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Extreme Hobbies

7253 SW 24th St, Miami, FL 33155
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(305) 265-8511Directions★ Review
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Added on 08/25/2014


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  • Updated: 1/31/2014Posted: 1/31/2014

    I HIGHLY recommend that before you decide to buy ANYTHING from these people, that you shop around for better pricing. These people, to be more specific, BRUCE - the owner - IS A RIP OFF. They will tell you that they are the only ones who have whatever it is you are looking for and want to charge you way more than what things are going for. I made the mistake of buying a quad-copter from them for $700 when everyone else is selling for $669.00. I called to get a quote on a pair of FPV googles, and i was quoted the same OVER-PRICED AMOUNT for both kits, despite one kit having less than the other (V1 vs. V2). I have also called them (just to satisfy my convictions) on several occasions to get quotes on various other add-ons for my copter and without fail - SUPER INFLATED PRICES!!! I also felt a little weird after having left the store after paying almost $750 (with taxes) on something, and the receipt looked like a little paper print out you would get at a corner bodega (grocery store). It was not a professional-looking receipt detailing the item name or anything to describe what I had just purchased. A SIMPLE PRINT OUT WITH THE AMOUNT AND MY SIGNATURE. This is not very assuring and looks unprofessional. Bottom line, if you have money to throw away - this place is a perfect match for you. Yes, they stock a lot of things - but want to over-charge for them. And if you confront the guy, he will be like "OH WELL." I HIGHLY recommend the following two places because they offered me REASONABLE FAIR PRICING and far superior friendly service: CT MOTORSPORTS - big store, huge selection and stock, friendly service, great pricing. HOBBY PRO INC - small store, they stock few items at a time but Mike and Shannon (owners) are super nice people who help you and also have great pricing.

  • their website is a big mess!!!...
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    Posted: 1/3/2013

    their website is a big mess!!! None of the links work. Cant be recommended

  • terrible service, cant speak e...
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    Posted: 5/11/2012

    terrible service, cant speak english, they talk about you seeing you cant understand spanish, they sell used broken products as new an dont give reciepts for sale, they dont back up the consumer or there products


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