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A Leader in Recruiting and Staffing As a leading staffing agency, Aerotek continually delivers the highest level of service to the employees we put to work and to the companies that we staff. Bringing Aerotek to the forefront of the staffing industry is our ability to provide technical, professional and industrial staffing services to support nearly every industry. Our approach to staffing is to understand each company's unique workforce needs to create the perfect match between a candidate and an employer. Our Recruiters and Account Managers serve as your personal resource to evaluate your current situation and develop an employment or staffing solution that works for you. What has made Aerotek a top staffing firm is the high level of customer service we provide. At Aerotek we establish a relationship that doesn't end when a candidate has been placed in a position. Our partnership extends to monitoring our performance to ensure complete satisfaction from the candidate and the hiring company. Aerotek is an operating company of Allegis GroupĀ® Inc., the largest staffing company in the U.S. Aerotek was founded in 1983 and today operates an international network of more than 200 non-franchised offices and employs 2,000 recruiters to identify, screen and select top talent.
People. Fit. Perfectly.


Staffing Services: Companies in a variety of industries rely on Aerotek to provide quality staffing services to fill one position or a team of people. Our ability to locate potential employees and our expertise in screening and preparing each candidate will ensure our employee is a perfect fit. Aerotek's Perfect FitĀ® Program is the process we use to understand your needs and deliver the right employee, every time. We evaluate a company's current hiring process and identify areas where we can reduce costs by implementing a staffing program. In addition, our recruiters are trained to fulfill all types and levels of positions and are experts in the terminology, nuances and regulations of your specific industry. Employment Services: Job seekers choose Aerotek because we go beyond the initial steps of recruiting to prepare each job seeker for success. Our regular follow-up and personal contact with our employees keep them satisfied in their position and coming back to Aerotek for their future employment needs. We offer contract, contract-to-hire or permanent positions to address short term employment needs or to become a permanent employee. From interview to placement we prepare a candidate at each step of the hiring process and provide important details about the position and describe the work environment and culture. By analyzing your attributes such as skill level, professional experience and personality, we ensure a higher level of satisfaction with position assignments.


American Staffing Association
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  • Updated: 1/18/2016Posted: 1/3/2016

    AeroTek. Aka LSI in Delano, MN. Save yourself the time and don't deal with this staffing agency. The guy who runs this place is one piece of work. He is one arrogant brat. Stay away from Andy. You will get the run around on everything,

  • user avatar
    Updated: 1/18/2016Posted: 12/10/2015

    Hi im looking for temp jo data entry clerck . Im 29yrs old .im done for in administrative for allmost 4yr.

  • Updated: 1/18/2016Posted: 10/15/2015

    I have dealt with these little college brats off and on for 20 years. They keep hiring the same type of morons over and over who like all kids this age now days have no respect and know it all.

  • Updated: 1/18/2016Posted: 8/31/2015

    Pure garbage! They are the most disrespectful people I have ever worked with. They don't actually care about you or your strengths, they just want to shuffle you into anywhere and I have never encountered such hostile and insensitive attitudes in all my life. They insisted I take a job that I objected to that I knew would be a terrible fit, but they had to throw a wave of people at this company and needed heads. After it didn't work out, they still would call and offer interviews but proceed to retract any future job offers you receive - they just waste your time and get your hopes up for nothing!! It's not just me either. Save yourself the heartache and visit any other temp agency.

  • Updated: 1/18/2016Posted: 6/24/2015

    If you enjoy being talked down to, degraded by someone who is only a few years out of high school and outright lied to, Aerotek in Robinson/Pittsburgh is where you want to go looking for a job. I should add the harassing phone calls when you call them out on their lies and false advertising. The manager and assistant manager alternate calling your phone all day, speaking to you as if they are well above you. Some people say that anyone who goes to headhunters are not "hiring material", sometimes company's make a mistake by letting these arrogant kids do their hiring for them, very unprofessional on both ends. I have an excellent background and had no idea the job was being posted through Aerotek, but the job posting was worth taking the chance....I thought that until talking with Aerotek. The job posting was a lie and that is 100% fact. Inflated hourly salary and the job description was very misleading, to say the least, just to get people to respond to the job. Once you go in to interview with Aerotek, of a sudden, the pay is much lower. I sent them the link to their own posting and stated that it was false advertising, seeing as they posted the job the day before and by the next day, the day of my interview, the pay got lowered by a good bit but the same posting got posted that day on another site with the same information. In my book, a lie is a lie and what Aerotek does is down right illegal.

  • Updated: 1/18/2016Posted: 4/30/2015

    I am so relieved to see I'm not the only one who had a bad experience with Aerotek! For me, it was a phone call from one of their recruiters. He pressured me to say if I'd be happy with the salary the job was offering, and I hesitated, not wanting to discuss salary before even being interviewed in person and because the quoted salary was a lot lower than one would expect for a "technology" job. So, the guy got very unprofessional and rude, saying "well since you hesitated to answer it sounds like you wouldn't be happy with that salary" so that was the end of that! I was dumbfounded by this person's ridiculous assumption. I would have been flexible on salary as anyone is, but he lost a candidate just because I hesitated to answer an inappropriate question early on in the process!!! Ridiculous. Unprofessional. I was astounded, frankly.

  • user avatar
    Updated: 1/18/2016Posted: 2/11/2015

    very unprofessional discombobulated racists who mislead potential employees into a rat maze

  • Updated: 1/18/2016Posted: 10/13/2014

    flesh peddlers. worked for them at a large company. companies like this should not exist similar to a pawn shop. only being paid a third of what your worth compared to what your transitioned permanent counterparts receive. your told that you will transition permanent with the company, until then your expected to perform at the permanent employees expectations considerably higher pay scale while receiving only a third of the benefits. no thanks I am worth more and far more valuable.

    Updated: 1/18/2016Posted: 6/25/2009

    I have seen Aerotek's name in San Diego for about 7 years. I had applied to so many jobs with them that I began to doubt they really existed. A couple of years ago I applied to one of their job postings. I got an interview but never heard back from them. A co-worker also interviewed with them the same day and he never heard back from them either. These people are out and out worthless flakes.

  • unaccountable
    Updated: 1/18/2016Posted: 4/23/2009

    i was employed with aerotek here in san antonio for about a year. luckily the company i was working for hired me as a full time employee because these people at aerotek are lousy at their jobs. i was set up with direct deposit to avoid any hassles and despite that there were numerous times i was not paid on time, which was havoc on my account since i had multiple bill payments taken directly from my account. when i contacted them about the issues it was creating for me there was no definite answer as to why this kept occuring. since i didnt want to further risk my account status and continue to have to pay outrageous overdraft fees for automatic bill pay i had set up i canceled direct deposit to receive live checks, which to no avail did not prevent my paycheck woes with aerotek. on one such occasion my check was never delivered to my office and when my supervisor contacted the account manager, whose name is OTTO in the san antonio office with aerotek, he lied and stated he delivered my check with another supervisor at the company who never received it. there is no accountability on their part for their lack of competance. I did not receive my check for that specific mishap until a full week later. they would rather lie than come clean about their inability to do their jobs effectively. in my honest opinion do not seek out aerotek for employment unless you want stress and frustration. Otto is a LITTLE arrogant man who in my opinion doesnt know his mouth from another hole in his body. you have been warned.

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