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Angel Medflight Worldwide Air Ambulance

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Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance Services is committed to exceeding customer's needs and expectations. Experience the One Touch Angel Promise: Compassion and Professionalism encompassing every detail. We handle care of any issues relating to logistical transport- flight plans, passports and customs, professional. Depending on Medical condition, our medical staff includes Board Certified Emergency Room Medical Doctors, ER Physician assistants, Certified Critical Care Flight Nurses, Certified Critical Care Flight Paramedics and Respiratory Therapists. Our highly trained staff will arrange for every aspect of the patient transportation in order to lift the burden from family members. On each transfer accommodation of two or three extremely skilled practitioners with greater than five years of experience will accompany the patient. Safety is the number one concern of every Angel MedFlight employee. Online Reservations and Information will be available 24 hours per day and 365 days per year. Mr. John Shufeldt, MD, JD, MBA, FACEP is our Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director. Mr. Shufeldt has become a very well established Board Certified Emergency Medicine physician throughout the United States. Dr. Shufeldt serves in numerous positions such as Emergency Room Director for St. Joseph's Hospital (Level One Trauma Center- Phoenix, AZ), Medical Director for Native Air Ambulance Services and author of several Adult and Pediatric Publications and books.

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  • user avatar
    Posted: 2/1/2015

    i need a medical how can i get that?i don't have any insurance..

  • Angel MedFlight saved the life of my grandaughter
    Updated: 1/11/2013Posted: 9/11/2009

    I had very little experience with any other air ambulance companies. Or, better put: the two calls I did make, and the responses by those people, were rather brief; each called me back with the quote of an enormous sum of money, which put the whole idea out of the realm of possibility. Ariel has Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts. I had stayed in the States to deal with things here, and I had daily contact with Blue Card. After Ariel had been in the ICU for about ten days, and had been transferred to the orthopedic floor, Blue Card calls me and says:"She is ready to fly to Boston where she desperately needed the adequate care not available in France, on an air ambulance". I was overjoyed. For about ten seconds. Blue Card continued, telling me that Ariel's policy "does not pay for repatriation." They told me how much the flight would cost ($58,000 for a stretcher and medical person on a regular flight, more for an air ambulance.), and that the family would have to pay for it. They added that we could appeal this, and indicated that they would start this appeal process. I did not hear back from Blue Card about the appeal. And my calls to several air ambulance places only informed me about the huge expense. It was only after the Angel MedFlight crew told me to press Blue Card for a response (as they have a fiduciary legal obligation under ERISA The federal law governing most health insurance plans) that BlueCross of Massachusetts provided a response that was completely erroneous and not in compliance with ERISA. Around this time, a friend of the family mentioned Angel Medflight. While I didn't think calling would be any different than the other air ambulance places I had called, I did place the call. Now, this felt hard to believe. I told Jeremy that Ariel's mother was on SSDI that the family would be financially depressed by paying for such services. Jeremy said both that he wanted to do this, but, also, that he was a businessman and he would rather ensure that the premiums we pay to our BlueCross Massachusetts plan serves to ensure we get the coverage we are entitled under the BlueCross BlueShield MA Plan. I wasn't sure what to do. I called Blue Card again, this time telling them that if I did not hear back from them about the appeal that I was going to go with a private air ambulance (Angel MedFlight). They told me they would get back to me the next day about the appeal. The next day they told me Blue Cross still refused to pay. The next day came a call I will not ever forget: It was Chandra. She asked me "Want some good news?" "Sure" I said. "We're getting her". I was floored, speechless. Then sobbing. That was on Friday. By Sunday night Angel Medflight wheeled Ariel into the ICU at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. So, in answer to your question: what was different was that Jeremy really wanted to get her to Boston where she desperately needed the adequate care not available in France. And Angel MedFlight made a calculated decision to represent my family in order to ensure that BlueCross BlueShield Massachusetts held to their fiduciary legal obligations under federal insurance laws. So I guess I could say that what was different was that Angel Medflight REALLY CARED. This was clear from my first call. And, believe me; it was actually quite hard to believe you were for real; that this wasn't a trick of some kind; A company that does things because they sincerely want to help? What a concept. So that's what it is: Angel MedFlight is for real. And it kept feeling that way until I was told that Angel Medflight had just wheeled Ariel out of her room at Beaujon Hospital. (I heard that, upon meeting your medics, Ariel said "Oh, you speak English. I'm so relieved.") Sometimes too good to be true just turns out to be good, really good. Sincerely, Diane M. Greene, Ph.D.

  • Thank You!
    Updated: 6/11/2015Posted: 8/27/2009

    Angel MedFlight recently transported my mother, who was in a car accident while vacationing in Florida. She was in a different state from a specialist she needed to see. Angel MedFlight set up the flight extremely fast! I worked with one flight coordinator the entire time who not only gave me great service, but was very sympathetic to my family's situation. Angel MedFlight's patient advocates also worked with her insurance company, making this trip very inexpensive to us. I hope I never have another situation requiring it, but if I do I would certainly use Angel MedFlight's services in the future.

  • Great Experience
    Updated: 6/11/2015Posted: 8/27/2009

    Angel MedFlight conducted a family member's transport a few weeks ago. Their flight coordinators and medical staff were very freindly, and professional. In addition, their legal team worked with my insurance company when my claim was originally denied, resulting in little out-of-pocket expenses. No other air ambulance company was willing to help with my insurance company. The services provided by Angel MedFlight made our transport as stress-free as possible, and I would be willing to recommend their services to anybody.

  • mr. Corakis
    Updated: 6/11/2015Posted: 1/2/2009

    Used this air medical serivice and they di the best. My Mom was in Florida Hospital and needed to get home ASAP, and they did it and handled the Insurance billing. Thanks Angel Medflight


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