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General Info

Storage and Convenience

With U-verse Internet, you'll have virtually unlimited e-mail storage, plus all the convenience of Yahoo!

  • AT&T Mail includes 11 email accounts with virtually

unlimited storage, POP access, SPAM guard and

email forwarding.

  • AT&T Toolbar for one-click access to AT&T Yahoo! pages.
  • Access to free Yahoo! services.
  • AT&T Yahoo! Messenger with enhanced voice

communication that allows voice-centric features

such as call logs and voicemail.

  • Integrated Flickr® access.
  • Includes on-the-go access to the entire national AT&T

Wi-Fi Hot Spot network at no extra charge.

Safety and Security

U-verse Internet offers powerful online protection:

  • Virus and spyware protection – Detects, blocks, and removes viruses, spyware, and adware before they get to your PC.
  • Two-way firewall protection – Protects and conceals your computer from hackers.
  • McAfee SiteAdvisor® – Adds security ratings to websites to help you avoid online dangers and alerts you to websites that may try to steal your identity.
  • SpamGuard to separate unsolicited junk email from genuine messages.
  • Disposable Email Addresses (DEA) to protect your privacy and protect your email account from abuse such as junk mail and offensive email content.
  • Pop-Up Catcher to prevent annoying pop-up ads.
  • Parental Controls to let you control and limit what your children see or do on the Web.

Super Fast Router

The high-performance router distributes data seamlessly – and at incredible speeds – to all of the computers on your home network, without compromising performance.

Professional Grade Firewall

Defends your home network against common Internet threats such as Distributed Denial of Service attacks. With a simple configuration, Residential Gateway software is upgradeable and future updates are made automatically


Wireless Gateway

The Wireless Gateway is located inside your house and uses electrical power to deliver all your U-verse services, including U-verse High Speed Internet. This smart technology allows you to:

  • Provide high speed Internet connections to multiple home computers.
  • Create safe and secure wireless home networking.
  • Provide Wi-Fi connections for devices such as Smartphones and Netbooks.
  • Connect to personal devices such as W-Fi cameras, network printers, and mass storage drives.

Battery Backup

The Battery Backup allows your U-verse services to function during a power outage. To conserve the battery during a power outage, AT&T recommends you don't use any U-verse services other than U-verse Voice until power is restored. With a new, fully charged backup battery, you should receive approximately four hours of battery backup power.


Speed, reliability, and connectivity you deserve
Speed, reliability, and connectivity you deserve


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  • by  on 07/29/2013

    I hope some other company buys out AT&T in the Lindsborg, Kansas area as they never update or expand their services.

  • by  on 04/15/2013

  • by  on 04/05/2013

  • horrible
    by  on 11/17/2012

    I moved my service to my new address and wasn't told that I wouldn't be able to get anything faster than a slow crawl for internet service. Then the autopsy I had setup wouldn't go through. I called to make sure my bill was paid multiple time but I was informed there was no balance to pay. 2 months later I'm told as I try to change my payment information that I owe bills for the past 6 months. No notifications to my email which is set up through them or anything... they're customer service is horrible no one can ever help me half their reps can't even find my account... don't get At&t all you'll get is the run around...

  • Dont waste your money get Comcast if you can
    by  on 08/21/2008

    I used to be a loyal "Happy" Comcast customer until i moved to an area that is not serviced by them. Now i have Bellsouth/ATT. Their internet is horrid, it goes out every time it rains even if the storm is not near us. The speed is also lacking they are sure to tell you that you "get up to 3mb"; however, with my speed i should be paying 1/2 the price. Spend the extra $5-10/mo and get speed 10x faster and more reliable with Comcast.

  • Never use anything else!
    by  on 02/05/2008

    I have had DSL with Bellsouth/ATT for the last 3 years and have never had a problem!

  • Fast
    by  on 01/11/2008

    My friend uses this service and likes it very much

  • unreliable, inconsistent,
    by  on 01/08/2008

    I subscribed to bellsouth highspeed DSL for 26 months & I had to call the DSL helpline at least 10 times. The connection was down every other month & every time it rained. They will not upgrade their infrastructure to improve their DSL connections for existing customers.I canceled them as of yesterday & it took 3 hours of phone calls to stop service & get reimbursed for the multiple days & month my DSL was down.I do not recommend them as a provider.


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