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AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care

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* World's largest transmission specialists...with more centers than all other transmission chains combined * Complete Car Care: Brakes, Tune Ups, Exhaust, Shocks, Cooling Systems, Oil/Fluid Changes * Nearly 50 years of satisfying customers * You are never far from an AAMCO--over 700 locations across North America * More than 25 million vehicles serviced * Specialists in all types of transmissions...automatic or manual...front wheel drive, rear wheel drive or four wheel drive...domestic or foreign * Certified technicians trained in the most complicated system in your vehicle * The latest, state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and procedures * The peace-of-mind offered by the best warranties in the business * Trusted by hundreds of major fleets * Specialties: Cars, Trucks, RVs, Imports, Domestics, Fleets * AAMCO centers honor most extended warranties
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In close to 50 years AAMCO has serviced over 25 million vehicles. That's a lot of know-how, a lot of experience, and a lot of very satisfied customers. AAMCO certified technicians are specialists who have dedicated years to repair the most complicated system in your car: the transmission. And AAMCO centers have state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, which means an external diagnostic check can catch expensive problems before they happen. If you think you have a transmission problem, you need someone to fix it right. The experts at AAMCO stand behind their work -not just for today, but for as long as you own your car, with AAMCO's available Lifetime Warranty. * Transmissions * Tune Ups * Auto Repair Maintenance * Air Conditioning * Alternator * Electrical Systems * Engines * Exhaust * Oil Lube & Filter * Fluid Changes * Battery * Brakes * Clutches * Computer Diagnostic Systems * Cooling Systems * Radiator * Tires * Shocks * Suspension * Not all services available at all locations.


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  • 03/04/2016

    Great service from the transmission experts. highly reccomend aamco for there nationwide warranty. They have the best warranty and customer service.

  • 09/22/2015

    I had the worst experience there, I took my car to get the transmission done. They charged me $2,500 for a used one. It went bad before the warranty expired and they want to charge me another $2,500.....stay away from that place,they are rip-offs!!!!

  • Don't say serving my area when you don't
    user avatar

    Said serving my area and even the name of my town...I call and nope. Horrible advertising

  • 07/11/2014

    Completely Incompetent. I brought my car in here under warranty work from another aamco. Two months later they told me to tow my car off their property after they had screwed up the electrical system and couldn't even get it started anymore. Do yourself a favor. Stay away from this place.

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    my husband and i also had an extremely bad experience with aamco also. our 94 ford taurus needed a new torque converter and was making this awful noise and not shifting well. we took it in and it took them almost a week to diagnose the problem and give us an estimate.they wanted to charge us $4000 and told us it needed basically a whole new transmission. so we went for it but after we picked up our car it was making the same exact noise and still shifting rough. we took the car back 3 more times and nothing. also they they told us that our mechanic broke our cv axle and they wanted to charge us to fix it but we had just put new cv axles on both sides but we thought they knew what they were doing so we took it back to our mechanic but when they took the cv axle off it was fine and we had to pay them for nothing so i called aamco to complain to them and they were so rude. they never fixed our problem after charging us so much money and the last time we took the car in for the same problem still after we supposedly had gotten a brand new tranny they left part of our air filter out and when we took the car back they tried to act like we were crazy and didnt know what we were talking about until they came out and looked at the big gaping hole in our engine and then they were like oh we are so sorry here is your air filter they routinely charge customers $3000 dollars but i believe they take broken transmission parts off of other cars and show them to you and pretend that they came from your car so they can convince you that you need all this work done. they are really bad and their customer service sucks so please dont waste your time or your money and look elsewhere for a reliable mechanic they are out there if you look.

  • 05/25/2014

    WARNING! Aamco's are independently owned so my review is only about the Aamco in Bear not too far from the 13/40 split. They are overpriced and do shoddy work that needs redone by someone who knows what they are doing. TOTAL SCAM ARTISTS They have an F rating with the Better business Bureau. You have been warned!.

  • 04/01/2014

    Don't go to these guys unless you have a 85 Chevy that doesn't have complex parts to it. My car didn't run exactly top notch after getting my clutch from there. After following up with them about it, they then suggested more parts and labor; mind you, the engine wasn't running poorly before I took it to them. The cost difference for the clutch was $200 cheaper than the dealership, which seemed pretty awesome at the time. I'm now paying the price for saving that $200 with paying for fixes for work they didn't do. Like completely leaving a part off my car! Don't go to the 9055 N 76th St location

  • 03/03/2014

    Went to one shop and they said I neededc a transmission that was almost $5000. Took it to AAmco New Burnswick and it did not need a transmission. Glad I brought it to the experts on transmissions!

  • 03/03/2014

    Took a day longer than expected but that it was ok and I am still giving a 5 star rating. Thanks guys!

  • 02/19/2014

    In May of 2013, I brought our 2003 Saab to Aamco Transmissions in Whitehall PA because the transmission was malfunctioning. Aamco(of Whitehall PA) diagnosed the problem and replaced the transmission with a 6 month/6,000 mile warranty(cost ~$1900+). In September 2013, the transmission again began to malfunction with approximately 88,000 miles and still under warranty. I had to take the car to Aamco in Easton because the Whitehall Aamco was out of business. I was told that although the transmission was still under warranty, the problem was an output speed sensor that was not covered under the warranty. I agreed to repair and $500+ later the car seemed to be driving fine. In November 2013, I again "lost" the lower gears and it cost me another $250. On Saturday, February 1st 2014,on my way to work, the transmission completely failed . I called/emailed Andrew at Aamco of Easton and he had the car towed to Easton on Sunday February,2nd 2014 I was then informed that the transmission that Aamco installed in May of 2013(9 months ago) was faulty and that it would cost me $4900 to fix correctly. Basically, they continued to put bandages on a defective transmission until the warranty expired. They have mislead me since May of 2013, when they first installed a faulty transmission.

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