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All State Van Lines Relocation

Serving the San Francisco, CA area
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All State Van Lines Relocation is an elite moving broker than can take care all of your relocation needs. From help with packing, loading and unloading to providing you with an affordable, personalized moving quote. Call Us Today !
We Move Thousands of Happy Families Yearly!
We Move Thousands of Happy Families Yearly!


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  • by  on 05/15/2015

    The move went well. The movers help box everything. They helped with loading and unloading and they reassembled my stuff.

  • by  on 05/14/2015

    Excellent move. Was very satisfied with everything. The movers, the timing and the handling of my property. Very professional. Will use them again.

  • by  on 05/12/2015

    My moving experience with Van Lines was excellent. The movers were friendly and respectful. They moved our furniture with care. Also placed the furniture exactly where we wanted it. No damage was done to the furniture. Judy

  • by  on 04/26/2015

    I would never recommend this company to anyone. They purposely waited until my contract was at a point where my deposit of nearly $2000 could NOT be refunded to me due to fine print before they started playing games (5 days before my scheduled move). They started to add to the amount of the move and demanding MORE money be deposited. They went from incredibly nice and attentive to incredibly rude and very uninformative as soon the deposit was at a nonrefundable point. They would not return phone calls and emails to answer my questions and concerns and actually hung up on me after I managed to get through to someone. This prompted me to investigate them further online and I found hundreds nightmare stories and awful reviews. I have no doubt that the bad reviews were accurate because the things these people were saying they were doing to ME. I will even go as far as saying that I truly believe any good reviews they might have are fake. We decided that eating that $2000 deposit was a better option than letting this company take the entire contents of our house, never mind paying them thousands more. We are far from wealthy people and I hate that we lost that money and even more than that I HATE that I didn't investigate them BEFORE I gave them a dime. Lesson learned the hard way for us. I don't normally do reviews, but if my review saves just 1 person from making the same mistake I did with this company then its well worth the time and effort. Bottom line All State Van Lines Relocation, Inc. is running a scam and walking a fine line with the laws. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY

  • by  on 04/25/2015

    If there was a negative star, that's what I would give this company. I made reservations with them four months ago and paid well over half of the bill to make sure I got my moving date. I was just now informed (hours before the scheduled move) that they hadn't made any arrangements for my move and that it would have to be delayed by several days. Also, over the four months, I continued to communicate with them. When I realized that I forgot to tell them I had an ironing board, they added $500 to my deposit.

  • by  on 04/21/2015

    I was searching for a reputable, reliable moving company to move my things from my 1 bedroom apartment in Raleigh North Carolina into a house in Alpharetta Georgia and was contacted by Heidi at All State Van Lines relocation. Her professional demeanor and knowledge of the moving process put me at ease as she explained the charges I would incur and that they would solely be based on weight. Based on this I decided to go with All State Van Lines and they had someone from Relo Van Lines pickup my things on the agreed move date . My account manager Isha stayed in contact with me after that and kept me updated every step of the way. My things were delivered 9 days later to my new address. I had expensive leather furniture and a solid mahogany cocktail table and they delivered the furniture in the same condition that it was picked up in. It was a positive moving experience and I would definitely use All State Van Lines again in my next move.

  • by  on 04/20/2015

    I moved a household from Massachusetts to Florida. My experience with All State Van Lines Relocation was stress free. Right from the beginning, Brandon helped me understand the process, answered all my questions, and was fun to work with. My furniture was located in three different locations and I also had a small window of time that I was available for pick up, but the coordination went very smoothly. I was pleased to find out that All State Van Lines uses the same truckers in my area. This meant that they were proven and did not just bid out to the lowest bidder, like some companies might do. The packers were friendly and efficient, and their professionalism put me at ease. I had a similar experience on the other end in Florida. Mark coordinated the actual move and was also easy to work with. He kept in contact with me during the whole process, keeping me up to date as to the time of delivery. Again, the movers were friendly and packed my storage unit efficiently. I haven't gone through my belongings to check for damage, but I saw no evidence of torn or punctured boxes and the furniture pieces looked great. Moving is a hassle—an inconvenience at best. I don’t want to make a big move again, but if I had to, I would definitely call All State Van Lines again. Perhaps my 94 year old dad would like to join me in Florida—Brandon, Mark, you on?

  • by  on 04/17/2015

    I recently moved from Greenville, SC to Philadelphia, PA to attend graduate school. I was not excited about all the work that is associated with such a move, planning, packing, cleaning, etc., but I will say that I cannot imagine a smoother transition. All State Van Lines always kept me updated on every step of the process from start to finish. They were thorough in their preparations, reliable in responding to my questions, and incredibly friendly and helpful. When my pick-up date had to be moved back one day, they explained the time constraints they faced and apologized for the inconvenience. However, the next morning the movers arrived at 6 am sharp as I requested. They were kind, respectful of my things, and incredibly efficient. Within 2 hours, I saw my entire apartment loaded carefully onto the van. The movers explained the remainder of the billing process to me and gave me a time frame in which to expect my things. I was lucky enough to receive all of my possessions the very next day in perfect condition. The movers were once again wonderful to work with as they unloaded my furniture and placed it in the various locations I chose. I know that I was quite lucky, for my moving experience was surprisingly smooth, simple, and stress-free. I also know that this was due to the constant updates from All State Van Lines and their easy-to-reach representatives. I will definitely look to use them again in the future. – Megan (Job#: 10959505-06-A)


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