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Aspen Dental dentists are committed to treating you with the compassion and respect you deserve. They believe in providing care that addresses both your short- and long-term oral health needs. And they promise to give you comprehensive care in a judgment-free environment. Because at Aspen Dental, our dentists treat each patient as if they were family. If you’re a denture wearer, you can choose from seven styles of our exclusive ComfiDents® brand dentures, more diverse and affordable options than are available at traditional dental practices. Plus, our on-site denture lab means quick turnaround for denture repairs, relines or adjustments. Thanks to our convenient locations and extended office hours, including evenings and select Saturdays, scheduling an appointment is easy! You can schedule your appointment by phone Monday - Saturday, 7am - 9pm EST. Or visit us online to schedule an appointment. Walk-in patients and emergencies are welcome.
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We’re doing whatever it takes to give America a healthy mouth. And we believe a healthy mouth is one that’s both comfortable & happy. That’s why we’re guaranteeing your money back if you’re not happy with your dentures.

Our Denture Money Back Guarantee applies to all full & partial Comfidents® Dentures & covers the cost of the dentures only, fees for other treatments & services are not included. Patients must submit a refund request within 90 days after final insert or hard reline. The original dentures must be returned to Aspen Dental within 90 days after that request.


Check-Ups, Crowns & Bridges, Denture Repair & Relining, Denture Replacement, Emergency Dental Care, Fillings, Gum Disease, Oral Surgery, Root Canals, Teeth Whitening (not available at all locations), Digital X-Rays, Oral Hygiene, Oral Cancer Screening, Basic Full Dentures, Classic Full Dentures, Dental Implants


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  • by  on 11/14/2015

    Worse dentures, my husband has had them for 4 months and has now lost 4 teeth. The 4 he lost are all from the tops. The fit is horrible and they keep coming up with excuses why, all his fault according to them. They say it's because he has gum disease. Funny, his 40 year old teeth still fit tight and he has no issuer with them other then they are worn out! They told him there is nothing else they can do but refuse to give us our money back. The bottom teeth he got were a hole different story, he can't keep them in for anything. They keep telling him to try a different glue! Ever heard of such a thing? I wish I had checked them out before spending 2,000.00! Don't waste your money!

  • by  on 10/22/2015

    Just had 2 teeth pulled and 3 fillings done at one visit. Office staff was very professional and the price was very reasonable. Bad dentistry from a different company caused some of my dental problems. I went to 3 different dental offices before deciding on Aspen Dental in SLW. They were honest about the dental work I needed at a very reasonable price. I'll strongly recommend them to my friends.

  • by  on 10/06/2015

    Said my husband needed over $800 worth of periodontal & gingivitis treatment, LIARS, went & got a second opinion from a hometown Dentist, not a Corporate Mill. Didn't tell new dentist anything, they said "you can tell you take good care of your teeth" Of course we knew that, my husband flosses every night, uses Pro Health Toothpaste & mouthwash, gets check ups every 6 months. We had to pay again at the new dentist, was happy to give them our money, but when I went in person to talk to Aspen Mgmt, Mariel Marrero, she said she would not refund us the $29. It is the principle now, not the money. I filed a BBB complaint and any other Yahoo, Florida Today, MerchantCircle, YellowPages etc reviews that I can!!!

  • by  on 10/05/2015

    Worst DDS I have ever seen Many lawsuits throughout the states it does biz Literly thousands of complaints throughout the Internet Ccomsumer report really kills this company

  • by  on 09/24/2015

    They made me feel bad for not spending thousands on fixing all of my teeth. They claim to offer something for a little anxiety, but when I asked them about it and told them i am afraid of the dentist, they told me "oh, you ll be fine" and "you don't need anything (except the novocaine) Unless you are a rich super hero, I wouldn't suggest this place!

  • by  on 09/14/2015

    Wanted to get a bad tooth pulled hey said I had to get an exam first so I made a two week appt, which they later canceled and rescheduled for two weeks later. After the exam the dentist told me I needed my tooth pulled (really) so they made me an appt. for three weeks out Jan 30th. Today I get a call and they say the Doctor wont be in on Fri and the soonest he can see me is the 25th of February I stated I was in pain to which she said she was sorry and my tooth ace immediately went away(sarcasm). So I called back very upset stating that this all started in Dec with a toothache the woman was rude so I told her to F of and cancel my appt. About ten minutes later the office manager calls and says its not there fault I said why did you not give me a referral she said they could not and hung up on me.

  • by  on 08/15/2015

    I have had my teeth for 9 months and can not get any results from Aspen Dental , my teeth fit poorly, I can't eat anything unless I take my teeth out, paid almost 4000.00 for these teeth and the are the worst I have ever had, shame on you, your as bad as a puppy mill I will be looking for another doctor to do my implant, you people are not professional at all

  • by  on 08/13/2015

    Visited two offices in Orlando Area, Aspen by UCF and Aspen in Hunters Creek area. I visted twice and both times, I was told an outrageous amount it would cost out of of pocket. Listening to them, I would have thought I would have never been to a dentist. Buyer beware, stay far away. Absolute crooks, they upsale everything. A simple teeth cleaning was well over $300.

  • by  on 07/16/2015

    Aspen Dental in Crestview, FL is all about cramming patient after patient into their understaffed and frankly callous office; they definitely slept through any classes on patient empathy or chair-side manners, never once seeming to care if they inflict undue pain and never appear to listen to the patient's response, definitely do not seem to care about the patient's feelings. When calling about a problem with my wife's denture fit the Dentist practically called her a liar and said that she exaggerated her pain responses. BTW I've treated patients for over 30 years and I would never treat a patient with such disregard.

  • by  on 06/02/2015

    Aspen Dental in Brighton, MI My experience at Aspen Dental was almost equivalent to what Indigo said below. What I want to tell people is also NEVER go to Aspen Dental chain. Even if this is only dental office in your area which accepts HMO that has very limited network. Better to go little out of your area and find somebody else. The office manager at this Aspen Dental is such a bad person who tries to charge me for office visit copay which does not even exist in my insurance pay schedule even after my insurance co told her not to charge me for that. Also she tried to additionally bill me for a completely covered service which she already got fully paid for by my insurance co (She said she did not get paid by my insurance but my insurance co said they did) . The reason why ended up visiting this office was because this was the closest dentist which accepts HMO and I had an exclusive pain in one of my teeth. The dentist at this Aspen Dental inspected and found nothing wrong in my mouth and I continued to have the same pain for another week so I went to a periodontist suspecting a gum disease. The periodontist told me I certainly had a dental abscess and to go to endodontist for root canal. Due to my insurance rule, my dentist office which is Aspen Dental must have written me a referral for endodontist but the office manager refused to write me the referral for the necessary treatment while I was still suffering from the strong pain. All in all, my insurance co and the endodontist office were nice enough to make my insurance work out for my root canal. The list of wrong doing by this office manager is going on and on.... So I would warn anybody living near Brighton not to go to this dental office. They are like a scammer. Don't make yourself a victim of their scam business. I cannot believe they are still open for business.

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