds of categories to find exactly the right book. To further assist users, we offer descriptions and reviews, and our See Inside program lets customers read excerpts from tens of thousands of titles. We also offer editor recommendations and customer reviews on hundreds of thousands of titles. In 2009, Barnes & also became a leader in eBooks, offering over 1 million titles in its eBooks store and launching nook, the world's most advanced eBook reader, that features groundbreaking lending technology, a color touch screen and lets readers download books in seconds. If you are looking for rare books, or just lower-priced books, our Used & Out of Print offers millions more titles, including signed and first editions, from our network approved of booksellers. Just add their books to your Cart and we'll make sure they get to you. Barnes & has also created a number of thorough, easy-to-use stores, including Audiobooks, MP3 Audiobooks, Award Winners, Libros en espaƱol, and Bargain Books.
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    Updated: 2 months agoPosted: 2 months ago

    When I went here to shop for some books, I was surprised with how organized and clean the place is. There's no problem with their customer service.

  • Updated: 2 months agoPosted: 2 months ago

    When I went here, I was so lucky that I was able to purchase the book I am looking for at a discounted price. The assistant is really helpful. He helped me find what I needed!

  • Updated: 11/6/2015Posted: 11/6/2015

    Book stores are dangerous for me in the same way that Target is dangerous. And I always seem to forget that I don't have hours and hours and hours to read anymore.

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    Updated: 7/31/2015Posted: 7/7/2015

    Very helpful and doesn't cost to much for each use like 411.

  • No longer in SB
    user avatar
    Updated: 7/31/2015Posted: 11/10/2014

    I have a gift card for 25.00 where could I use it at? No longer in Santa Barbara

  • Store Events
    Updated: 7/31/2015Posted: 7/21/2013

    I'm so impressed with this stores events that are taking place. They have events for my children nearly every weekend. My daughter is attending their Fancy Nancy Tea Party this next weekend. It gives our family something to do often while being surrounded by knowledge! I recommend to all!

  • Updated: 7/31/2015Posted: 3/30/2013

  • Updated: 7/31/2015Posted: 3/15/2013

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    Updated: 7/31/2015Posted: 3/13/2013

  • user avatar
    Updated: 7/31/2015Posted: 3/2/2013

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