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Partners in pet care since 1955 - that's Banfield.

Partnerships. Teamwork. Collaboration. Back in 1955, a veterinarian by the name of Warren J. Wegert had a vision to make human-quality medicine available to pet owners living in Portland, Oregon. Since that time, Banfield Pet Hospital has lived that promise and promoted the philosophy that the best relationships are formed when people work together.

Our commitment to partnerships led PetSmart, the nation's largest retailer of pet‐related products and services for pets and their families, to ask Banfield to help bring high‐quality veterinary care to their customers by opening pet hospitals in their stores. Early on, Mars Incorporated, a family‐owned business, realized Banfield's potential and made a commitment to support our vision of providing collaborative care and support to our patients and clients.

Today, we're more than 800 hospitals strong.


In 2007, Banfield joined the Mars family of businesses, and together we work to ensure pets receive the highest level of care so they can live longer, healthier lives. Today, Banfield is more than 800 hospitals strong, with the common goal of providing high‐quality medicine for each pet we treat and working alongside our clients to ensure they have the resources they need to care for their pets at home.

At Banfield, we celebrate and enrich the family‐pet relationship through our knowledge, expertise and products to make a better world for pets and people. We are the leader in innovations like Optimum Wellness Plans, now in place for two decades with more than 1 million pets enrolled, and the first and most extensive quality-assurance program in the industry. And, our hospitals provide the finest, most convenient human‐quality medical services available, as well as industry‐leading anesthesia protocols and equipment. We understand the special bond between pets and people. The caring and compassionate veterinary teams at Banfield will help ensure your pet stays with your family longer.

Together for the life of your pet


At Banfield, we know pets often get sick or need attention in the evenings or on weekends, which is why we're open later and have Saturday and Sunday hours at most of our locations. Plus, most of our pet hospitals are conveniently located inside PetSmart® stores so that you can take care of all your pet care needs in one trip. And because we know you work and have busy schedules, we offer options for dropping your pet off early in the morning, when it's convenient for you.


Banfield Veterinary Services

Banfield veterinarians and technicians are skilled at treating a variety of pet health concerns. From the time your pet becomes a part of your family, you can count on your local veterinarian to work in partnership with you to provide the best pet healthcare available - from preventive care to surgery, pet emergency care and more.

Preventive Care

Banfield veterinarians focus on preventive care, which allows for early diagnosis to reduce your pet's risk of contracting serious, costly and sometimes fatal diseases. By partnering with you to make sure your pet receives proper vaccinations, parasite control, good nutrition, behavior training and more, we can help your pet live a longer, healthier, happier life.

Learn more about how our Optimum Wellness Plans help provide the care your pet needs to maintain optimal health.

Emergency Care

We recognize that even with appropriate preventive healthcare, emergencies can occur. Rest assured that your Banfield veterinary team is ready to provide emergency veterinary care should your pet need it.

Surgery Care

Your Banfield surgery team utilizes many of the same safety measures as human hospitals. This includes pre-surgery blood work to make sure your pet is healthy enough for surgery. We perform most blood work at our in-house laboratory.

And depending on the urgent nature of the surgery, pre‐surgical abnormalities will be addressed, drug selections may be modified and sometimes surgeries are postponed or even canceled until the surgical team feels the surgery is safe to perform.

Once anesthesia is deemed safe for the patient, we use specialized monitoring equipment to track vital signs and pay close attention to ensure the best possible outcome for your pet.


Dental Care

Healthy teeth and gums are one of the best healthcare gifts you can give your pet. And it's important you follow your veterinarian's advice on maintaining your pet's dental health. Your local veterinarian will help you develop a dental plan right for your pet, including professional dental cleanings at Banfield, any necessary extractions, as well as diet, pet nutrition and recommendations for a good at‐home dental care routine.

Periodontal disease can be prevented, treated and even reversed if caught early. Together, you and your Banfield veterinarian can protect your pet against the havoc of periodontal disease, such as heart disease and kidney failure, by maintaining your pet's dental health.

Microchipping Services

Banfield recommends you microchip your pet with the TruePaws® program powered by Home Again, which provides your pet with a unique identification number via a microchip permanently stored beneath your pet's skin. This identification number is then saved in our national database, which is linked to your pet's medical record. This increases the chances that your pet will be returned to you if he is lost and loses his collar and tags.


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  • by  on 12/04/2015

    Do not get sucked into the wellness plan! Everytime I take my dog in I see a different vet who tells me something completely opposite of the vet before. My dog has skin issues and everytime I leave there I have all these expensive treatments and none work. You can't get in if you have a emergency we have been going there for 5 years now! I am not renewing my contract with them it's a waste!

  • by  on 10/03/2015

    SAVED MY DOG & PUPPIES LIVES! CHOOSE A VET, not a company! Banfield in Edmond, OK has been great, but that is often due to individuals who have committed themselves to their profession & their love of animals.My regular vet was "unavailable" when my Scottish Terrier had 6 puppies in a snowstorm. I'd tried repeatedly to get help from said vet, but the techs kept putting me off. I finally went to Banfield desperate as I had been watching all pups & mom dying. They took care of me immediately, giving meds for free when I didn't have enough money to pay in full. They saved the lives of five pups & mom & today I have 3 beautiful girls.

  • by  on 07/05/2015

    spent thousands in surgery for my dog at this hospital. my dog is in pain and although their open on Sunday,they said sorry were all booked up. They don't care about your animal or how much you have previously spent. The most uncaring vet I have ever experienced.

  • by  on 06/20/2015

    Please do not take your pets to Benfield!!!! I took my 14 year old cat there to the one in Robinson Township, PA for a lump over his eye. The vet talked to me about a procedure that they could do to relieve the swelling, check for any other possible lumps in his head and chest in the event it was cancer. They also said they'd send a fluid sample out to somewhere still unknown to me to check for cancer. $500 plus medications later there is NO difference in my cats eye and "they do not know what is wrong with him" I was then told to take him elsewhere because they are not equipped to handle this. They advertise full service! Their "insurance" is also a joke. It covers nothing hardly at all! For the money I'm charged per month you'd think they'd cover their nail clipping when I bring the cats in for their shots. Also I do not feel comfortable when they take my cats to the back and bring them back to me all upset and shaking. The car ride is stressful enough getting them to the vet than to put them through being separated by their owner. I do not trust that they're even doing what they're supposed to! A couple times they were supposed to clip the cats nails and when I got them home their nails were not clipped. I was charged $11 per cat. They said they'd do it 'free' the next time I came in. It's not free when I paid for a service I did not receive. I do not believe they did anything good for my one 14 year old cat but remove a bad tooth.

  • by  on 06/09/2015

    Please do not take your pets to Banfield!! My 3 lb Chihuahua had torn her dew claw. They would not let me stay with her and I could hear her screaming in the back!!! When they brought her back out to me, she was trembling and covered in sweat. They did not even give her anything for the pain! They just clipped it and wrapped it up. I swore I would never take another one of my babies there, no matter what!! They don't even deserve a single star.

  • by  on 03/05/2015

    We really did want this to work. It sounded great, spreading our dogs veterinarian costs over a year. The trouble is, they call you to bring them in for a 'comprehensive' visit which includes way too many vaccinations and a lot of expensive things that are 'not covered' by your plan. If your poor pet gets ill, they really don't want to mess with you. You don't even get to go in while they examine your animal. They get dropped off and you pick them up and get a 'report' on what was done, and sometimes it takes hours. This is very stressful for a dog. And usually a balance is owed for the medicine, if needed, which is not cheap. You have to discuss whatever it is that was done in front of other customers, and there is really no organization involved. The vet may or may not make an appearance at all! When I take my dogs to the vet, I want to talk one on one about what's wrong, in a private exam room - not in the middle of PetSmart, with people everywhere around me. There's more to dog's health care than being stuck with a needle and giving a pill. I just don't believe this is good veterinary care. No matter how good the vets may be, this is not a professional, caring place to bring your animals. They are only interested in money and pleasing their business associates and affiliates, who in turn provide food and/or medicine through their prescription. It's a racket. Take your pets to a real vet, if you love them and want them to live long and happy lives. I've learned my lesson.

  • very very satisfied
    by  on 02/06/2015

    I have a golden rotweiller mix and 3 cats. Whenever I have taken any of my animals to Banfield in Amherst NY, I have never been anything but pleased. The staff and vets treat my animals with respect and kindness. My dog is afraid of the vets and needs medication for her anxiety and the vets are very willing to work with me. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

  • by  on 11/19/2014

    The Banfield in the Creekside Petsmart in New Braunfels, TX is amazing! I'm even on a first name basis with some of the staff and they are all so invested in the continued well being of my pets. Their insurance/pet plans have honestly saved me a lot of money as a college student and my Mother (who is INTENSE about her animals) knows that Dr. Williams is incredibly invested in his work. He will talk to her about her cat's health anytime she wants and they are all so nice. I'm truly over the moon about this place.

  • worst vet ever..
    by  on 11/09/2014

    Waited 20 minutes on the phone for an answer about whether or not they do flea baths. My reply... "I'm sorry sir but I'm not sure if we do or not. Please come in with the cat and we will see then if we can or not." Told them I was a woman... obvious woman voice. Response was "oh... well you sound like a man." VERY RUDE!! So I brought my cat up and was told no we do not do flea baths. We also do not give flea medicine without first having to confirm that the animal has fleas. I held up my cat to show her the neck fur where the fleas were... she said im sorry but you have to make an appointment first... all they want is money. Wasted gas going up there for no help. Ps. Got their medicine.. and my cat still has fleas.. never helped her once, just made her fur she'd faster than normal. And gave her a rash. Terrible service. Would not recommend them. Try pro vet. Much better place. Or the siloam vet. Also a lot cheaper on their prices.

  • by  on 10/06/2014

    HORRIBLE! Went in for a semi-urgent issue with our 13 year old pug. He had a large growth that had appeared on his leg over night. We were told it would be a 15 minute wait. We waited. And waited. After 35 minutes (of no one keeping us informed) we were told we were next. We waited some more. And some more. After ANOTHER 40 minutes and not hearing a word from ANYONE that worked there, we walked out and went to another vet. NEVER AGAIN!!!

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