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Alamo Rent A Car provides a wide selection of vehicles for personal car rental needs at locations in more than 42 countries worldwide. Car rental options range from economy and compact cars to convertibles, SUVs, luxury cars, minivans, pickup trucks, cargo vans, 15 passenger vans, and hybrids. Alamo offers exceptional rates on a wide selection of rental cars. offers internet-only car rental exclusives, daily, weekly, weekend and one-way rental car specials. Planning and reserving a rental car for your vacation couldn't be easier. Skip the line at the airport rental car counters with Online Check-Ins. Select your rental car and check-out at the exit booth. Online Check-In is available at over 30 Alamo Rent A Car airport locations.
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  • by  on 02/02/2016

    One of the worst site to try to rent a car. Thank you "ENTERPRIZES"!!. I have block Alamo Rent-A-Car on my desktop.

  • by  on 01/24/2016

    Worst location in the state of Florida. I have rented cars for numerous years and this has been the worst location i have ever used. I left my sunpass in one of the vehicles and i have been trying to contact number for a week already. I even spoke to the manager who said he will make sure i get a return phone call from the lost and found employee. I guess i will be still waiting for that phone call until next year. Its not about the device but the service at this location. The hours listed online are not accurate since they decided to leave if the flights get cancelled. Total Joke of a manager and customer service. I will never use alamo to rent cars ever again in my life... even it its for free. I called the actually 800 number for alamo's customer relations and was told i would get a phone call and i am still waiting for that phone call as well. Even their corporate offices are a joke. Avis, which i think its a little lower class has provided me with better service with a similar pr.

  • by  on 12/29/2015

    Do not use Alamo Car rental , Just was charged car insurance when I never asked for it , was told they will fix this when I return the car (Amanda) , what a surprise they would not fix the issue and just took my money and just plain crooks.

  • by  on 11/25/2015

    Having 5 kids keeps me busy enough so anything that helps me save time and money is A ok with me...So far so good! Thank you very much yp!

  • by  on 11/23/2015

    GOOD LUCK! According to website, Hagerstown Maryland (21740) DOESN'T EXIST! Tried several times, No avail. Went elsewhere.

  • by  on 10/14/2015

    This review is not a good one for Alamo car rental.they rented me a car it was in the evening when I picked it up but I stood at counter for 20 minutes before anyone even showed to do paperwork. Then the car they rented me was a total mess it was a 2012 Hunday Elantra it was last one they had it had about 65,000 miles all seats where Stained through the car. The next day after the car sat in the sun all day it had a bad oder so I bought frabreze to help the smell It was good till the next day then more frabreze. They offered to change cars but it was a few days before I was to take it back I lived with it for about a month when he offered to change cars he said they would adjust the bill but when I returned the car the girl behind counter wouldn't do anything for me (no adjustment) she wasn't nice! Obviously!!! So I payed full price for a newer car ended up with a smelly older car,,,,NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER!!! So you know I don't recommend Alamo of Yakima you will end up with junk. And pay top price.I was taken advantage of at Yakima Airport Terminal Alamo! Matt Patterson

  • by  on 10/07/2015

    Started off pretty slow,but after talking with manager she got the ball rolling plus was compensated 4 my time of having 2 wait on my car. Car that I received was a smaller truck but it was very nice and yes I would use Alamo again.Prices are cheaper than Enterprise even though they are all connected. Team members were nice and courteous as well! Again I will use this particular Alamo again.

  • by  on 08/13/2015

    I rented a car in St. Louis, after I joined Alamo, (a GREAT #Savings), & had Very Good Customer Service. & The car was Fine! I had no complaints whatsoever! I'd give them a 4.5 stars, only bc the car was leaking oil... I believe.

  • by  on 08/11/2015

    BAIT AND SWITCH You’ve got to be joking. I get an email from Alamo about writing a review. Never again rent with Alamo/National, I should have stuck with the other guys. One of the WORST nightmares I have ever experienced with Alamo. THIS WAS THE BAIT AND SWITCH at its best. It’s been over a decade since I’ve rent a vehicle and Alamo made it one of the worst experiences ever. I reserved (I even know my confirmation by heart after countless dials with customer service #1200399991) a Chevy Suburban July 14th at $828 for 10 days between July 30th 7:30pm to Aug 9th 7:30pm. So far, great deal OR so I thought. Here is where the nightmare occurred. The day of pickup I got to the RDU-Raleigh-Durham Alamo with my wife and 2 toddlers to pick up the vehicle. As I waited for nearly 30 minutes in line, I noticed a clean Black Chevy Suburban pulled up. I am thinking that my vehicle. Once I was done being processed, got my paperwork, I found out that the Black Suburban was not mine but instead promised or on HOLD for another customer who left empty-handed the day prior. Which now looks like it was going to be my turn to go home empty handed. Frederick, one of the runners that day, had me running all over the parking lot trying to find something comparable, he even offered me a 15-passenger van. I said no. Then he finally came clean and told me that they don’t have a Chevy Suburban on the lot at the moment, however, he took my name and number and promised to call if one came in. I suggested, I don’t trust this situation, let’s talk to the manager. For all I know he was giving me some story just to get rid of me. Kevin was the manager on duty, he was running around and trying to find him took nearly 15 minutes. AT this point, I have impatient wife and hunger kids waiting on me. Kevin gave me the same bull about calling me as well when a Suburban came in. Needless to say, we had to leave, drive back 40 minutes empty-handed. We missed 12 hours of travel time and incurred delays with hotel and general travel. Here is where I was frustrated they had that Black Suburban still on the lot. I reserved this 2 weeks ago, so rather than upsetting a 2nd customer, give me the vehicle and wait for another to come in if you were that confident that a Suburban could roll in at anytime. Customer service with Alamo is TERRIBLE. So I learn that the RDU-Airport front-desk have NO PHONES. Instead, your calls get routed oversees. Forget asking for a physical manager to help with issues. Every phone number we called, was routed into an automated dialing system. Even customer service could not reach anyone at the front-desk to verify if our vehicle. They are NOT 24 hours. Needless to say I loss sleep over the entire thing and decided to drive back alone to RDU at 6:30am the next day to a) DEMAND 100% refund if the vehicle wasn’t there OR b) if the vehicle was available get it discounted. Option B happened. They COMP the day and offered no refuel surcharge (which I am still watching my credit card activity just in case). The vehicle was not detailed, it was still dirty after being put thru the wash, trash (McDonald’s) was in the backseat. Spots/Stains on carpeting. It smelled like smoke, when there were clear labels “NO SMOKING.” No one walked the vehicle with me so I had to video record it myself (both at pick up and drop-off). I will give Cindy over on the National side (she handles incidents) credit. I was ready to rip someone’s head off however, she diffused the situation as best as she could. Unlike the Alamo Circus (Frederick, the braided front-desk guy, and manager Kevin, who likely escalated the situation). Keep Cindy on your payroll and give her a raise. Everyone was so disorganized and running around like chickens.

  • by  on 07/07/2015

    This car suck, almost 100 degrees and no AC. Who do you get when you call the help desk? Someone in India.. Alamo... you suck.

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